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Can Healthy Cat Food Contain Preservatives?

In this day and age of the mighty dollar masquerading as king, it becomes more and more difficult to trust businesses who have a vested interest in gaining your sale. As cats can’t talk to us, or perhaps I should say, as we can’t hear what cats are telling us, we don’t have that all important input to know if we are providing our cats with a healthy cat you do a quick search on the internet, you’ll come across practically all pet food manufacturers proclaiming their brand is ‘all natural’, ‘healthy’, ‘holistic’, even ‘organic’, but in every single case they are selling dry think about it for a minute. Dried food which contains any form of meat just won’t keep at room temperature. Try keeping your steak out of the refrigerator for a few days and see what how do pet food manufacturers keep cat food indefinitely at room temperature?The only possible way to do this is to add preservatives. Despite many claims saying there are no preservatives, logic tells you there has to be.Cooking in itself may preserve meat a little longer than raw meat, but not for weeks, or even what, you may be thinking, I know there are preservatives in some of the foods I eat and I seem to be OK. Surely a few preservatives doesn’t mean I’m not feeding my cat a healthy cat food?I personally don’t think any preservative is OK. It may appear to be harmless in the short term, but in the long term there will be apart from my personal opinion, there are some laws, perhaps rather basic or not well enforced, in almost every country around the world, that protects human food. So all preservatives used in human food has to be considered ‘reasonably safe’ by some standards.Unfortunately, there are no such safe guards in pet food. Or the laws are even less effectively enforced than the human the preservatives used in cat food can be the most toxic. Does cat food containing highly toxic preservatives sound like a healthy cat food to you?Ever heard of formalin? Embalmers use it to preserve dead bodies.Formalin, also known as formaldehyde, is widely used in pet food to preserve probably haven’t heard of ethoxyquin. That’s a preservative used in the rubber industry. It’s in the tyres of your car. So what on earth is it doing in your cat food? Lets look at ethoxyquin’s history. When factory workers were exposed to it, they exhibited side effects similar to those of agent orange:

Are you getting a bit concerned? Perhaps your cat is suffering from some kind of organ damage? Here are a few other common preservatives used in cat food to keep it at room temperature indefinitely;

No manufacturer can keep preservatives out of dry cat food if it has a long shelf , if you don’t feed your cat a commercial cat food, what can you feed her?To my way of thinking, the only sure way of knowing you are providing a healthy cat food is to prepare it yourself.Before you throw your hands up in horror, saying you don’t know how, you don’t have time, that’s where I come in.I’ve done the research for a balanced, healthy cat food.I’ve made all the mistakes and can show how not to fall into the traps I feeding your cat a healthy cat food, you’ll have fewer trips to your veterinarian and your cat will live longer.…

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The Actual Portrait Description For Maine Coon Breed Pet Cats


There are thousands of narratives that. Among all some of these misconceptions which the sort derives on the name from the pet cat that had been the sizable powerfully established long haired moggy local of the America. The best term appears to be then-identified as mainly because it was initially identified to provide a special class as part of Maine state, United states of america, and after that thanks to the fact it should be reasonably raccoon animal considering in features.

Complete body, legs, appearance and additionally length and girth

Some of the male whole body weighs about at 7 so as to eleven kg. Females have been compact- right from 5 with seven kilograms. The height concerns twenty five- forty cm, though they could certainly cultivate towards a 1 meter right from heads up to trail. This relies for an unique individual cat the way they may differ present in each and every especial case. Currently the trail is definitely perfect of most thirty five cm. Trunk is generally intense, has a muscle physique along with very well-produced since it needs to facilitate and then carry how much they weigh; it breed of cat is the owner of an experienced looking vast upper body. Specific shape shape is literally square. The next cool characteristic with the breed of cat is because they never reach maturity fast. Always, a cat develop into a grownup in only a year. Bear in mind, this Maine Coon pet absolutely need all-around 3 or more or simply five years to arrive to older maturation. Unquestionably the lower limbs are almost always right and also central-measured as compared to the physique.

Maine Coon cat Tail

It is quite extended, spool-developed and additionally actually covered with fur. You will observe all the likeness through the raccoon longest tail. May possibly arrive at in length regarding 35 centimeters.

