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The Must Know Cat Petting Strategy

All cats are obviously not the same similar to every other animal or human. Regardless, I can tell you that most cats will enjoy my petting method and petting strategies to the fullest. The most important thing to know before anything is your one on one bond with your cat or in a simpler form trust. If your cat doesn’t trust you or feels comfortable around you that would be your biggest problem. For the trustworthy relationships I have some crucial tips and tricks for you to follow the next time your cat needs attention.

Ironic as this sounds I grew up having no interest in cats let alone didn’t really even like them. As a child my personal experiences with cats were never good for me because I never could understand them and having such a passion for dogs at the time I didn’t realize how extravagant these creatures really were. As I started growing up around the age of 18 at Christmas time I had an unknown kitten living in my garage and my dad that didn’t accept this continually tried to drive it away but it didn’t ever seem to leave. Well after a week of trying to flee the kitten away it would just start hanging out by our backdoor of our house. As this became a daily thing for us my dad finally found it in his heart to let this poor little creature live at our place until we could find it a new home. Unfortunately, we kind of put it off because of our busy lives and we decided that this kitten is now our new pet. Long story short I feel like our new pet was blessed because of the pride this cat had and never gave up. He now is spoiled completely and is one of the most important things in my dad’s life.

With all this being said I started learning a lot about cats and their behavior. Which led me to creating my petting strategies. The two favorite spots a cat likes to be scratched is on their forehead and between the ears for instance my cat will approach me using his head to throw up my hand telling me what he wants. Also scratching under the chin and along the throat can be just as effective especially when you do it right after the forehead and ears. Keep in mind always pet a cat in the direction of its fur and be careful of the sensitive spot above the tail. Depending on the cat they may like to be petted there but some do not so find out if your does. Also, be aware of too much petting, your cat could nip at you letting you know it’s too much or too hard. If you happen to walk by your cat in the house I recommend to bend down and pet him or her, they seem to enjoy the acknowledgment and care you show. Never force your cat to do anything that the number one wrong thing to do, cats extremely dislike being pushed or forced. You have let your cat want to cuddle with you or any other task you are trying to achieve. The calmer you are the better off you are cats get spooked very easily and have keen senses so never be too aggressive. If you pick up your cat make sure to always use two hands and place your hands one under the chest and the other under his or her back legs. You will know when you have created this special bond with your cat by the end trust me.

Once you have acquired this relationship put the icing on the cake with cat products for your cat. Owning cat beds and cat toys can really jumpstart your cats sense of importance to you.

These may seem basic to some but you try these things and your bond will literally change before your eyes. You may even get a little irritated at your cat for demanding too much attention, it’s a good thing.…

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Natural Dog Food: Is It Right For Your Dog?

Many concerns have arisen regarding the dangers of feeding pets’ commercial dog food. These concerns have prompted dog owners to start making natural dog foods for their beloved dogs, which is not only safer, but easy and healthier. You should learn what types of foods you should feed your dog, what not to feed them and resources to find safe commercial dog foods when you can’t cook for your dog.
Dogs love fresh raw meat. Your best bet is to buy it from a butcher. That way the meat will be fresher, and you can get it at bulk pricing for your hungry carnivore dog.
Select vegetables to add for natural dog food. The best veggies for the dog are squash, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, cucumber, beets, yams, parsnips, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. These will give the dog needed nutrients. Again, pick produce which is as fresh as you can get.
Make sure that the meat and vegetables are cut into small pieces which are not difficult for your pet to eat. Homemade dog food recipes are a wonderful option because you can control how the food is prepared. Cook the meat only a little and it will still be tender and juicy. This will give it more flavor and your pet will like it better. It will also make it more nutritional since heat which is too high can kill nutrients.
You should lightly steam vegetables before adding them to the cooked natural dog food. Be sure to only add the recommended vegetables listed above. Also stir the meal and test different areas to make sure there are no hot spots before you give it to your dog. Always allow the cooked food to cool before serving.
Sometimes when you are not able to cook for your pet, there are good dog foods that are available in the stores that contains wholesome meat with no dangerous ingredients. Lifes Abundance dog food is this type of product and it is convenient to have around to keep your dog healthy.
Remember that dogs always need meat protein listed as the primary ingredient in their food. There is reliable and informative sites on line that can help you choose a few, safe, commercial dog foods. If you choose to feed your dog natural home made food and treats, you can also find information online, to prepare your dog’s food with the protein they need.…

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How to Introduce a Kitten to Your Home

How to Introduce a Kitten to Your Home

Who can resist a delicate mewing kitten? Although a tiny kitten is adorable, keep in mind that your kitten’s habits and even her personality to some extent develop in the first few weeks with you.

Ideally a kitten should be at least 8 weeks old before you bring him home. A kitten between 8 and 12 weeks is a bit more settled, can eat solid food and not be as likely to keep you up by fearfully meowing through the night. Here are a few tips for a smooth transition:

1. Think Small, Cat-Friendly Room. A bathroom is a great place to start with a new kitten. She can easily sniff out her litter box in that small area, and she’ll feel safe in a smaller area in the beginning. Provide her with food and water as well as her litter box in this room. Later on, as he explores a larger area, you’ll want to help him find her way back to the litter box for the first few times.

2. Kitty Calisthenics. Cats are born to be active, and you’ll no doubt be entertained by their antics. A scratching post is a great diversion and provides a welcome alternative from your piano or dining room table. Cat toys (especially tiny stuffed mice) provide amusement for your kitten and anyone watching.

3. Allow Your Kitten to Be Aloof. All you want to do is to cuddle your new kitten, and he’s hiding under the bed. That’s okay. It’s not you – really! When she realizes that you’re the one who keeps showing up with the food, water and clean litter, she’ll eventually adore you. Be patient.

4. Stroke, Pet, Admire! The more time you spend loving on your kitten, the more loving your cat will be. If you have children, instruct them to be gentle. Quick jerky movements may result in injuries for kitten, kids or both.

