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How to Care For a Day-Old Kitten

Kittens are usually cared for by heir moms. However, like all things in nature, Darwinianism kicks in and only few of the offspring will survive. I have encountered twice the particular case of a cat who simply will not care for her babies, being equally disinterested in whether they live or die. So for the best part of the next four weeks I acted like a nursing cat mother for three little kittens. Needless to say, when they’re a few hours old, they’re hardly bigger than a very small mouse each.

There’s two things they need to survive: warmth and food. You can solve the first issue with a couple of 2 litres plastic bottles filled with hot water that you put it in their nesting place. A shoe box will suffice for that. Also, try making them comfortable by adding a towel or any cloth you won’t need ever again so they have a soft floor. The water will need changing every few hours, depending on how fast it will cool.

Next issue is a bit of a nuisance. You’ll have to buy a baby bottle for kittens. There are many available at pet shops, you cannot improvise around it, trust me on that, I’ve tried. The thing that came nerare to a baby bottle was a 2ml syringe, but you run the risk of pumping too fast and choking them. Plus, they can’t draw from it. So go get the baby bottle. Then for the food. You can either buy special powder milk that has all the surplus they need from a lactating mother, just ask the veterinarian for it, or use your own milk from the store. Either way is fine, the powder milk is pricey but better, but they won’t die for the lack of it. Next buy eggs, a whole basket of them, you’re going to need them. Break an egg and clear the yolk. Only the yolk! Put the yolk in a cup. Add a bit of milk and mix. Then add a spoon of honey and milk up to about 200ml and mix. Honey helps the kittens’ digestion a lot, it’s not just for the taste of it. When you have about 200ml of mixed product make sure it’s warm and fill up the baby bottle. Then pick each of them up and start feeding them. You’ll have to be patient, although at first they’re probably be starving and will draw like there’s no tomorrow. You will have to repeat that every three hours and twice at night.

My advice is to have more food mixed so you only have to warm it, it saves a lot of time not having to mix it all each and every time they need feeding. After four weeks they will probably learn to drink by themselves and you’re off the hook, although there’s no timeframe guaranteed about that. I had one crazy kitten who refused to let go of the baby bottle for three months!

If you follow these steps it will be hard on your part but your kittens WILL live. Constant feeding and warmth is all there really is to it. And patience.…

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Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

With the exception of a few true lovers of cats, Americans have always been less particular about the origins of their cats and their dogs. Cats are most commonly seen on farms and they worked to help keep the vermin population. As cats are becoming more of a companion of a firm hand, there was a growing interest cat breeds, their purity and pedigree. The Cat Fanciers’ Association is dedicated to the preservation of race and race 39 recognized cat breeds. You will find below are some of these species as well as information on the characteristics of race and history. Russian Blue – The Russian Blue is a nice, friendly chat with an appearance. These cats are dense, thick coats that are short in one color: blue. In agreement with the blue fur of cats have the bright green eyes and are known for their beautiful appearance as they are, for their modest provisions. Cornish Rex – While the Cornish Rex is similar to images of ancient Egypt cats it is from Cornwall, England in 1950 where he was discovered in a barn cats littler. These cats are different in appearance with an egg-shaped head and size, large, erect ears, and enormous yellow-green eyes. This cat is very rare that the dress is soft, fine, very short, and grows in the waves. The Cornish Rex is affectionate, player, and keeps his kitten antics as throughout his life. The Siamese-Siamese cat, originally from Thailand, is extremely intelligent and curious animal. It is thought to be the oldest anywhere. The Siamese cat is a people lover. It will be regularly tell his family how much he cares for them with his strong meow. Maine Coon – The Maine Coon is a large cat, Native American longhair cat. He is venerated in hand to the mouse of his talent. The Maine Coon is a social animal that is particularly good for families with children or dogs. Abyssinian-Although the name suggests that this cat is from Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia), they are actually in India. The name “Abyssinian” came about when the cat was introduced in England by way of Abyssinia. Abyssinian is one of the most intelligent cats, and even if they are not “hug”, they love their people, are curious and want to help you with what you are working. American Wirehair – American Wirehair was seen in New York in 1966. The only cat was a spontaneous mutation in a litter of barn cats. Health is a relatively common genetic mutation, but the difference with the American Wirehair is because its characteristics have been organized in a unique way an effort was made to keep his blood and genetic model. Interestingly, this genetic mutation did not appear anywhere in the world other than the United States. The American Wirehair is docile and calm temperament and a great pet for a so-called “couch-potato.”…

