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Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a variation of the stiletto heel but with a slight twist. The heels on this particular type of shoe are usually between 1- 2 inches although heels a little higher are also seen in department stores. The heels are usually tapered and the point of the heel sits a bit in from the shoe’s edge. Kitten heels can be found on sandals. Although they are not as high as the stiletto, they offer the sex appeal of the stiletto without the extreme height. Kitten heels were first introduced in the 1950’s for girls who were just entering their teenage years as high heels were deemed unseemly for younger girls.

They were thought of as ‘trainer heels’ in the US for these girls in preparation for the higher heels they would start wearing as they grew older. Soon, older girls started wearing them and the trend caught on. However, their popularity waned soon after before a brief surge in popularity in the 1980’s. Famous shoe designers such as Manolo Blahnik brought the kitten heel on to the runways of Europe along with his amazing stiletto collection. They are very versatile as they can be worn with outfits ranging from dresses, skirts, suits and even shorts.

They can be found in solid colors, pastel shades, exotic prints and trendy designs. The materials used for these shoes commonly include leather, plastic, suede, fabric and velvet. You can find kitten heels on sandals, boots, pumps, open-toed shoes as well as sling-backs. Dresses look demure yet sexy when paired with these shoes that have 1, 2 or more straps on them. Kitten heels can be dressed up or dressed down and you can wear them for work or for parties. They are great for tall women who prefer not to tower over everybody and look equally good on shorter women who don’t want the extreme height that stiletto’s offer.

With kitten heels, there is less strain on the foot and you can wear them quite comfortably for longer periods of time. When buying kitten heels or any shoes for that matter, it is important to try them on if you are at a store. Walk around in them and if you feel it pinching your feet, try a bigger size. The style of the shoe can affect your shoe size and you may find that with different shoe styles, you might need different sizes. You can find kitten heels online where you will undoubtedly find a much bigger range of choices. You may also find that they are cheaper because these online retailers do not have the added expense of stocking a physical store.

Before placing an order, you may want to try on a similar pair of shoes at a store first. However, most of the online stores do take returns and that could be a viable option if you are not able to go to a store. In the end, kitten heels offer comfort and versatility to those that are tired of the pain that usually comes with wearing high heels for prolonged periods of time.…

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Should You Bring A Siamese Cat Home?

Should You Bring A Siamese Cat Home?

Siamese cats are exotic and unique cats that find their origin in the temples of Siam or Thailand, as it is known today. These are extremely loyal pets, often known for their talkative nature and unique colored coats. Siamese breeders are known to breed them with other breeds of cats to create a mixed breed. However, if you are getting a kitten and are interested to bring a purebred Siamese home, then do read on to understand these elegant creatures.

Physical Appearance

It is interesting to note that there are essentially two types of Siamese cats, traditional and modern. Where the traditional cats are robust, with an apple shaped head and a compact body, the modern ones are marked by their long bodies and triangular heads. In terms of physical appearances today, Siamese cats are essentially short haired with long and slender bodies, legs and tails. Moreover, these cats are blue eyed and are born with a black and white coat but often develop coats of different colors, especially some unique ones as they grow. As they grow older, the light and dark portions of their coats change, and often end in points of different colors including seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, fawn and tabby.


Siamese cats are perhaps the friendliest of cat breeds, and can be quite social with humans, often engaging in intelligent communication. They are extremely active, playful and tend to be very good with children. Unfortunately for pet owners, Siamese cats tend to walk away and make themselves unavailable when they get tired of your company. Compared to other breeds, they require constant company and cannot be left alone for longer periods of time. They also tend to be extremely vocal, often expressing their happiness as well as their discontent.

Siamese cats require very little in terms of maintenance but they should be bathed once in a month and brushed at least twice a month. If this basic routine is followed, they should be able to live up to the age of 15 or more years.

We hope this article gives you some insight on the outlook and personality of one of the most sought after cat breeds. Siamese cats are a wonderful choice if you are considering getting a kitten and have been thinking about bringing home a beautiful and elegant feline. Often called the “cat with a great personality”, a Siamese cat is sure to turn out to be a great pet for your household.…

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A Ferret Diet That Won’t Tolerate Frozen Fish

A Ferret Diet That Won’t Tolerate Frozen Fish

If you want to give your ferret the best care possible, giving him an actual ferret diet is important. In times past, people have used cat food, especially high quality cat food. This has worked just fine, but today you can get food that’s actually built for the optimal ferret diet.

There’s no doubt that it’s cheaper to use cat food. However, these little guy sleep most of the day. And when they’re away and not playing, they don’t really eat that much. In the end, you’ll wind up spending less to feed a ferret than you would a cat anyway. Plus, if you give them quality food, you won’t need to lean on supplements. You’ll still likely want to give them treats. But you should have a healthier animal all around.

I want to share some thing to keep in mind when thinking through a well-rounded ferret diet. First, these guys are carnivores, so they want meat. However, they can do well with less fiber and a smaller carbohydrate intake. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid food made with frozen meats, like some unsatisfactorily processed fish. Even if you do not have a very picky eater, getting the combination of ingredients in your ferret diet is what will help them live as long as possible.