5. Can You Train a Kitten? Yes, Virginia, it is possible. It’s not a fairy tale, but early is always better than later. When your kitten climbs the drapes or jumps on your kitchen counters, say “no” firmly and physically remove him. If he’s strong-willed, you have to be a bit more creative. Sticky tape on edges of kitchen counters may deter her.

6. To Crate or Not to Crate? A crate is a great way to create boundaries. You may choose to have your crated cat in a larger room to help her become accustomed to a large, noisy household. If your kitten is introduced to the crate early, she won’t be so frightened when she needs to travel to the vet’s.

7. Schedule a Veterinarian’s Visit Early. Contact your veterinarian hospital to schedule your kitten’s vaccinations. They’d love to meet the newest member of your family! Also, mark your calendar for when your kitten will be 6 months old – this is an ideal time for him to be spayed.…

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How to Choose the Best Kitten Food

How to Choose the Best Kitten Food

When you first get a kitten, there is a ton of new stuff to learn and to do. Many people neglect the important choice of kitten food. The right kitten food can give you a strong, healthy cat. The wrong food can cause many health problems down the line, including diabetes.

First, you should be feeding your cat kitten food if he is younger than three years, and older than eight weeks. If he is younger than eight weeks, he will likely still be weaning off of formula or mother’s milk. Do not feed a young kitten adult cat food-it does not contain enough calories to support the rapidly growing kitten.

If your kitten is weaned, she has probably been eating kitten food at the breeders’ or shelter where you got her. If this is the case, make sure to ask them what they were feeding the kitten. If it is a high quality food, simply continue with that. If not, gradually switch from the low quality food to a high quality food.

The food that you give your kitten should be a canned food made with all meat if possible. Canned foods are often healthier and easier for a kitten to digest. For those who are worried about dental problems from wet food, feel free to give your kittens crunchy treats.

The reason why the food should be all meat is because cats are obligate carnivores. This means that their bodies are made to only eat and process meat. If they eat vegetables, fruits, or carbohydrates, their bodies cannot break these down efficiently and they can cause stomach issues or even diabetes. When shopping for kitten food, look at the ingredient list. The first ingredient should be meat. If it is corn, or gluten, or a vegetable, do not buy the kitten food.

Keep in mind that you need to feed a kitten much more often than an adult cat. An adult cat can get fed once or twice a day, while a kitten needs to be fed between three and six times and day. Unlike adult cats, who might eat too much if you leave food out, kittens will eat as much as they need to. Just be careful leaving wet food out for too long as bacteria can grow on it. If you follow these recommendations, you are likely to end up with a healthy and happy kitten.…

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Natural Treatment Of Urinary Problems in Cats

A urinary problem in cats may cause much worrying not for an animal but also for an owner. The urinary tract has an extremely delicate nature, that is the reason why cats can often catch infections and other health problems. Consequently, it’s very significant for cat owners to take special care of their pet’s urinary health. It’s not difficult to keep your cat healthy, but it will certainly help to prolong your pet’s life.

One of the most common urinary problems in cats is bacterial infection. Cats can easily catch bacteria, particularly if they spend much time outdoors. Unfortunately, after bacteria has entered your pet’s system it can have a destructive effect on the cat’s urinary tract. As bacteria multiplies it can cause the appearance of crystals blocking the urinary tract and leading to serious, sometimes life threatening problems.

To avoid this kind of urinary issue in cats, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of UTI in time and to have the cat treated as soon as possible. The symptoms of UTI in cats are rather similar to those in human being, for instance, blood in the urine, fever, straining to urinate and pain when urinating. UTI can also make urine smelly or to make your cat urinate in different places, generally in small amounts.

If your cat has any of these symptoms, it’s recommended to get it to the veterinarian immediately for a correct diagnosis. For treatment of urinary issues in cats a course of antibiotics is prescribed as the first treatment option. But unfortunately antibiotics may have drawbacks and even side effects. Many antibiotics will certainly remove harmful bacteria but they’ll kill helpful bacteria as well. As a result, your cat is left open to recurring UTI and other health problems and even decreasing of the immune system.

Luckily, the owners worried with a urinary problem in cats, are offered a few options for treatment, like alternative and holistic medications. The latter are produced from 100% natural ingredients and can provide quick relief from symptoms without subjecting your pet to recurrence. These products will also improve the health of the cat’s immune system in the process of treatment.

Besides, while fighting urinary problems, it’s recommended to use definite herbs which are rather effective and include Staphysagris, Berberis vulgaris, and Cantharis. In combination, these herbs can relieve frequent urination and bladder pain and can improve the cat’s immune system and to help the proper functioning of the urinary system in cats.

Apart from using natural remedies, you can also follow some to relief urinary problem in your cat. Feed your cat with a natural diet enriched with Vitamin C and ensure that your cat always has clean water and a clean litter box in order to develop appropriate urinary habits.

Excellent urinary tract health is important for cats, so following the recommended steps to support proper function should be foremost in each cat owner’s thoughts. Always stay one step ahead of urinary tract problems and pay attention to all options for treatment, first of all, natural remedies.…

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Tips About Cats That Anyone Can Use

A cat can be a great pet. After all, they don’t need to be walked, dislike baths and seem to take care of themselves. However, there are some things you need to do for them, even though they may not think so. Here are some kitty tips that you can follow to give your cat a great life.

If your cat suddenly goes off its feed for no apparent reason, try tempting treats such as jack mackerel, tuna, or cream of chicken soup in small amounts. These are not complete foods and shouldn’t be fed long term, but they are extremely tasty to cats. A finicky cat may start eating again and keep on when given one of these treats.

Before acquiring a cat, be sure that you have the wherewithal to take care of all necessary vet care. Cats reproduce at an alarming rate, and spaying or neutering is essential to keeping cat population under control. Check spay, neuter and vaccination costs and packages with local vets and clinics and be sure you can afford to give your cat proper medical care.