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All About Ferret Cages

All About Ferret Cages

Ferrets are curious by nature therefore as you cannot constantly supervise the fuzzy friend, you wish to be thoroughly reassured that the ferret is playing within a secure and safe atmosphere. Make certain that you take advantage of a ferret playpen and ferret cage accessories for your adventurous animal, too. Developing this type of a secure atmosphere for the ferret will not just please him, yet will make you an extremely content owner, too!

Ferret Litter

Occasionally, things could get a bit messy while caring for a ferret, yet do not be frightened! Show the animal how to live within a clean and healthy atmosphere by utilizing clean-up supplies and litter. Always keep in mind to keep the ferret cages clean, due to a clean atmosphere means a thriving and happy ferret!

Top 4 Cages for Ferrets

Ferrets require day-to-day playtime outside of the cage, yet they typically still spend lots of time within their ferret home while unsupervised. A well designed, large cage is mandatory. A few features to search for include solid shelves and floors / balconies, and solid ladders, as well. Multiple-level cages are great, yet depending upon the arrangement of levels, falls are probable. Get added shelves or utilize hammocks to make the cages safer if needed.

Ferret Nation

With the expandable cage, you could begin with 1 or 2 primary levels, every level possessing a complete solid floor as well as a ramp to the solid surface half-floor. The bases will be on stands that have locking casters and storage shelf. The add-on level could expand the cage further. Doors are special: they’ll open up the complete width of a cage front, and solid floor will slide out for simple cleaning. Every level will measure 36 inches by 25 inches and 24 inches tall.

Ferret Feisty Cage

The cage is similar to a Ferret Nation cage in its design, yet is cheaper. It’s a bit smaller, and does not possess the expansion ability of Ferret Nation, yet features a complete 2nd level, some shelves, and good accessibility through wide doors upon all levels. It additionally possesses solid ramps that are an advantage, although it’ll appear the 2nd level includes a wire floor which ought to be at least halfway covered for the ferret’s comfort. At 31.5 inches by 20.5 inches by 55 inches, it’s a great size.

Super Pet Deluxe Multiple Floor Home

At 32 inches by 20 inches and 58 inches tall, Deluxe Multiple-Floor ferret home is very spacious and tall. Advantages involve its 9 adjustable sturdy shelves which offer flexibility within the cage layout, and its cost given its size. Shelves could be combined in order to make complete floored levels to prevent worries concerning falls.

Super Pet Multiple-Floor Funnel Home

It’s a special cage which is large (47 inches by 20 inches by 65 inches) as well as colorful. It’ll feature a clear Bubble-Wave system which will make a loop over the primary portion of this cage. With tunnels and nine completely adjustable shelves, there’s an abundance of room to move inside the cage.…

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Don’t Feed This to a Ferret!

Don’t Feed This to a Ferret!

Ferrets can be finicky eaters, but by offering them a high quality diet they will not only eat well, they will thrive. Ferrets can develop severe health troubles meals that are low in nutritional value, which has been shown to cause sickness and shortened life expectancies. It is important to give foods that will help them remain dynamic and healthy during their lives. As a final thought, it has always been interesting to me that a ferret will decline to consume frozen meat, but then turn right around and eat furnishings or plastic toys.

If you’re on a tiny budget and looking for a way to save some cash, providing your animal inexpensive food is typically not the best way to save. Yes, it will probably be more costly purchasing the high quality brands, but in view of the fact that ferrets eat so little food at each meal, your total food expenditure will still be minuscule.

Ferrets are small and will not eat very much at any one sitting, and as a result should be given two or three smaller meals each day instead of one big meal. Although they sleep as much as 20 hours every day, they are extremely lively creatures while awake and will certainly burn a large amount of calories during their active periods. For this reason they must be offered a high calorie diet if they are to continue being healthy.

You can feed your ferret dry or moist types of meals. Moist may be treasured slightly more, but dry has lots of advantages. You can’t leave moist food in their cage for longer than one hour, because it won’t stay good for any longer than this. Once it gets old it must be taken out of the cage and thrown away. Conversely, you don’t have this worry with dry pellets because it will stay good for days. This will probably cut the feed bill, because none of the dry food will be wasted. Another advantage to dry pellets is they will help keep a ferret’s teeth clean.