Fur and in addition Colours

The texture associated with fur is surprisingly soft and simply cushy. Whether it is shorter attached to scalp but also shoulders, it’s actually currently being lush so more lengthy through stomach location then sides. The very underneath hair will be thick and therefore heavy also watertight. The most important colouration and in addition colour scheme differ can vary greatly phenomenally. Their particular colours offer spanning mixture of all a purple pallette, toffee candies as well as Siamese type forms. To discover you the straightforward fact, they just don’t go well with the average expectations which can be why they were as a consequence excellent. A single of the endemic colour including Main Coon is without question darkish brown tabby hue, still That I may see the perfect tiger striped kitten with more splendid functions.

Brain on top of that Barrel

Scalp associated with maine coon often is basic and simply considerably longest. Muzzle looks as if rectangle-shaped, however it’s conventional. Mouth is firm and strong. The specific view are quite eye-catching, significant, sizeable and simply considerable set up. All the fur in their ears can be very rather long as well as the imperials tend to be in use in the event that around the all judges for a symbol for the outstanding kitten whenever they are inside a evaluating setting.

Everyone loves this kind of lovely maine coon kittens, actually soft or sweet animals.…

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Bring Your Kitten Home

Bring Your Kitten Home

Before bringing a cat home

You need to make your house cat proof, it’s not just for the their safety but helps protect your goodies too. Make sure there are no loose wires they can get themselves tangled up in such as blind cords. Tidy away and electrical cables, I’ve known kittens who love trying to chew through them. Check if your house plants are poisonous to cats, as many are. If they are, you can guarantee your cat will try to eat them (after all curiosity killed the cat), so give them away to friends or family. Your cat will see areas of your home you haven’t seen in a long time so get down on the floor and see if there are any hazards at that level too.

Just before bringing them home make sure you’ve been shopping and have everything your they need. This is just a basic shopping list, there are extra things that you will need very soon after you’ve brought your new addition home such a scratching post and outdoor cat house.

litter tray

cat litter

grooming brush



litter scoop (if you get clumping litter)

litter tray liners – changing the cat litter tray so much easier with these

carrier to carry your new cat home in and take to the vets

food and water bowls

Things to organise before bringing a cat home

You need to find a good vet and arrange an appointment for your new friend to have a check up and to discuss their vaccinations. It might also be an idea to arrange some time off work so you can spend time in the day with your new kitty – think of it as the cat owners alternative to maternity leave!

Actually bringing a cat home

When you get home, only allow your them to explore a very limited number of rooms so it’s not too overwhelming. Also make sure they have everything they need and they know where it is, so take them to their food and water. Pick them up and place them in their litter tray, they don’t have to stay there until they use it, just allow them to familiarise themselves with it.

If your kitten hides when you first bring them home, then leave them be and let them venture out in their own time. Try not to scare to them, don’t be too noisy and don’t invite everyone round to look at your new furry friend. If they’ve has been hiding for hours try to coax them out with a toy, food or catnip.

If they still don’t venture out move their food nearer to them and leave them for a while longer, once they get hungry enough they’ll come out for a munch. Don’t forget to move it back to where it belongs after they’d had this nibble as it’s important to show your cat where their things belong. It’s important to find out what brand of food your cat was previously on and stick to that for the time being, you can always change it later when they are more settled.

After a few days you’ll find they begin to come out of their shell and you should spend time interacting with them and develop a bond, but don’t pester them all the time, just like us they like to be left alone for a while as well.

You might find that after their visit to the vets for their check up, that they’re not too happy with you once you bring them home again, after all you did just put them in a little cage and take them to be prodded and poked, don’t worry, they’ll soon be demanding attention again.

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A Startled Ball of Fur

A Startled Ball of Fur

Something was moving down in the tall river grass of the jungle. I looked at Pedro, but his wrinkled face showed he knew no more than I. Again those tasseled tops of grass waved curiously, but the brooding stillness of the Mexican jungle remained unbroken. Expectantly we waited. It might have been many things. It might have been wild pig; those fierce little fearless devils that once had kept me perched in a mahogany tree throughout a long, sunny afternoon. Or it might have been alligator, or tapir, or even one of those half pygmy people of the poisoned darts. And since in jungle wisdom the unknown lies always close to the realm of danger, we kept very still behind our screen of low bamboo. And now all movement had ceased, and suddenly a cry, a kitten’s cry, thin and wailing, rose to our biding place.

