Ferret Pictures – Guide to Choosing Your Furry Friend

Ferret Pictures – Guide to Choosing Your Furry Friend

The first step in adopting a ferret would be to decide which type of ferret you want. The Internet houses a huge collection of ferret pictures along with information about the varieties. Browse through these pictures to find out which variety you like best. Pictures of these cuddly, fuzzy creatures are sure to make you fall in love with them.

The different coat colors in ferrets

A� The most common variety is the Sable, with dark to chocolate brown fur.

A� The most popular choice in ferret pets is the Albino, with snowy white fur, pink nose and red eyes.

A� The third category includes the Dark Eyed White ferrets, called as the DEWs.

A� The fourth variety is the silver ferret with hair color ranging from silver to dark grey.

Patterns on ferret furs

While looking through the ferret pictures you will notice certain markings on their fur making up interesting patterns. Some common types include-

A� Mitt – these are sable ferrets with a bib-like pattern and white fur on the feet.

A� Blaze – a variety of the mitt, with a blaze of white fur extending over the middle of the head from the forehead to the shoulders

A� Siamese – the tails and the legs have darker hair than the rest of the body.

A� Roan – these have a mixture of white and colored guard hairs.

A� Panda – they have white hair all over their head, neck and shoulders, as well as on their tail tips and knees, and have mitts on every foot. They have distinctive colored hair around their eyes and also forming a saddle shape on their backs.

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Breeders have mated different varieties of ferrets with each other and come up with new color combinations and fur traits. You will find many pictures of such exotic pets in the internet, like the Angora ferret, which has long hair.

Looking at the pictures of ferrets put up by their owners, you will also get an idea of their friendly personality. They are social animals and love to play. A ferret will surely take away the monotony of everyday life and fill your home with laughter.