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Baby Kittens For Your Children

Baby Kittens For Your Children

Have your children been asking you for a long time to get a pet and finally have you talked into adopting or buying a baby kitten? Maybe you already have a cat and it is fixing to have a litter of kittens for the first time and you want to know what you can expect to happen. There is a lot of work that has to be done when you are expecting a kitten in your home. You will want to read all of the tips that you can in order to have a full understanding of what you can expect to happen when that big day arrives.

One of the things that you will need to do is have a place for the kittens to rest. You will be able to make a bed out of a cardboard box. Since a baby kitten is much smaller than a full size cat the litter of kittens will not take up very much space. You will be able to put all of them in the same box as long as it is a large box.

You will want to insulate the box with some kind of blanket to keep it warm. When a kitten is born it is constantly cold so you will have to keep the kittens wrapped up at all times in order for their bodies to not go into shock from all of the shivering that they do. By keeping them in an insulated box you will be able to ensure that they are warm and comfortable.

Another task that you will have to take care of is feeding the kittens. Sometimes when kittens are babies they do not understand how to get milk from their mother. That means that you will have to go to the pet store or look around online and see if you can find a can of kitty replacement milk to feed the baby kittens. You can easily find it in either place that you look but you will be able to get a better deal by shopping at an online store.

There are a lot of things that you will be responsible for when kittens are still babies. You will need to take them to the vet and have them checked out so that you will know that they are healthy.…

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Dog Obedience Training

Scottsdale dog obedience training is one of the fastest-growing training industries in the United States. Our professional, qualified instructors will set you up on a scottsdale dog obedience training course to get your dog on the right track to a safe and healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s about safety, socialization, dog aggression, or even just keeping your pet safe and comfortable around other people, we can help. So whether you live in Scottsdale or are looking for an entirely home-based business that will take your pet to learn new tricks and enjoy life while doing it, we can provide you with an experience your pet will never forget.

We all know that loving dogs means taking care of them, but what about when they are growing and developing? There are many things owners need to do to care for their young dogs before they turn into fully-grown dogs. Luckily, many trained professionals offer free dog care, from puppy kindergarten classes to dog behavior modification courses to specialty pet spas and kennels. Training classes and obedience lessons are also available online. For those who love their dogs but don’t have the time to commit to full-time dog care, we’ve provided the resources to care for your pet and save you time, money, and aggravation.

Dog trainers and behavior consultants can help you with everything from obedience lessons to medications to holistic approaches when it comes to behavior problems. In-home dog trainers provide ongoing support, helping you identify and manage your pet’s behavior problems while providing tools for overcoming those challenges to resolve issues. Some may work with you to create a tailored program to address your unique needs and concerns. The critical thing to remember is that every pet is different, and some behavior is expected while other behavioral problems may be caused by underlying health or life issues. With the guidance of experienced, qualified dog trainers, you can begin to find solutions to challenging behavioral problems quickly and in a way that is safe for you and your pet.

A critical skill that a scottsdale dog obedience training professional can teach you is how to use words to communicate what you want from him. This includes proper greetings, requests for assistance, directions, and recommendations for items. By spending a few hours a week practicing acceptable word use, you can quickly learn to communicate with your pet without escalating situations. Once you have mastered this skill, you can use it immediately to defuse any negative interactions and turn those into loving, positive experiences with your pet.

If you have been having a problem disciplining your pet, you can start right away. First, make a list of how you usually communicate and take that same list with you to your obedience class. Your trainer can then review this list with you during your first meeting and create a new, positive way to communicate with your pet. This simple step will make an enormous difference in your relationship with your dog, and the results will surprise you.

When it comes to training dogs on a leash, one of the essential skills a trainer can teach you is not to give in to your dog’s need to feel safe. Using a short, firm “no,” followed by a soft “okay,” is a valuable lesson to teach your puppy not to grab your leash or jump on people. Dogs are naturally protective animals, and if they sense that their owner will blame them for an impending failure, they are likely to act out protectively. You can reinforce this message by repeating this sentence repeatedly as soon as you notice your puppy making a mistake. If you say the sentence too often, ask your trainer for help and perhaps add a “not” to the phrase.