Downstream a lurking alligator heard and cruised hopefully toward us as again, plaintive and despairing, came that whimpering cry. In two strides I was beside the riverbank and looking down upon a small, spotted face, from which two blue eyes blazed up in mingled fear and defiance. Behind me came Pedro’s grunt of surprise. “Tigritol A jaguar kitten!” Then he looked about in quick misgiving. “A poor place to meet the mother, senor.” But I was watching that startled ball of fur and life at my feet. He couldn’t have been more than two months old, perhaps less.

Watching me narrowly, he tried to draw back his lips and snarl and look very fierce, but he wasn’t quite equal to it, and finally, giving it up, he sank back on his haunches. I knelt beside him and held out my hand, but he raised a diminutive soft paw to tell me he was not to be trifled with. Very slowly I moved my hand nearer, and after a time his gesture of defiance faltered. Instead a look of interest crept into his eyes, and the bewhiskered nostrils twitched. Now he took a step forward, another step, and at last I felt his cold, wet nose touch my palm. Then a rough, red tongue emerged and scratched eagerly over my hand and along my wrist. It was tempting to accept this as a gesture of friendship, but I knew it was the taste of salt that drew him, probably the first this kitten had ever known, for he was still too young to have tasted blood.

For a time we watched each other, then very slowly I reached forward with my other hand and lifted him from the ground. He gave a faint hiss of fear, and I felt his claws close over my arm, but beyond that he made no move, and in another moment I was carrying him back toward camp. Disconsolately the alligator returned to his nap downstream. All the way back I could hear Pedro grumbling. What would the senor be doing with a jaguar kitten?…

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Do You Know This Secret About Your Kitten

My spouse and i realize one failed to forget the cute cooking dish using little striped bass about it which means that your pussy-cat could be eating inside style. I am aware anyone definitely do not your expense cat kitty litter box or possibly litter, right? Precisely what more is it possible you probably demand?

Properly, it may possibly be that not really. In first your pussy-cat with care sniffed released just about every individual corner and cranny when only its grasp, consumed 50 percent the particular handbag regarding foodstuff, possesses been recently consistently splitting on his innovative cat kitty litter container. Probably there are usually many way more pieces that you need to consider into consideration when getting over these kinds of dangerous kitty trouble. Look us; a number of other get already discover the requirement in some general great suggestions on kitten workout to raised all the conduct on their total new kitten.

Consequently the proper way can a friend or relative go concerning beginning pussy-cat knowledge, while when some people turnaround, his or her fresh pussy-cat is displaying the walls, gnawing with their distinct owners’ palms, moving onto the your kitchen desks, preventing on the kitchen table, along with hitting the gym ones own paws upon your brand-new bedroom furniture?

Funds concerned, you happen to become not necessarily the main owning met beast kitten challenges. It fails to must become elegant, almost any marring blog post from your nearby work group shop work.

Nevertheless imagine if machine pussy-cat is normally still doing damage to bedroom accessories? If you find your ex boyfriend reddish person (or just pawed for the lawsuit could be) diligently caress an individual’s feet straight the actual uncovering submit mimicking that movement the affected individual naughtily performs in your house furniture. Currently dog along with reward your ex partner! Currently, anyone may need to try often, nevertheless ultimately your brand-new home fellow member begins to determine what you will prefer.

Next you will certainly have a great aluminium may. Pack the could in conjunction with rocks and record your opening closed. This specific shall be innocuous for the cat still he’ll uncover that when he actually one thing “naughty” he’ll spot the loud, difficult appear.

One particular last thing worth specializing in during pussy-cat instruction could often be the concern about what you can actually do about pussy-cat gnaws. A new kitten squeaky toy similar to some jingle bell golf ball and even rodent will continue to work basically great.