Cats love to play so make sure that you provide them with lots of toys. Cats enjoy batting around a fake mouse or little ball around the room. Some cats even develop a favorite toy. Playing with your cat is not only fun, it helps them to get exercise too.

If you have a male cat, it is important to have him neutered before he goes into heat. When male cats start maturing, they will begin to spray around the house. It smells like ammonia and is hard to remove. Having your male cat neutered can help to prevent this from happening.

Have your cat spayed or neutered. Pet overpopulation is a growing problem, with millions of homeless cats and kittens euthanized every year. Besides the problem of too many kittens and not enough homes, unfixed cats can have a multitude of behavior problems. Males who are not neutered at a young age often start spraying to mark their territory, and females who are allowed to come into heat yowl incessantly as they try to escape to find a mate. Kittens can begin to breed as early as 4 months of age, so get your new kitten spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

Feed your cats proper food. Remember that cats must eat meat. Only give your cats cat food to eat. Do not feed them or let them eat dog food. Dogs and cats have different nutritional needs and some of the ingredients in dog food could harm your cat. Feeding your cat dog food for food could also lead to malnourishment, among other issues.


Shop at your local pet shelter for your next cat. Shelters always have plenty of cats available and adoption fees are usually very affordable. Besides, adopting a cat from an animal shelter means you are saving this cat’s life.

Get a pet water fountain. Cats can be prone to dehydration, and running water entices them to drink. It is an evolutionary habit that developed because in the wild, running water is less likely to be contaminated than a stagnant pool. Your pet will enjoy the water more, and will drink more often.

Help keep your cat’s fur soft and healthy with regular cleaning. While your pet might object violently to a dunk in the bathtub, there are other options. Many pet stores sell feline cleaning wipes. These convenient disposable wipes reduce allergens and remove oils and dirt. Some are scented with chamomile, which helps to calm your cat. These are especially useful if you have an older or injured pet that cannot groom itself properly.

Pet Adoption

If you are looking for a new home for your kitty, consider registering with an online pet adoption agency. Some of these companies screen applicants, so you will be sure that your pet is going into a good home. This is better than selling him to a creep who lurks around Craigslist all the time.

Your cat may not think he needs you, but he does. If you use the tips in this article, you can make yourself even more necessary. These tips can help keep your cat healthy and happy, so give each of them a try. You can even search out more tips, so your cat has the best life possible.…

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5 Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets

5 Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets

People nowadays have increasingly found the wonder with ferrets. This is perhaps the reason that they are already third in being the most domesticated animals in the United States, after cats and dogs. Ferrets are absolutely lovable creatures and here are five reasons that they make good pets at home.

1. With their long and fury bodies, enthusiastic and active personas, ferrets are absolutely cute in nature. They also become much more adorable given that they are instinctively curious animals, always wanting to explore their surroundings, even those that are humanly impossible to reach. When you own a ferret, you will always be entertained with their energetic and playful characteristics. Moreover, if you provide them with toys or treats once in a while, they will eagerly play and be happy. Having a pet ferret at home can definitely lighten up the mood and bring optimism around your house. Especially when you have children, they can always have a pet to play hide and seek with.

2. As you may have probably noticed with your pet ferret, it is incredibly intelligent. Apart from their heightened senses and intuition, ferrets are naturally intelligent at problem solving. Their levels can even be increased if you decide to train them and teach them more tricks. Ferrets can indeed be litter trained, which means that when you are successful at doing so, there will be far less accidents in your home. This may be the reason that ever since the old days, ferrets have been widely used as hunters in the field. Actually, they need minimal supervision from their masters in order to fulfill the task of catching rabbits.

3. In addition to these reasons, ferrets can keep a low maintenance living at home. All you have to do is provide them with basic needs such as shelter, food and toys and they are already set in your house. Unlike other pets such as dogs, ferrets are rather small which means that they do not need a huge cage. Furthermore, since they are small animals, it is much easier for you to bath and clean them. In terms of exercise, you do not have to walk them everyday; instead you can simply let them loose once in a while around your house and even at your backyard.

4. Due to their anatomical makeup, it is natural for ferrets to eat small meals. Since they only need the adequate nutritional requirements each day, they will only eat what they can. Thus, you may save yourself from the trouble of running short on their food supplies.

5. Lastly, ferrets are innately unafraid of humans, which make them absolutely capable of human interaction and play. Since they are sociable creatures, having more than one ferret at home will definitely create a much livelier atmosphere. Having a pet ferret is definitely a good idea if you want to brighten up your home and perhaps give your children their new best friend. Owning a pet ferret will not only bring joy into your house, but will also give you the opportunity to share your affection towards another creature. Since ferrets are much uncomplicated to keep, they can easily be a part of your family in no time.…

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Tips For All The Crazy Cat Ladies Out There

Your cat probably seems like the most independent animal you’ve ever seen. They don’t seem to need your attention like a dog might, and they seem self-reliant in almost every way. That may be so, but your cat still needs some care from you. Here are some cat tips to help you give your cat the best care.

Before acquiring a cat, be sure that you have the wherewithal to take care of all necessary vet care. Cats reproduce at an alarming rate, and spaying or neutering is essential to keeping cat population under control. Check spay, neuter and vaccination costs and packages with local vets and clinics and be sure you can afford to give your cat proper medical care.

To keep your cat happy and healthy, its important to schedule regular visits to the vet. Not only are regular checkups good for catching problems early, but regular visits can insure that your cat keeps up to date on its vaccinations. If you don’t know when the last time your cat had its shots, schedule an appointment for booster shots as soon as possible.

Although depicted in countless movies and cartoons, milk is not the best source of nutrition for your cat. Once cats have grown, they do not need milk as a regular part of their diet. Milk can cause stomach distress and bloating. Instead of giving your cat milk, always have fresh, clean water available to them instead.

Save your furniture with scratching posts and pads. It is natural for cats to want to stretch their claws out and scratch. This does not mean that a cat owner must have damaged furniture. Provide your cat with places that it is okay to scratch and redirect them there if they decide to try out your sofa. Cat scratching posts come in many shapes and materials and some cats prefer a particular type so it may take some trial and error before you find the right combination for your kitty.

