Buying a Ferret

Buying a Ferret

Today when people decide to get a pet, they often want to go beyond the conventional. Hence they prefer exotic and playful creatures such as ferrets. These small, playful creatures can be as cute as a cat and even as loving as a dog. However, before you actually buy a ferret make sure you have taken care of a few things.

Places to get a Ferret from

– Once you have done your initial preparation regarding a ferret and its requirements, the next time is to find places to buy your ferret from. This is assuming that you have checked the local laws of course; because you need to ensure that keeping a ferret is legal in your specific state. Consult your local vet or research online before you buy a ferret.

– Keep some finances ready because the ferret alone could cost you anything ranging from $75 to $100. Some of the rare breeds such as Angora ferrets are quite expensive. These are genetically rare and besides need to be lactated by other ferret mothers, this only mounts the cost.

– A good place to start searching for ferret sellers and breeders is your local newspapers. You could even visit a vet in your area and get expert advice on the same.

– Like most things, even ferrets can be purchased on the Internet due to rise in the number of pet care websites. Do confirm and check all details, especially the authenticity of rare breeds.

Checklists before you get your Ferret home

Don’t be in a rush to get your ferret home after you’ve completed all the procedures. Before getting it home, you need to stock up on some vital things.

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– The most important thing to stock is dry ferret food. These tiny creatures need high protein foods and have an appetite for meat.

– Another essential thing to buy is an exercise pen where your ferret can frolic around. Remember that these small animals love moving around and have bundles of energy to use. Therefore this exercise pen will channelize their energy and provide a safe place for them to play.

– Next you will need other basic items of ferret care such as a bad or hammock, litter box, special shampoo, tiny water bottles and most important a special air spray to minimize the odor coming from your ferret.

These items can be easily purchased from any pet store or website. You can even get bargain deals. Once you have the basics ready you can get your ferret and see how enjoyable and loving these creatures can be.