Ferrets will derive satisfaction from a yummy snack now and then, but it is important not to overdue it. Since they will only eat a minute amount at a meal, they can fill up on snacks quickly and then reject their high quality meal. This can in due course lead to nutritional deficiencies that can cause ill health and a loss of vibrancy.

Tasty treats are never a necessity, but if you make a decision to provide treats, make sure you do it in moderation. The finest snacks are high protein foods such as cooked eggs and meat. Foods like candy and fruits that are high in carbohydrates are not first-class nutritional snacks. These can lead to health issues and a loss of energy and vitality.

Feeding your pet nutritious meals, high in protein and fat while low in carbohydrates, is a crucial factor in a ferret’s overall health. Giving them foods that are lacking in nutritional content can cause severe health problems and a decreased life expectancy. If you love your ferret, demonstrate you care by offering a high quality well-balanced diet.…

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How To Feed Kittens

How To Feed Kittens

Taking care of kittens is just like taking care of a human baby. You have to keep a careful watch on everything right from the food you give it to its health and grooming. Feeding kittens can either be an easy process or not, depending on the temperament and the state of your kitten. A kitten may or may not be weaned and thus the food would be different in each case. Training a kitten to get accustomed to her food is a time consuming process and you should not rush about doing it.

In order to provide better care and nourishment for your kitten, it is necessary to know how to care for it at every stage of its growth. This article examines some of the things that all new kitten owners should know.

Weaned Kittens

Here are some points that you should note if you are feeding kittens that are already weaned:

– You have to start feeding the kitten with dry food. However, the food has to be a little moistened, but with water and not cow’s milk.

– You have to continue this food habit until the kitten is about five to six months old. After six months, you can start training a kitten to feed on canned food. But remember to supplement it with kitten chow.

– Continue to provide her with kitten food for another six to eight months and then you can start to gradually get your pet habituated with adult cat canned or dry food.

Unweaned Kittens

Taking care of the unweaned kitten is a little bit tougher than the former. This is because in such a case, you have to replace what its mother would have done to feed it. Here are some steps that you should follow:

– First, take the kitten to a vet. Your vet will be able to guide you with what you need to follow for feeding kittens that are unweaned.

– For the first three weeks, you have to feed it with specific kitten formula and at an interval of every 2-3 hours.

– After three weeks, the frequency will diminish and you can feed the kitten after every 6 hours.

– After eight weeks, you have to start the unweaning process and then start feeding it with moistened dry food.

We hope this article is useful to you if you are in the process of training a kitten to get accustomed to her food. Good luck!…

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Honoring Animals, Nature, and Spirit

I love all of Doreen Virtue’s books. She is truly a loving spirit and a pure channel. Although she is best known for her angelic messages, she is actually a Universal Communicator, which means she can communicate with the spirits of all life forms.
In her book, “Healing With the Fairies,” Doreen wrote something that has always stayed with me. The Nature Angels, also known as Fairies, told her that animals and plants are happy to serve the Greater Good. They told her that most animals and plants don’t really mind being used for service or for food. What they feel so very sad about is how they are mistreated and devalued by most humans.
Most of us want to feel that our lives have meaning, and that we have contributed something for a greater cause. Animals and plants feel that way, too. Like us, they want to be appreciated for who they are and the service they give. Just like we do.
If animals are treated kindly during life, and honored during death, then they will naturally impart love, health, and blessings upon those who partake of them. Sadly, as it is, most of us are actually ingesting fear and pain when we eat, especially when we eat meat. It doesn’t have to be this way. It wasn’t meant to be this way. Native Americans knew the truth of this, and honoring animals and Nature was a very important part of life for them. Many Native Americans and other indigenous peoples are remembering their heritage, and they are teaching the world ways to live in harmony with our Earth.
Some of us choose to live more consciously than others. But we all know the difference between kindness and cruelty. And each of us can make a huge difference in our world by making small adjustments in our habits. We can begin here and now, as easily as making a choice, to make this a Kinder World.
Here are some simple things each of us can do. You can just start with one or two, and then add others as it feels right to you. Every little bit helps.…