Cats are hunters by nature. They love to chase mice and other small animals and insects. Buying little fuzzy mice filled with catnip and batting them around with your cat is a great idea. Your cat will feel as though they are really hunting prey. This will also help you to connect with your cat better.

If your cat tends to be antisocial and anxious with company, try giving it a catnip toy a few hours before company arrives. Many cats become very mellow when exposed to catnip. Even if your cat does not want to socialize after catnip exposure, it will probably be happier and less anxious.


If you have an outdoor kitty, make sure to invest in a break away collar with an identification tag. Cats can travel a long way and this will help you get them back easier if they’re lost. At least put your phone number and pets name on the tag.

Use your cat to teach your children responsibilities. A pet demands care that the whole family can participate in. Each child can take different day to feed the cat, for instance. Same thing for litterbox care. You can make a schedule and post it on the refrigerator. Then, everyone knows what they are responsible for.

Help keep your cat’s fur soft and healthy with regular cleaning. While your pet might object violently to a dunk in the bathtub, there are other options. Many pet stores sell feline cleaning wipes. These convenient disposable wipes reduce allergens and remove oils and dirt. Some are scented with chamomile, which helps to calm your cat. These are especially useful if you have an older or injured pet that cannot groom itself properly.

Pet Adoption

If you are looking for a new home for your kitty, consider registering with an online pet adoption agency. Some of these companies screen applicants, so you will be sure that your pet is going into a good home. This is better than selling him to a creep who lurks around Craigslist all the time.

Caring for your cat can seem like a thankless job most of the time, but any cat owner is happy to do it. You just need to use the information in this article to be sure you are doing all you can for your independent feline companion. If you follow these tips, you might hear more purring!…

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Natural Home Remedies For Cats With Ear Mites

Most cats get ear mites at one time or another. Cats with ear mites are miserable with symptoms of head shaking, itching and scratching the ears. Hundreds of these tiny bugs are invading your cat’s ear canal living off the wax. A mite’s life cycle is three weeks and then they start mating all over again. Ear mites are extremely contagious and spread from one cat to another through direct contact.

Ear mites are the most difficult parasite to get rid of, but by following a specific treatment, your cat will be ear mite free. If not treated, they can cause ear infections, inflamed red swollen ears or even hearing loss to your cat. Some cats have lost their hearing from vigorous head shaking causing a blood vessel to burst.

To check your cat for ear mites, use a cotton swab dipped in mineral or vegetable oil. Fold the ear flap back and wipe the cotton ball in the ear. If there is black debris or a thick coffee grind like substance on the cotton swab, then your cat has ear mites. Clean the kitty’s ears first with vegetable or mineral oil or you can buy a cleaning solution at PetSmart. Clean the ears as directed on the bottle. Always clean the cat’s ears first before treating her for ear mites.

There are a few different remedies for cats with ear mites. You can use the conventional method or the holistic approach. The easiest treatment is to visit your veterinarian and get a topical anti-parasitic medication such as Revolution.

It kills fleas as well as ear mites. It is a spot on vial tube that is applied between the shoulder blade and it lasts for one month. Acarexx or Milbermite are two other conventional topical medications you may choose to use. These conventional medications include “pyrethrins” which are an insecticide that penetrates the nervous system of the parasites.

The safest approach is the natural treatment with no chemicals. This is not the easiest way, but is the safest alternative to chemical products. Clean your cat’s ears with one tablespoon of Olive Oil and 1 capsule of Vitamin E combined. (Poke the capsule and pour the gel in with the olive oil)

Use an equal amount in a syringe and squirt in the cat’s ears and spread it out. Wait for five minutes, massage base of the ear with your thumb and forefinger and then wipe out the mite debris with a cotton swab. Repeat this process daily for seven days.

The Olive Oil smothers the mites and the Vitamin E heals the ears. Another treatment is by using white vinegar and water. Dilute solution to half and half. Use one teaspoon in a dropper or syringe in each ear. Cup your hand around the base of your kitty’s ear, and massage the base of her ear with your thumb and forefinger.

Use cotton swabs to wipe out the mite debris. Use this for seven days and then stop for seven days. WARNING: Do not use this method if the ears are red and swollen or have any open wounds.

Garlic and Olive Oil combined are great for treating ear mites. Crush garlic and soak it overnight in warm olive oil. Throw away the clove and warm up the olive oil. Add 5 drops to each ear for 21 days. This remedy also smothers the ear mites.

My favorite is Aloe and Calendula essential oils. They are very soothing to the kitty’s ears and have worked wonders for getting rid of the ear mites. Both oils are available at your local health food store. Add several drops to the kitty’s ears once daily for 21 days. The oils have a healing effect so if your kitty has inflamed or painful ears, this will help.

These are the best remedies for cats with ear mites and now you can choose the conventional or the holistic approach. Your cat will feel much better and she will love you for it.…

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Make The Most Out Of Free Samples

Make The Most Out Of Free Samples

Free samples are a sensible choice in the market where there is fierce competition for a particular type of product. Consumers take it as a blessing as they have many brands to choose from. At the same time, they might be frustrated for it gets difficult for them to make a choice. Free stuff online helps them make a choice easily and buy the best product. These product samples help the buyers win free stuff instantly and also help them invest their money at the right place.

What Are Free Samples?

Big companies spend a lot of money on advertising through free samples. This is a great way to get the consumers to try the company’s latest and best product lines. These offers are available on free stuff websites, newspapers, and usually sent through postal mailings. However, this is also true that consumers have become apprehensive about using these products because most sites require consumers to sign up before they win free stuff. Some consumers also ignore these products due to lack of time.

However, there are few good product sample sites on the web which let the consumers win free stuff without surveys or without signing up. This is also true, however, that some of the genuine sites which ask the consumers to create an account offer one of the best games and freebies samples. These sites are legitimate and do not require any buying or additional actions to be undertaken. They scour the Internet to get free stuff for teenagers and free beauty samples.