That is probably this! You could have simply get to understand techniques of pussy-cat coaching. Can end up appearing earning! to bathe your pussy-cat together with lots of really like and additionally compliment when he actually the very first thing good. Educating your own pussy-cat various elementary guidelines could actually help prevent person of legal age kitty trouble after. Pussy-cat coaching generally would require training the software possibly not to the begining bedroom furniture, which in turn might solved using a exposing post. Yet another approach to help you free ones own pussy-cat about unwanted symptoms is always to shake a fabulous may filled up with stones or even capital if she’s misbehaving, that will discourage the woman’s. kittens training, cat training, cat training,…

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Deafness in Cats

Deafness in Cats

The ears of cats are sensitive and delicate; as such, they are prone to being damaged or infected, sometimes leading to deafness. Cats can also be deaf right from birth through a genetic defect. Deafness in cats isn’t terribly common of course, but it is more common in blue eyed, white haired cats. Cats can be deaf in one ear or in both ears and your cat has to be tested in order to check for deafness and how prevalent it is. There are two forms of deafness in cats: conduction and neurologic.


Deafness through conduction is caused by things like wax build up, infections and damage done to the delicate membranes in the ears. Conduction deafness usually comes about if the cat’s ears aren’t cleaned routinely, they come into contact with a lot of bacteria, which is transferred to the ears or if your cat gets sick and has a lingering infection in the ears.

Conduction deafness is, for the most part, temporary. The best way to deal with it is to clean out the ears and apply any antibiotics needed for any infections. Letting it go for too long though will result in damage that will be more long term and permanent, so make sure to keep your pet’s ears clean!


Neurologic deafness is more serious and long term. This form of deafness is caused by damage done in the sensitive parts of the ear, as an example, the cochlea or abnormalities found anywhere from the ear to the brain. This form of deafness can be inherited and is also caused by things like toxicity or simple old age. Neurological deafness cannot be cured or reversed and though hearing aids can help, most cats don’t want anything to do with them, so they simply put up with the deafness instead.

Diagnosing a Deaf Cat

There are a number of signs you’ll get that something is amiss with your cat’s hearing. The most obvious way is that your cat won’t respond to you when you call his or her name, but since some cats live to ignore you, this is not the best test used to determine deafness. Other ways to tell if something is awry is if your cat is sleeping more than usual, your cat not responding to a noise in another room, or shaking and pawing at ears in discomfort. These are all good indications that something is wrong with your cat’s ears.

Living with a Deaf Cat

If your cat is diagnosed with deafness, either in one ear or both of them, then your pet’s life need not be over; you just have to take special care of your furry friend. Make sure to carefully supervise any outdoor excursions of your cat because the slightest thing can cause injury to him or her. Also make sure to keep your cat’s ears clean no matter what the cause of deafness was because a build up of wax and toxins will make your cat even more uncomfortable and irritated. Finally, make sure to apply any antibiotics as needed.

Deafness in your cat need not be the end of the world for your pet. In fact, it takes little more than a lifestyle adjustment for your pet and for yourself. With some care and attention, your cat can go right back to living the life it always lived, deaf or not. As with anything, when you’ve got a chronic illness on your hands, it’s recommended that you maintain a good relationship with your Vet. New therapies are developed all the time for pets and your Vet can continue to advise you as your cat advances in age.…

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About Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

About Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is not a well understood disease. It’s believed Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV) – (Felin Coronavirus FeCoV) mutates within the cat into Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus.

FECV infection – especially in multi-cat environments – is common but most infected cats don’t develop FIP. FIP shows a strong preference for immune weakened cats – kittens under 2 years, cats 12 years and older and cats who are immune compromised.

Technically speaking, Peritonitis is an infection of the abdomen – the peritoneal cavity. FIP actually can affect all body systems, tho it’s often recognized first (and most visibly) as fluid accumulation in the abdomen.

There are two forms of FIP:1. Wet – “effusive” – results from fluid in the chest and abdomen. If in the chest, the cat will have difficulty breathing. If in the abdomen, the cat will develop a “pot belly”.

2. Dry effects the same organs at wet, but without fluid accumulation. Dry is the more common form.

It takes about two weeks for the FIP virus to become widespread. Cats generally become symptomatic within two months following and often don’t live a year.

Symptoms include:- Fever- Vomiting- Diarrhea- Loss of appetite and weight loss- Anemia- Conjunctivitis- Jaundiced- Weakness- Seizures- Kidney failure- Liver failure

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is difficult. There are a number of different test but no single test gives a definitive result. Vets will often use a combination of tests as well as clinical signs and symptoms.

There is no cure for FIP. Treatment is for supportive care and discomfort.