Some dogs may have behavioral issues or be disoriented after being away from home for an extended time. To help your dog adjust to its new surroundings, try using the phrase “you’re welcome” when you introduce him to a new place. It’s also important to emphasize the word welcome instead of “ugh” or “um.” Other words you can use to say to welcome your new dog to your home include “Kisses,” “Hello,” and “Good morning.” These phrases are all good ways to tell your dog that you are glad he is here and want him to do what he does best: play and please his humans.

A scottsdale Phoenix pet owner can have a fulfilling and rewarding experience raising a pup or dog. Just remember that the best thing about raising a puppy is that you get to spend as much quality time together as possible. So, spend part of each day playing, walking, or just walking around with your new pup in the vicinity of your G-spot.…

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Protecting Your Furniture And Carpets With Cats

Those of us who are cat lovers know that our love of felines comes with a little frustration at times. One such time occurs when our kitties employ their claws to acts of destruction on your carpet or furniture.

We have all tried to train our cats to stop scratching the backs of our couches; many of us have experienced this is not a simple matter to correct. While some people resort to yelling or shooting water at their cat’s nose, there is a much more effective way to correct this issue.

If you’ve taken basic psychology, you’ll remember there are two types of reinforcement, positive and negative. Employ both reinforcement tactics to training your cat and you’ll be through the woods before you know it.

Negative Reinforcement � The idea behind negative reinforcement is to take something away to impact behavior. When it comes to your cat scratching in areas you don’t want destroyed, you want to provide motivation for your cat to stop scratching.

One of the most effective ways of providing this motivation is through a product called Sticky Paws (available or your favorite pet supply retailer). To use this product, place the tape on the areas your cat has been scratching.

Positive Reinforcement � Once you use the Sticky Paws, the next step is to provide the place where you want your cat to scratch. This can be as easy providing a scratch post, either large or small. These posts come in two varieties, cardboard and carpet, and either will do the trick.

Beyond just supplying the scratch post, you need to attract your cat to the post. A very easy way to develop this attraction is to spray the post with some Catnip Spray (Whiskercity makes one cats love). This can make for a playful transition from an undesired scratch area to a more appropriate one.

Old habits die hard � More so for us, the human, than for our cats sometimes. If you’ve been caught yelling at your kitty, this can be a difficult habit to break. You may have become accustomed to hollering every time you hear your cat scratching. When you put both the Sticky Paws as well as new scratch post in place, you’ll want to become very intentional about checking where you kitty is scratching before open your internal megaphone.

Keep in mind all three of these areas. If you provide either the negative or positive reinforcement, you will be ineffective. To be successful you really need both. Likewise, if you continue to holler at your cat when they start scratching at your preferred scratch post, you’ll prevent them from forming the habit of scratching at the right spot.…

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Dogs Benefit The Health Of Your Child And You

In a recent study conducted by State University of New York at Buffalo shows that children that live with pets during the first year of their life are healthier than those that do not. It is believed that exposure to pets early in life can stimulate the immune system to do a better job of fighting off infections.

Children who owned dogs in the first year of life had 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections and 44 percent fewer ear infections.

Cats also seemed to have a beneficial effect, but not as strong as dogs.

Previous studies have also shown that future allergy risk are decreased when children lived with a pet during infancy. Early exposure to certain bacteria that is carried by our pets acts similar to a vaccine for children.

These recent studies do not surprise me in the least as I believe it has always been obvious that there are health benefits to owning pets for children and adults.

It has been common knowledge for many years now that owning a pet can lower stress and anxiety levels. Pets have long been used in hospitals and nursing homes due to their ability to aid in healing physical and emotional problems.

Owning a pet can lower your risk of having a heart attack. Pets are beneficial for those that suffer from mental struggles such as depression and bipolar disorder. Pets also play a huge role in helping people become more social and boosting self esteem. So it is clearly good for us to own pets.

As a long time dog lover and new mother myself I was overjoyed to hear the news of these recent studies involving dogs and infants. I have had many people try to tell me that I shouldn’t allow my dog in the house anymore because of the germs. Now, I can tell them that they should allow a dog in their how because of the germs. I find that a little ironic.