The protein and fat level is what distinguishes many cat foods from a proper ferret diet. Ideal protein is about 35-40% and proper fat content is in the low 20’s up to about 30%. Two percent fiber is good. In a perfect world, you’d be looking for approximately 21 amino acids and 7% or so ash. Carbohydrates can come from rice flower and brewer’s yeast. Understand this is the ultimate ferret diet, but the availability of commercial foods makes it quite easy.

Mastering the proper ferret diet isn’t just about what to feed. As for scheduling, it’s a good idea to feed 2 or more times a day so you spread their calorie intake. If you feed a moist food, or wet dry food, then you don’t want to leave the portion out for longer than an hour. By contrast, dry pellets keep just fine and can be left in the cage all the time if you prefer free-feeding. The dry food does have the added advantage of helping keep their teeth clean. And, as with any captive animal, one of the most important things is that they have access to clean, fresh water. This is especially true if you make dry food the centerpiece of the ferret diet.

Earlier I mentioned treats, and it’s a good idea to figure out how snacks factor in to the ideal ferret diet. Again, with healthy food choices, you will not need supplements. However, treats are still not only fun, but also useful for things such as litter box training. When it comes to treats, I would keep the healthy theme as you build upon your ferret diet. They actually love meat, of course, as well as cooked eggs. Just be sure to avoid sugary and other foods, like candy, fruits, nuts, and dairy products. These items can plague their digestive system. On top of that, they could end up with hypoglycemia, diarrhea, obesity, and they could even become food snobs and reject the healthy meals you try to dish up. You may be surprised to learn that you should also stay away from grains and vegetables. Purchasing healthy treats, along with the core ferret diet, will keep you safe.…

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Tapeworm Symptoms in Cats

It is possible to find different tapeworm symptoms in cats that you should certainly be on the lookout for and watch for as a owner of a cat to see if there could possibly be a tapeworm in cats. If you become aware of any of these, you need to reach out to a vet or use a tapeworm treatment for cats as soon as possible.

A reduction of weight is a sure tapeworm symptom for cats that you will notice simply to home diagnose tapeworms in cats. What happens is the tapeworm is feeding off of some of the food that your cat is consuming, thus the cat is really absorbing less food than it seems to be. This will cause a loss of weight for your cat that if not treated, can lead to more serious issues. Also, as the tapeworm becomes more mature, it will consume more space in your cat’s digestive system,tricking the cat into assuming it is not as hungry, as the cat will not eat as much as it needs to, and the minute portion of food it is eating is being taken away by the tapeworm.

If you do observe your cat running around more than normal and almost appearing paranoid, this is another tapeworm symptom in cats. It may also be very jumpy as well.

Unfortunately, tapeworms have a toxin which can often make our feline friends convulse. Additionally, when tapeworm segments are dropped off from the tapeworm and released through bowel movements, the segments occasionally stick to the anal area, causing painful itching for your cat around the anus. You might additionally notice your cat pulling its bottom down the ground.

When you witness your cat meowing forward, it is possible it is feeling belly irritations as a result of a tapeworm in your cat. Even though this might be as a symptom of multiple reasons, a tapeworm is definitely a possibility. It is possible to additionally be aware of your cat running its tongue across its belly more than its normal cleaning scenario; or worse yet, it may scratch or bite at its belly.

As your cat has diarrhea or is vomiting, this is another tapeworm symptom for cats. This can be dangerous because your cat may become dehydrated which can end up causing many health problems for your cat.

If you see any of the tapeworm symptoms in cats, you should get a tapeworm ailment in cats sooner than later or get in touch with your vet. Do not let these horrible parasites affect your cat in a negative way any more than need be.…

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How Should Tall Women Wear High Heels?

How Should Tall Women Wear High Heels?

Usually, short women are always jealous of women with models’ height. However, in fact, tall women have their own troubles triggered by their above-average heights, among which, the most obvious one is that they can’t wear high heels at will. Unless it is for some special occasions, such as big evening parties or formal gatherings when they can naturally wear pumps with over 7 inches heels, they will feel uncomfortable and weird wearing heels for daily life.

However, with the proper choice, tall women can still wear high heels in comfortable and stylish ways. The best options recommended here are wedge heels, short kitten heels and heeled ankle boots.

Tall woman can easily become the center of attention when wearing high heels, while many of them hope to keep a low profile at work. At this time, you can try wedge heels which are not as alluring and sexy as stilettos. Moreover, you won’t feel exhausted and painful walking in them. Pairing them with flares can hide the heels and shift people’s eyes from the shoes to your long legs. There is a large variety of heights and styles of wedge heels available for you to choose from. You are advised to select two-inch wedges in low-key color with classic pattern.

Short kitten heels are ideal for tall women at work. Wearing them can still endow you with the charm and style given by stilettos mostly. On the other hand, they won’t raise your height excessively. When it comes to the color and style, you’d better opt for neutral colors and formal styles. However, if you want to try something new and different, you can go for animal print or bright colors.

