How Should Tall Women Wear High Heels?

How Should Tall Women Wear High Heels?

Usually, short women are always jealous of women with models’ height. However, in fact, tall women have their own troubles triggered by their above-average heights, among which, the most obvious one is that they can’t wear high heels at will. Unless it is for some special occasions, such as big evening parties or formal gatherings when they can naturally wear pumps with over 7 inches heels, they will feel uncomfortable and weird wearing heels for daily life.

However, with the proper choice, tall women can still wear high heels in comfortable and stylish ways. The best options recommended here are wedge heels, short kitten heels and heeled ankle boots.

Tall woman can easily become the center of attention when wearing high heels, while many of them hope to keep a low profile at work. At this time, you can try wedge heels which are not as alluring and sexy as stilettos. Moreover, you won’t feel exhausted and painful walking in them. Pairing them with flares can hide the heels and shift people’s eyes from the shoes to your long legs. There is a large variety of heights and styles of wedge heels available for you to choose from. You are advised to select two-inch wedges in low-key color with classic pattern.

Short kitten heels are ideal for tall women at work. Wearing them can still endow you with the charm and style given by stilettos mostly. On the other hand, they won’t raise your height excessively. When it comes to the color and style, you’d better opt for neutral colors and formal styles. However, if you want to try something new and different, you can go for animal print or bright colors.

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In winter, the must-have footwear in women’s wardrobe must be boots, all kinds of boots. For tall women, the best choice should be heeled ankle boots. Classic and neutral colors won’t go wrong in winter.

When tall women know how to choose and wear high heels, they can overcome the discomfort they have once experienced wearing pumps in daily life.