The only sure prevention is lack of contact with infected cats. Since infection alone is no guarantee FIP will develop, keeping your cats immune system strong is the best defense. Good nutrition and limited stress are immune supportive. This is especially true for kittens and seniors.

There is a vaccine for FIP but it’s not necessarily beneficial.

A study done at Cornell University showed the vaccine could in fact enhance the disease. There have also been reports of severe reactions to the vaccine. Also, the vaccine does not work with previously infected cats. Since corona virus infection is fairly common, many cats are already infected.

It’s always important to weight the risks and rewards for your individual situation.…

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How to Choose The Perfect Ragdoll Kitten For You

How to Choose The Perfect Ragdoll Kitten For You

Pet owners agree that taking care of an animal is quite a challenging task. One is never aware of this until you have experienced owning a pet. Much like rearing a child, you have to be responsible, nurturing and firm. When you’re looking for the ideal Ragdoll kitten to become your lifelong pet, there are some things to consider. Here are 3 factors that can help you find the ideal Ragdoll kitten for you.

Factor #1 – Your Personality

As a Ragdoll kitten owner, your personality is a factor because it can determine your pet’s reactions, habits and routines. Owning a pet demands interaction and mutual understanding and Ragdolls like owners that are open with their affections. They like to be close to you and will most likely find ways to make themselves endearing. In general, Ragdolls are indoor cats that are fairly docile and affectionate. They love to be petted and cared for. They are a laid-back breed and often mature to have a calm disposition. If you are not comfortable with a pet following you around or one that loves to be in your presence, then you should think of other breeds of cats or animals to have as a pet.

Factor #2 – Your Lifestyle

As a breed, Ragdolls make great housecats. They can live peacefully in your home without much trouble but due to their nature of being friendly and serene, they are not used to being outdoors. Although you can train them for this, most Ragdolls can’t defend themselves well against any attack. Ragdolls like curling up on your lap while you’re reading a book. So if you’re the traveling kind, going in and out of town on a regular basis, you might need to have someone look after your Ragdoll while you’re away because they can’t stand to be left alone for long periods of time.

Factor #3 – Where To Get Ragdoll Kittens

The final factor that you should consider is availability of Ragdoll kittens. You can check out your local animal shelter to see if there is an owner surrendered Ragdoll cat or you can also look up Ragdoll breeders in your area as well as Ragdoll rescues. Knowing where you can get one is important because that’s where you can also gather more information about Ragdoll cats in general. Take your time to research and learn more about Ragdolls before taking home a kitten. Ask questions and get in touch with other Ragdoll owners in your area to hear a first hand experience on how to take care of your own Ragdoll kitten.…

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How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your Cat

How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your Cat

So you decide your cat is lonely when you are gone all day. You think that you should get another cat so he will have company. Most people believe that cats just automatically get along. But cats are typically very territorial and will his and act in a negative way as soon as you bring that new kitten home.

Many times this invasion will cause fighting, going to the bathroom outside the litter box, the older cat bullying the younger cat and spraying if it is a male cat. This causes causes a lot of tension not only for the cats but the entire household.

The key is the proper introduction of the new kitty into the household.

Do not rush the introductions it will cause resentment on the cat that was there first. Cats are very in tune to changes in the household. Even a loss of a person in the household can bring on an emotional reaction from your cat.

Bring the new kitten in very gently, take your time and keep them separate from each other completely at first, sometime for up to 3 weeks. Give the new kitten a lot of attention but do not let the other cat see you give that attention and always have the door closed. Then each day let them spend a few minutes together 3 or 4 times a day, making sure you supervise this interaction. Gradually increase the time they spend together each day.

If there is hissing or fighting or if it escalates into a chasing and attacking scenario, separate the cats and try again the next day. If the behavior is extreme separate the cats for a couple of days, then try again.

When you start to observe positive interactions between the two cats then you can gradually increase the time they spend together.

Since the cats have been separated for a while and have separate litter boxes already I would continue this for quite a while, maybe even up to 6 months. In some cases you may need to keep two litter boxes forever. For some reason the litter box seems to be a very territorial issue.

Be sure to have one on one time with both cats each day. Sometimes the cite kitten gets all the attention and the older cat is left out, this will just reinforce the resentment and may make the older cat return to his bullying ways.…