In winter, the must-have footwear in women’s wardrobe must be boots, all kinds of boots. For tall women, the best choice should be heeled ankle boots. Classic and neutral colors won’t go wrong in winter.

When tall women know how to choose and wear high heels, they can overcome the discomfort they have once experienced wearing pumps in daily life.…

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Famous Cat Stars

Famous Cat Stars

Do you know how many cats have became famous in the movies, on TV and in the comics? A cat as a main character has always been popular especially with children. Listed below are some of the more well know cat stars.

Duchess: Appeared in Walt Disney’s “Aristocrats” with O’Malley the Alley Cat.

Garfield: Appeared in his own comic strip and cartoon movies. Still used in commercials and toys.

Felix: The star of the first talking cartoon. Felix was used as the very first television test broadcast.

Fritz: Invented by Robert Crumb as Fred the Cat. Crumb made a movie about Fritz but eventually stopped any further episodes.

Sylvester: ” I thought I saw a puddy cat”. Tweetie’s favorite nemesis in the cartoon series.

Krazy Cat: The star of the first cat comic strip with Ignatz Mouse.

Morris: Rescued from a Chicago animal shelter by Bob Martwick, a professional animal trainer. Morris did commercials for Purina’s 9 Lives cat food. Morris died in 1978.

The Cat in the Hat: Made famous by Dr. Seuss, it is a children’s book classic. Eventually made into a video.

Socks: Pet cat of President Bill Clinton.

Tom: Portrayed in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. You would always find Tom scheming something up to try and catch Jerry.

MTM kitten: Symbol of Mary Tyler Moore’s company and a take off on the MGM lion. Mimsey died in 1988.

Puss’N’Boots: He was first written by the Brothers Grimm but in later years was made into cartoons and starred in “Shrek II”.

Bagpuss: The BBC’s favorite children’s show of all time.

Pepper: A gray cat who worked with Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle and the Keystone Cops.

Orangey: Appeared in “Rhubarb”, “Gigot”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Our Miss Brooks”.

Solomon: A white Chinchilla longhair who appeared in “Diamonds are Forever” and “A Clockwork Orange”.

Topcat: Cartoon series featuring Topcat as the leader of a group of cats in a city.

There were many movies that also feature a cat. Secret agent D.C. in “That Darn Cat”. Pyrewacket, a Siamese, in “Bell , Book and Candle”. Si and Am, two Siamese cats, in “Lady and the Tramp”. Jiji, a black cat, in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. A ginger tom cat called “cat” in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Various cats in “National Geographic’s Caressing the Tiger”. Isis, a black cat, and Sylvia in “Star Trek”. Winky, a black cat, in “Escape to Witch Mountain”. The Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland”. Various cats in the Broadway musical “Cats”. In addition, a cat was usually included in many horror and suspense movies, television shows and novels.

The cat has had an influence on the media and has provided entertainment for young and old. Who knows what will be the next cat star!…

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African Grey Parrots And Stress

The grey parrots may have many behavioral problems and most of them are caused by the human?s lack of understanding that it is first of all a prey bird and has little to do with a life in captivity. Many people fail to understand that and won?t allow that bird to manifest like a bird.

The grey parrots are exotic birds and come from strange lands. As strange as we find those lands, the same is for the parrots. They are not accustomed with the habits, the language or any other form of communication. A person should accept the parrot because the parrot also tries to understand the human behavior and tries to understand and live in peace with the human being.

Grey parrots caught in the wild are not aggressive when they are in a pair or breeding. They feel fear, which is justified, when they feel the presence of a human being, but they don?t have violent reactions. Usually, they share food, they play and they interact in a non ? violent manner. Strangely, the grey parrots who act more violently while breeding or in pairs are the domestic ones.

The domestic grey parrots have a few reasons to become aggressive:

* They loose the respect and consideration for themselves when they are in captivity.

* They loose the desire to live safe.

* They are affected by human aggression because avian species knows that pain or aggression mean death. Those animals are not used to touches, pokes, pushes, chasing, shaking or striking. Those actions are frightening and dangerous for the parrots.

* Their self confidence, their trust and their comfort are shattered if they are intimidated. Standing over them, or staring at them may have a strong impact on the birds.

* A grey parrot will never trust a person who tries to dominate him or control small aspects of the nature.

* Just as any human being, a grey parrot won?t trust a person who uses sensory deprivation as a mean of punishment for misbehavior.

A comparison between a wild animal and a domestic one would fail from the beginning in every way especially when it comes to birds, which are usually predators. Genetic inheritance eradication would require thousands of generations of selective breeding to obtain a domestic bird like a grey parrot and it is not always possible.

A bird that becomes stressed will start self mutilating or biting or will develop phobias. There are many factors that could induce stress to a bird. When it comes to grey parrots, a person should know what actions stress the bird and try to avoid them in order to keep the trust of the pet.

The grey parrots are intelligent and sensitive birds and they have the tendency to find in the human caregiver the qualities of a teacher, parental figure and mentor. They get attached to their caregiver and expect to be treated with respect and compassion. This is a method that works as well for birds as it does for humans or dogs.…