Should You Bring A Siamese Cat Home?

Should You Bring A Siamese Cat Home?

Siamese cats are exotic and unique cats that find their origin in the temples of Siam or Thailand, as it is known today. These are extremely loyal pets, often known for their talkative nature and unique colored coats. Siamese breeders are known to breed them with other breeds of cats to create a mixed breed. However, if you are getting a kitten and are interested to bring a purebred Siamese home, then do read on to understand these elegant creatures.

Physical Appearance

It is interesting to note that there are essentially two types of Siamese cats, traditional and modern. Where the traditional cats are robust, with an apple shaped head and a compact body, the modern ones are marked by their long bodies and triangular heads. In terms of physical appearances today, Siamese cats are essentially short haired with long and slender bodies, legs and tails. Moreover, these cats are blue eyed and are born with a black and white coat but often develop coats of different colors, especially some unique ones as they grow. As they grow older, the light and dark portions of their coats change, and often end in points of different colors including seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, fawn and tabby.


Siamese cats are perhaps the friendliest of cat breeds, and can be quite social with humans, often engaging in intelligent communication. They are extremely active, playful and tend to be very good with children. Unfortunately for pet owners, Siamese cats tend to walk away and make themselves unavailable when they get tired of your company. Compared to other breeds, they require constant company and cannot be left alone for longer periods of time. They also tend to be extremely vocal, often expressing their happiness as well as their discontent.

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Siamese cats require very little in terms of maintenance but they should be bathed once in a month and brushed at least twice a month. If this basic routine is followed, they should be able to live up to the age of 15 or more years.

We hope this article gives you some insight on the outlook and personality of one of the most sought after cat breeds. Siamese cats are a wonderful choice if you are considering getting a kitten and have been thinking about bringing home a beautiful and elegant feline. Often called the “cat with a great personality”, a Siamese cat is sure to turn out to be a great pet for your household.