Why Free Product Samples?

These genuine sites are not usually meant for people who just want to get it. These sites are usually targeted at consumers who actually wish to purchase these products and want to try before they buy. This arrangement works well both for the consumers as well as the brands. Consumers are bound to discuss about free samples that they tried and liked with their friends and relatives.

The main purpose of offering free products like free baby stuff, free kitten stuff, and free student stuff is to encourage the buyers to be the regular users of these products. Another purpose of offering free products through websites is to gather data for mailing lists and to get information on interested and target consumers. Some of the quality and genuine sites offer one of the best samples of products available in the market and include free makeup samples, free stuff for new moms, and baby coupons.

The consumers can get information on the latest listings and reviews of the best giveaways free stuff on these sites. New freebies are updated almost every day to keep the consumer posted on the latest. No credit card should be needed if the site is genuine. Apart from free product samples, the consumer can also get information on how to win free stuff on these fun-filled sites. The consumer can eventually manage free samples on a regular and even daily basis.

Free samples date back to 19th century and were probably were first offered by soap manufacturer Benjamin T. Babbitt. Check out the free samples to try a product and to save some dough.…

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Veterinary Care and Vaccinations Are Important for Your Pet



There are many reasons why a person’s animal would need veterinary care. One of the most important reasons is for their pets’ routine vaccinations. This schedule is most imperative for young puppies. The first four months of a puppy’s life consists of a series of shots to protect them against parvo and other dangerous illnesses. The shots are administered about every six weeks apart. Many veterinarians will also request a fecal sample at some point during this four-shot process. When the puppies are first born they almost always have some form of worms that are passed down from their mother. The puppies are given a de-wormer and most of the time it is effective, and the worms are passed out. In some cases, the worms may be a bit more resistant and will need an additional parasite treatment to eliminate them.

After the four parvo and other early vaccine vaccinations are administered the veterinarian will set up an appointment for the rabies shot to be given. This shot is given to dogs and cats at around the six month point in their life. Sometimes factors may change the administration date of this shot. If the animal is sickly or underweight the veterinarian may want the animal to wait a little bit longer. Six months is also the typical time frame for an unaltered animal to become altered (spayed or neutered). Many veterinary care clinics will also require that a home pet receive the flu vaccination to prevent them from getting any illnesses while they are in boarding after their spay or neuter procedure.

If you are looking for any animal vaccination services littleton co or any city across the United States you should not have any problems locating a great care clinic. Many care clinics also volunteer their time and offer low cost vaccination events. These events are commonly found at large chain pet supply stores or livestock feed places. In some cases, dog “barkeries” (bakeries for dogs) also will house adoption and vaccination events. If you are unsure about a low-cost vaccination event you can simply call the store you buy your pets supplies from and inquire about clinics that may visit them. Many of these stores can recommend places that offer reduced fees.

If you cannot find a clinic that comes to your store and offers low cost vaccinations do not fret; there are other options. Animal shelters and animal control centers all across the United States are staffed with stellar veterinary staff that is able to provide care at reduced rates for dogs and cats. You can call your local animal shelter and inquire about walk in or appointment-based vaccinations and veterinary care services. You can also ask your neighbors and friends that have pets about their veterinary care clinic. Many pet owners are happy to supply you with their beloved veterinarian’s information. You can also search online for animal care centers near you or get out the trusty yellow pages. No matter what care clinic you choose you will be able to rest assured knowing your pets are up to date on their vaccinations and receiving their much-needed care.


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Caring For Your Persian Cat’s Fur in Winter

Caring For Your Persian Cat’s Fur in Winter

Being a pet owner comes with a great deal of responsibility, and that takes on all new levels of car when the pet that you choose is one that requires a lot of attention. When it comes to felines, there may be no other breed that will require more of your time and pampering than the Persian cat. They are beautiful animals, but their fur needs constant attention if it is to maintain its everyday luxurious appearance.

Most cats hate being bathed, but given that caring for your Persian is a daily chore, it might be a good idea to try to get your Persian kitten used to being bathed every two to six weeks, which is generally all they will need as they get older. The care of the fur really gets important to increase the number of times you brush, come winter time when your Persian will start to shed profusely. This may mean several sessions of brushing per day, to help them effectively get rid of that excess fur, and to prevent the possibility of matting.

The best way to groom Persian kittens and cats is to use a wide, metal comb, as that is the most effective at keeping the fur separated, and free from loose, shedding hair. It’s especially important to make sure that you thoroughly comb behind the ears, as well as in the armpits, as this is where most cases of matting tends to begin. As you comb, you should closely inspect the coat for dirt, as the thickness of the fur can hide any signs of dirt that may have accumulated.

When it does become necessary to give your Persian cat a bath, you should do so in a room that is warm and dry. Fill the tub with a couple of inches of warm water, and then slowly lower your cat into the tub, petting him as you do so. It’s a good idea to keep them calm and relaxed during the process, which is why it’s important to start getting them used to bathing when they are kittens, usually starting when they are around 3 months old. Once they are comfortable, you should then use a small cup to pour the water over their fur, making sure to keep it away from the eyes and ears. Next up is the shampoo, being sure to use one that is appropriate for Persians, rinse him off, and then repeat, making sue to get the belly and paws cleaned when you do so.

Many people buy Persian cats in order to take them onto the show circuit, but even if you only want one as a loving home companion, you have to realize that this is a cat that requires a lot of grooming and maintenance in order to keep it beautiful appearance.…

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Facts About Kitten Vaccinations

Facts About Kitten Vaccinations

Unless your kitten is properly vaccinated, it is at risk of contracting one or many, possibly fatal, infectious diseases, as follows:

• Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR);

• Calicivirus;

• Panleukopenia;

• Chlamydia;

• Feline Leukemia (FeLV);

• Rabies;

• Feline Heartworm Disease

Most common of these diseases, which are highly infectious, can be prevented by routinely administering vaccination. We must vaccinate our kittens for the most important and common of these diseases in order to protect them. It is a fact that vaccines have an effective result in more than 95% of cases. In addition, routinely vaccinating your cat is cheaper than if you pay for treating your sick pet later. Also, vaccination reduces the possibility of virus transmission in the pet population.