Of course, I could have already told you from watching the interactions of my seven month old daughter and my dog that it was a beneficial relationship.

Our dogs are so much more to us than just our best friends and protectors. They are also our healers. We have so much more to learn from the animals that we befriend than we have ever realized. We have just began to scratch the surface of what benefits we gain when we open up our hearts and our homes to pets.

So the next time you come in the house to find your dog on the forbidden couch or in the forbidden babies room– just remember, there are more benefits to that dog being around then there are drawbacks. So suck it up and give that dog a hug.…

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Protecting Your Pets From the Summer Heat

Summer is here, the time of year for pool parties and backyard barbeques! With the barbeques comes the rise in temperature and the effort to stay cool, especially in the areas of the country that experience extreme heat. While we attempt to keep cool please don’t forget about your pets this summer. They are often overlooked. I guess it is easy to think that we don’t need to take any special precautions with our pets. But we do need to consider that our dogs and cats can be sensitive to the heat just as they are to the extreme cold. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep your pets safe this summer.
This one may seem obvious to most but, do not leave your pets in a car even if it is a warm rather than hot day. The temperature inside of a car is going to rise very quickly and soon will be much higher than the outside temperature. Be safe and leave your pets at home.
Keep your pets indoors in extreme heat especially during the warmest part of the day. It is best to exercise your dog in the morning and evening before the temperature rises. Be aware that shade is very important for your cat or dog. When they are outdoors make sure that they have access to shade at all times. Your pet should also have access to plenty of fresh clean water. This water needs to be kept in the shade rather than directly in the sun. Periodically check the water temperature and change it if it becomes too warm. Your pet won’t drink the water if it is too warm.
If you walk your pet keep in mind that the pads on their paws are very sensitive to heat. Try to avoid walking your pet on the pavement or tar. Whenever possible keep them on the grass or even the dirt which will be much cooler than pavement or tar. If they will be walking on the pavement you will need to check the pads to see if they are look red or irritated.
Lastly most pets are afraid of loud noises including thunder and fireworks. Keep your pets indoors during thunderstorms. These storms can be quite stressful and create a lot of anxiety for your pet. The sound of fireworks also creates a lot of pet anxiety. They have a little less anxiety when they can see what you are doing. So let them see you from a distance to reduce some of their anxiety if you will be lighting fireworks.…

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Getting to Know Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

Getting to Know Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

When it comes to sleeping, cats are truly the experts. Any cat owner will tell you that their cat sometimes seems to sleep more than it does anything else! But, what they may not know is that there are a number of interesting facts regarding cats and sleep. Here is a look at a few of them.

Where Does Your Kitty Sleep?

While some cat owners will swear that their cats will sleep just about anywhere at any given time, cats actually do have their preferences. According to one survey that was conducted online, for example, older cats seem to prefer sleeping at the foot of the bed when they sleep with their owners, while younger cats seem to prefer sleeping on the pillow. Regardless of age, most cats are simply looking for a place that is warm and cozy for their naps. If it is warm outside, however, your cat will likely look for a shaded place to sleep. In the winter, on the other hand, it will seek out a heat source or a ray of sunshine to cuddle under. While temperature is important, the cat also wants to feel safe and comfortable in its chosen spot, which is why so many prefer to snuggle up next to their owners whenever they can.

Speaking of sleeping in bed with their owners, about 96% of those who participated in the survey admitted that they allow their feline friends to sleep in their bedrooms. Only about 50% of those cats, however, are allowed to sleep in the bed and about 38% of the cats actually sleep on the pillow.

How Long Does Your Kitty Sleep?

It may seem like your cat sleeps away its entire day because it does actually sleep for the majority of its day. In fact, experts estimate that the average cat sleeps anywhere from 13 to 16 hours per day. The exact amount of time a cat sleeps, however, varies from cat to cat. The age and personality of your cat are two of the biggest factors that determine how long your cat will sleep. If it is an older cat or one that is generally inactive, for example, it will likely sleep longer hours than one that is younger and likes to keep busy.