Some facts that you have to know in order to be informed about this subject and to better estimate the cost of kitten vaccinations:

• Newborn kittens receive protection from the first mother’s milk (colostrums) if mother was vaccinated; ask the person who sell you the kitten if the cat was vaccinated;

• Kittens’ immune systems are immature so they are not capable of developing long-lasting immunity until at least 16 weeks from birth. Booster series for kittens must be given every 3-4 weeks, due to the developing nature of their immune system and due to the interference from mothers’ milk antibodies;

• cats should be vaccinated annually for most vaccines, after the initial booster series is administered to kittens, but some vaccines can be administered every 3 years; ask the vet about this;

• If a kitten has never received a vaccine before, and it is over 16 weeks old, it will need one additional dose in 3 to 4 weeks before starting on the annual or three-years schedule;

• Neither a kitten nor a cat should be vaccinated unless it is in an excellent state of health. If you have any doubts about the state of your cat’s health you’d better ask the veterinarian examine your pet and be assured of a good health status;

• Ask the vet is the vaccine contains what is called an “adjuvant”. Those with adjuvants are easier and cheaper to make. But there is some evidence that the inflammation appearing due to the adjuvant in the skin as it works, can (in rare cases) produce a type of malignant cancer;

• When comparing the prices of one clinic’s vaccines with others on the web you need to be sure that you are comparing like with like. When comparing, you need to know which diseases are being protected against and included in the vaccine course and if it contains and is dependent of an adjuvant;

• In some countries (e.g. the U.K.),which are currently free of Rabies, this vaccine is unnecessary.

Take a responsible approach in vaccinating your kitten because in this way you will protect it form further problems in life.…

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What You Need To Know About Your Cat – Some Tips And Advice

Cats are fundamental different from humans. Aside from them being covered in fur and walking on all fours, they have different diet requirements. There are certain foods that a cat must eat, and some that a cat can’t eat. The following article can give you some dietary tips to aid you in feeding your cat.

Protecting your cat from household chemicals is something that you may already know, but did you know that protecting them from medications is just as important? Common over the counter medicines such as ibuprofen can be toxic to your cat, even in small doses. Keep your medication safely out of the reach of your cat.

Keep your cat healthy and non-finicky by introducing a varied diet. Always purchase several different brands of food and rotate them. In this way, your cat will be used to trying and accepting new tastes. If one food brand goes out of business, you will always have lots of other acceptable choices to offer.

Give your cats easier access to a window in order to keep your curtains from getting scratched. Putting vertical blinds up will allow the easiest access for your cat, but if you need to keep your curtains, use a lightweight rod that will fall if your cat attempts to climb the curtains. It will keep both your curtains and your cat safe.

Keep your cat indoors. Unlike dogs, it is nearly impossible to confine a cat to a yard. This can lead to many dangers for your cat, from cars, dogs, diseases from feral cats, and simply disappearing to parts unknown. Loose cats also be a nuisance to others, often killing songbirds and leaving unwelcome “deposits” in neighbor’s gardens. If your cat really enjoys the outdoors, they can be trained to wear a harness and leash or you can invest in a specialty cat fence or screened-in porch.

Make sure you have a good pet carrier or basket for transporting your cats from one location to the next. A proper carrier or basket should have enough room for them to turn around in comfortably. It should also be easy to clean. Make sure that it is lined with a blanket, cushion, or towel to help it stay comfortable and cozy for them when traveling.

Keep an eye on early warning signs of health issues in cats. Cats usually display warning signs if they are struggling with health issues. Some common signs to look out for include eating habit changes, sleeping habit changes, not being able to groom properly, changes in eating habits, changes in sleeping habits, depression, sneezing, increased thirst, watery eyes, changes in behavior, hiding, and vomiting. If they display these symptoms, take them to a vet right away. The sooner you take, them the better.


Make sure you have a good pet carrier or basket for transporting your cats from one location to the next. A proper carrier or basket should have enough room for them to turn around in comfortably. It should also be easy to clean. Make sure that it is lined with a blanket, cushion, or towel to help it stay comfortable and cozy for them when traveling.

When you bring home a new cat for the first time, the experience can be overwhelming for both of you. Instead of granting access to your entire home, introduce your pet to its new environment one room at a time. For example, you might place your cat’s carrier in your study or den. As long as the carrier door is open, you should be in the room with the animal.

Pet Adoption

If you are looking for a new home for your kitty, consider registering with an online pet adoption agency. Some of these companies screen applicants, so you will be sure that your pet is going into a good home. This is better than selling him to a creep who lurks around Craigslist all the time.

Whatever your cat eats depends on what you feed it. Giving your cat bad food will put its health in jeopardy and possibly end its life. If you give it food suited for it, the cat will thrive. Keep this article handy and follow it closely when it’s feeding time.…

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Treating Kidney Disease in Cats

Treating Kidney Disease in Cats

As a cat ages, it is more susceptible to kidney disease. Chronic renal failure (CRF) is more common in cats over 15 years old. Since the disease is life threatening, early detection can stabilize the condition and provide for a good quality of life.

If the animal is experiencing weight loss, excessive thirst and urination, loss of appetite, vomiting, difficulty in urinating or a dull coat, the disease could be a cause of the problem. Other diseases such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes causing similar symptoms can mask this condition. A veterinarian can determine if it is present. If left untreated, the kidneys will completely shut down leading to death.

Once CRF is diagnosed, there is no cure but life can be extended with proper treatment. It is diagnosed by a blood panel measuring levels of critical components. A low phosphorus diet can help prevent or retard it. The diet should also consist of low protein content, low sodium content and high potassium content. The diet should not restrict essential nutrients to maintain the animal’s health.

The low phosphorus content decreases kidney calcification called nephrocalcinosis. It is the deposit of calcium salts in the kidneys. When functioning nephrons drop below 25%, kidney failure occurs. Toxins build up in the blood and the kidneys are not able to filter the blood to eliminate the toxins. The kidneys besides eliminating waste in the blood, regulate the body’s acidity, electrolyte levels, water balance, hormone production and vitamin D.

CRF can be treated by adding additional fluids to food or under the skin (SQ fluids), diet, medications (Epogen shots or oral medication) and appetite stimulants. Appetite stimulants are important because a poor appetite is a result of the disease. Adding tuna juice or liquid from canned food can help the feeding process. In some cases, force feeding with a syringe may be the only alternative. For these options to work, dehydration must not be present. This is also beneficial to an older healthy cat because it could prevent the disease. Hemodialysis and kidney transplants are rare and expensive.

The condition can cause an emotional experience for an owner. The pet will have it’s good days and bad days. An owner must try to relax and not stress out. The pet will sense the owner’s stress and this can have an effect on it’s health. Like any serious condition, the life expectancy is unknown. Caring for and enjoying the cat is the best way to cope with the problem.

There are many foods on the market that are tailored to be used for CRF. Royal Canin and Wellness Core are two brands that offer a low phosphor food. Consult a veterinarian to determine what is best treatment.…

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Cat Problem-why Your Cat Urinates Everywhere

This short article will exlain you why cat urinate outside the litter box and how to treat this problem successfully.

It is very extremely annoying if you see your cat urinating everywhere outside the litter box. Cats sometimes urinate in certain areas such as every corner of your house and under the desk of stairs.

There are so much factors that can make cats urinate everywhere:

a. Box location problem

Cats won’t use the litter box due to factors below:

*The box is located near frightening and unfamiliar objects.*The area near the box is too noisy since cats also need privacy.*The box is located near the place where they can be ambushed by another cat.*The litter box is located too close to their food.

There are some steps you can try to solve the problem: put more box in each corner of your house so that cat can use the box easily. Or you can try to retrain your cat using the box in the toilet. Make sure to watch your cat carefully.

b. Medical problem

There are some dangerous diseases cat affect your cat’s health. Take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible as those diseases can also kill your cat.

Here are some dangerous diseases that you must know:

kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, bacterial infection, colitis , pyometra, inflammatory bowel disease, calculi (bladder stones), trauma, phyocalcemia, adrenal gland disease, liver disease, etc.

c. Stress

One of the biggest causes that can make cat urinate outside the box, stress. Stress to cats is caused by enviromental chages such as if you raise a new pet or if you have just moved to a new house.

Thanks for reading…


Behavior of Cats

Cats are also wonderful animals. They are friendly and quite conscious in every act. Prior to buying cats as pets, it is advised to learn about their behavior and nature. They do have some behavioral issues like using the litter box, biting, being destructive with their claws, and excessive attention seeking problem. Always remember that cats are not at all bad in behavior, they are just uninformed a little in their nature and need care given to them. You must try to solve their behavioral problems one by one so that your pet cat does not feel confused and frustrated. Here are some most referred to behavioral issues in cats:

Attention-Seeking Behavior:

Cats do have attention-seeking behavior as well as increased vocalization when together. The causes of these things may differ from one cat to another like emotional problems, physical pain, excessive punishment to the cat, and so on. If they are suffering from Rippling Skin Disorder, this may also result in howling in the night hours.

Feeling Aggressive Towards Other Cats:

When you have cats in pairs or own more than 2 cats at home, it may result in fights between them. In case the aggression is continuous and active between cats, it will turn out to be ugly and you will have to interfere. The aggressive behavior between cats may occur because of some fear, redirected ruthless behavior, or due to some territorial issue.

Aggressive Behavior towards Humans:

The cats may feel angry towards people because of their master’s poor training in the early years, fear, love and many other factors. You must be able to deal with such behavior of your cat. Try to curb their scratching and biting activities.

Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior in Cats:

Just like human beings, cats can also involve themselves in obsessive-compulsive behavior. They will show such behavior in acts like feeling hypertensive, wool sucking, fur pulling and extreme licking. If you will understand the cause and will try your best to eradicate the problem, this will ensure speedy recovery of your cat.

Destructive and Harmful Chewing by Cats and Kittens:

Destructive chewing by cats is undesirable, first, because of the potential of danger to the cat, and second, because of damage to family valuables. Causes of destructive chewing by cats can range from teething in kittens to curiosity or boredom, and even because of a nutrient deficiency.

Destructive Scratching by Cats:

Are you troubled by harmful clawing by your cats? Please don’t consider Draconian measures such as declawing a cat. There are a number of ways you can keep your cats’ claws happily engaged in legal clawing with these articles and aids, while protecting furniture and carpeting. Look into getting a scratching post or tree.

Cat Urine Problems:

Inappropriate elimination (litter box avoidance) is the number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters. By eliminating physical causes, such as urinary tract infections, then targeting other common reasons for litter box avoidance, you can help your cat overcome this undesirable behavior. Remember that cats don’t like to use a dirty toilet any more than you would.

Shyness and Fear in Cats:

Is your kitty a “scardy-cat?” Shyness and fear stem from a number of causes, but can be overcome with gentleness and patience, as these tips explain. It is always important to allow your cat to set his own pace, and to be patient if his pace is slower than you had hoped for.

Stress and Anxiety in Cats:

While stress itself is not of behavioral origin, it can lead to a number of problems often considered behavioral, such as litter box avoidance or depression. When behavioral problems suddenly appear, savvy cat owners soon learn to first rule out signs of health problems, and next for stress factors, such as changes in the environment.…

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Senior Dog Care: How to Encourage Healthy Aging

At What Age is a Dog Considered a Senior Dog?