Despite the long hours of sleep that they clock in, it should be noted that cats generally do not sleep through an entire night. Therefore, if you allow your kitty to sleep in bed with you, it is possible that it will disturb you early in the morning when it gets up and decides it wants to eat or play while you are still trying to sleep.

If your cat is causing too much distraction during the night and making it difficult for you to sleep, you might want to consider setting up a sleeping space for it in another room. Keep in mind that cats like to sleep on top of something, so purchase a feline bed or simply fold up some blankets for your kitty to rest upon. This way, you can both get the rest you are looking for.…

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Cat Litter Trays

Cat Litter Trays

By the time your new bundle of fluff arrives home she will already more than likely have learnt how to use cat litter trays by copying her Mum. Your kitten will have followed her Mum to the litter tray and mimicked her. If however your kitten was removed from her Mum too early chances are she may not have yet learnt how to use the tray and it will be your job as her new adopted Mum to train her.

The first most important thing to consider is the positioning of the letter tray. Ideally the tray should be placed away from her sleeping and eating area and in a quiet area of the house. Your kitten won’t use her tray is there are too many people around and will more than likely go and find somewhere quiet to attend to her needs. The general rule of thumb is to have one cat litter tray per cat and an extra one but you may want to consider having more in the house whilst your kitten is still young. During her first few months whilst her body is still developing, her bladder will be weak and if she is too far away from her tray she may not make it in time.

Another important factor to think about is the fact that cats are by nature extremely clean animals. Waste should be scooped out of the tray daily, the cat litter should be changed often and the actual tray should be cleaned regularly. You shouldn’t use strong smelling detergents as it will deter little kitty from using it, hot soapy water should do the trick. If you don’t maintain a regular schedule of keeping things clean the chances are your kitten will find a cleaner spot in the house to go.

The first few days for your kitten in her new home can be quite daunting for her, with all the new smells, noises, people to get used to and she certainly won’t know where her tray is. One of the first things you should do when she arrives home is pick her up and place her in the tray. You should routinely do this particularly after meal times and sleeping. Even if she doesn’t need to go, which she more than probably will, it is a constant reminder for her of where the tray is. Move the litter around with your fingers as she will associate the noise with toilet time. When she does use the tray give her plenty of praise and attention or even a small treat. If she has an accident and you catch her going outside of the tray don’t shout at her or reprimand her simply pick her up and place her in the tray. Remember she is only young and is still learning.…

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A Ferret Toy – The Secret For Your Pet’s Happiness

A Ferret Toy – The Secret For Your Pet’s Happiness

Most owners keep their ferrets inside their cages since they are very active animals. But if you have at least three hours a day of your free time to supervise your ferrets and allow them to play with their ferret toys, your pet will be able to stay happy and healthy at all times. You can also use this so-called playtime to clean their cage or groom your pets. The more time of play you give to your ferret, the better it is for them. This is because they love to engage in recreational activities and they are truly one of the most mischievous creatures that you can bring home with you.

Ferrets are excellent jumpers so you can opt to give them some interactive cat playthings that are appropriate for them. An example of this is the kitty teaser, which is made up of a simple wire or a toy that is attached to a plastic string. These items are securely connected to a feather or other similar objects. This is great for your pets since this will bring out the hidden gymnastic abilities in them. You can also have any of those rubber toys that allow you to fill them up with peanut butter or any other mixture. This will give the ferret an opportunity to enhance their mental powers because they need to find ways on how they can effectively get the little food out of the toy.

You do not have to buy those luxurious toys if you do not have the budget. Ferrets will truly appreciate their owner’s effort to give them the tuff that they want. A simple interactive ferret toy will bring out the best in them and sure enough, they will be able to have some fun time. You can purchase these toys in stores or if you want to save money, you can go online and search for the one that you think they will like. There are a lot of sites that offer a wide variety of toys with affordable prices.

Whether you would like to give them some interactive toys or those that are squeaky so that they will b able to respond to the sounds, what matters is that you give them enough playtimes. They will be able to perform plain tricks such as rolling over or even standing up so that they can reach for a treat with the help of a simple yet efficient ferret toy.…