Many dogs would be considered senior, reaching the last 25% of their expected lifespan, although there is no set age to determine when your dog is officially a senior. Smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger breeds. Genetics, diet, and overall care can also play a part in how your dog ages. Additionally, one of the main factors in determining your dog’s senior status would be his behavior.


Importance of Senior Dog Supplements: How to Manage Health Concerns

As with people, older dogs may have different needs and considerations than their younger counterparts. Supplements can help support your dog’s health as it ages. These supplements include:

  • Mobility and joint health
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Radical damage is free
  • Questions about skin and coat
  • Organ health
  • Cognitive health
  1. Mobility and joint health

Supplements such as chondroitin, green-lipped mussel, and glucosamine can help to support the structure and function of joints for dogs as they age. This helps maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissues and relieves occasional stiffness and pain from daily activities.

  1. Gastrointestinal health

Dogs with aging can have sensitive stomachs. As a result, they may experience gas, vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms. Probiotics can be used daily or during stressful situations (such as separation anxiety) to maintain healthy gut bacteria. This will help support good digestion and good bowel health.

  1. Radical damage

Antioxidant supplements can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals and their buildup. Free radicals are unintended reactive molecules that can directly harm the body’s cells and tissues. They are caused by environmental stressors like poor diet, aging, and other factors. They can be neutralized by antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E as well as minerals like magnesium and zinc.

  1. Skin and coat

Omega-3 fatty acids supplements can help with skin health, dry skin, and skin allergies in aging dogs.

  1. Organ health

Aging dogs may need assistance in maintaining organ health. Supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids and/or vitamins D and E can support their brain, liver, eye, kidney, and heart function.


Additional care recommendation for older dogs

Senior dog care doesn’t have to be difficult, so many veterinarians recommend you consider giving your dog a daily supplement such as a Balanced Breed all-in-one vitamin. Giving your dog supplements can improve their quality of life. Balanced Breed is an all-natural vitamin that helps senior dogs with immunity, joints, skin, heart health, and more. With great reviews by many pet parents, Balanced Breed’s all-in-one vitamin is an affordable, healthy choice that will leave your dog feeling his best, even throughout his senior years.

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Free Kitten Stuff For The Furriest Member Of The Family

Free Kitten Stuff For The Furriest Member Of The Family

We love our cats, and they are often thought of as another member of the family. They often have their own special place to sleep, have their own toys, celebrate their birthdays like other family members, receive holiday gifts and get into mischief like the other children.

Not only do they add to the enjoyment of the family, but they can also add to the expenses of the family. Kittens need to visit the vet, need special kitten food to help them grow strong, require travel equipment and many kittens needs something to play with to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

All of these things can be a financial burden, but one that many people will put up with in order to have their kitten around and taken care of. So why not utilize ways to limit and lower the expenses of your kitten? A quick search online can lead to you an enormous amount of free kitten stuff for the furriest member of the family. You may be surprised at the options that you are presented with to win or try for your kitten.

Often people think of free kitten stuff when they consider the cost of food that they purchase for their animal. It can be expensive to feed kittens since they need more nutrients and all of the special vitamins that they need to grow into a healthy adult cat.

Not only do kittens need special food to help them grow but they often need shots and medicine from the vet to keep them safe from flees and other insects and diseases that they can get. Just like human medicine, animal medicine can become quite expensive and these meds are often monthly. Searching online you may be able to find free kitten stuff that can help you fight off flees and bugs that love to live in and on cats.

You also hope that at some point your cat will be litter trained to do their business on the specified box of kitty litter. In order to train your cat to go on the kitty litter you have to first purchase the litter and the box and the tools to clean up the litter. The list can become expensive if you had not planned it into your budget. To offset some of the costs many kitten owners look for offers for free kitten stuff online that includes the litter.

Kittens are often adventurous and can use their claws to get into trouble and mischief. In order to provide a distraction and something that they can scratch other than your couch and flooring many cat owners provide their kittens with toys to keep them from scratching and playing with things that they are not suppose to. A quick search online and you can find free kitten stuff that you can offer your kitten as an alternative to playing with your shoe strings.

We love our pets and want to take care of them and provide them with a good life. As a member of the family we want to love them and sometimes we need a little financial help with the family and the family pet. Searching for free stuff can help us give them the love they need and still be able to keep our finances in line.…

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Ferret Pictures – Guide to Choosing Your Furry Friend

Ferret Pictures – Guide to Choosing Your Furry Friend

The first step in adopting a ferret would be to decide which type of ferret you want. The Internet houses a huge collection of ferret pictures along with information about the varieties. Browse through these pictures to find out which variety you like best. Pictures of these cuddly, fuzzy creatures are sure to make you fall in love with them.

The different coat colors in ferrets

A� The most common variety is the Sable, with dark to chocolate brown fur.

A� The most popular choice in ferret pets is the Albino, with snowy white fur, pink nose and red eyes.

A� The third category includes the Dark Eyed White ferrets, called as the DEWs.

A� The fourth variety is the silver ferret with hair color ranging from silver to dark grey.

Patterns on ferret furs

While looking through the ferret pictures you will notice certain markings on their fur making up interesting patterns. Some common types include-

A� Mitt – these are sable ferrets with a bib-like pattern and white fur on the feet.

A� Blaze – a variety of the mitt, with a blaze of white fur extending over the middle of the head from the forehead to the shoulders

A� Siamese – the tails and the legs have darker hair than the rest of the body.

A� Roan – these have a mixture of white and colored guard hairs.

A� Panda – they have white hair all over their head, neck and shoulders, as well as on their tail tips and knees, and have mitts on every foot. They have distinctive colored hair around their eyes and also forming a saddle shape on their backs.

Breeders have mated different varieties of ferrets with each other and come up with new color combinations and fur traits. You will find many pictures of such exotic pets in the internet, like the Angora ferret, which has long hair.

Looking at the pictures of ferrets put up by their owners, you will also get an idea of their friendly personality. They are social animals and love to play. A ferret will surely take away the monotony of everyday life and fill your home with laughter.…