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Cat Problems

Cat Problems

Letting your cat know it did something wrong is not the same as doing it with a dog. Dogs know where they stand in chain of command with you at the top. Cats on the other hand go by territory, not by who is the main man.

The biggest mistakes made by cat owners is that they think a cat is just like a dog. A cat will not respond to a slap or something similar as a dog would.

The feline will be afraid of you. You certainly do not want that to happen.

You can teach you little kitty to do something else in place of the bad thing or things it is doing. Cats can not stand to be startled. This will work to your advantage. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. When it does the undesirable behavior, give it squirt. You can also try a quick flick of your voice of the word no when you want the animal to not do what it is doing. You have to do this right when the cat is misbehaving. If your cat bites, try taking the palm of your hand and pushing it into the animals face. Do not hit the thing in the face, just push it back with your palm. You can also cat proof your house just like your would for a kid.

Do not leave food out in the open where it can get to it. Keep those glasses and dished that can break put away. If you think about it, a lot of child proof stuff can be incorporated into a cat proof house. If the animal can not get to it, it can not get into trouble with it. Does your cat like to try and eat the frozen hamburger you have sitting out on the counter for dinner? Put in the oven. A turned off oven that is cool. This way it can not get to it. The sooner your start to let your pet know what is not acceptable, the better. Scratching is also a problem people have with cats. Start with them as a kitten and show them what is allowed and what is not. Be aware, just because the cat is partaking in an activity that is really cute now, does not mean it will be the same a few months or years later. It could be a nightmare for you.…


Help Your Kitty to Lose Weight

Oftentimes you will notice that your pet is apparently a little on the weighty side. Your pet might have become very lazy as well as a bit spoiled cuddled around the house all day. You would like your kitty to get a more appropriate weight so that you can have her or him around for a longer time enjoying your pet for more years. There are actually things that you can do with the obese cat to decrease some kilos.

To start with, move to a different label of food stuff. Try to find ones that are made with higher vitamins and minerals as well as for fat control in kittens and cats. This ought to help with some of the weight issues.

Get the pussy-cat to play more. Several cats start to get a bit lazy. At times it is because they’re just bored. Grab new playthings that you will definitely let them enjoy as you have fun with your kitty. Get involved to get your cat moving again.

Allow your pet out in to garden from time to time to move out and as well, explore. Monitor the cat if you’re anxious since your dog or cat happens to be an internal pet for such a long time. This could help your dog or cat acquire some work out.

Eradicate giving table scraps to your pet as much as possible on the least till the weight begins to decrease consistently.

Besides using food for each and every incentive start using affection as well. Carry your pussy-cat when she or he does something right. There are other solutions to show that you look after apart from just meals.

When you have one or more cat in the house, there is typically a difficulty along with the chubby cat ruling the other’s food. Shift the smaller kittens and cats away whenever serving so that they can possess some privacy and not have their meals stolen.

Go and speak to a veterinarian if you are really worried about the issue. You will get a number of hints on assisting that particular type of cat to lose weight naturally.…

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Average Ferret Life Span

Average Ferret Life Span

Ferret owners and future ferret owners often have doubt regarding the average life span of a ferret. Ferrets like other domestic pets have a shorter life span when compared to humans. An average ferret life span may be from six to eight years. Ferrets like humans have different immune levels to various diseases.

Ferret diseases can be fatal to the ferret if not taken care properly in the early stage of the disease. Ferrets can be kept healthy by ensuring they get the best diet and all the love and attention your family can provide. Get the best possible food and provisions for your pet and your ferret mostly will be in good health as most of its illnesses occur due to wrong food.

In real-life, even ensuring the best possible food and provisions will not guarantee the good health of your ferret as they are naturally prone to diseases. These diseases prevent them from living a long life and even a single disease may reduce ferret life span by few months. Ferret owners must learn all the details regarding how to care for your pet and how to prevent a disease for their pet to live a complete and healthy life.

Some general tips to ensure the good health of your ferret are,

Make sure all vaccinations are given to your pet and keep up with all the visits to your vet.

Spend a lot of time with your pet in its early years so you can judge the individual behavior of your pet and notice any abnormality during a disease. This makes sure the medical condition is found out in its early stages and it is easier to treat your ferret.

Remember that they cannot digest carbohydrates and fat. Make sure it gets the best food which is rich in protein and fat.

Keep toys and exercise wheels inside the cage so your pet can keep itself busy. A busy ferret which plays a lot is less prone to a disease.

A ferret has an inquisitive nature and forms an instant and life-long bond with its owner. Their life span is no boundary to its love.…

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Pet Insurance Comparison: When Should I Start My Pets Insurance?

Pet Insurance Comparison: When Should I Start My Pets Insurance?

The simple answer is as soon after they’re born as possible. It is best to take them to the vet soon and have a check up, and get them registered with date of birth etc. Treat this as you would with a new born baby. Get the birth registered and have your baby checked out and at the same time sort out their pet insurance. Reason is that you never know when there might be a problem. You never know when something will turn up and if anything becomes a pre-existing condition then you may not be able to insure them.

Then you could either have to pay out or have them put down which wouldn’t be a choice anyone would gladly face. So get your pet insured from the get go. I say as soon as they’re born but it will more likely be the week that you acquire them because, assuming you’re not the breeder, then you won’t get your pet until they’re ready to leave their mother. Even so, you should register their birthday for two good reasons: you will know how old they are in 10 years time and not have to think: “When did we get her, was it 8 years? No I’m sure it was more” etc. and the other more important reason is you can celebrate their birthday as another member of the family, which is fun!

The first examination is also important. Some breeds are prone to their own diseases and these are not always easy to spot. When we got our Westie, the breeder was not happy for us to handle the puppy because of cross infections, but she had a skin disease which,we found out, they’re prone to and we never picked that up because we never handled the puppy. This was a chronic disease which lasted her whole life and cost us dearly because we didn’t have pet insurance, but a vet would have noticed it straight away and maybe nipped it in the bud, but maybe that’s a good reason to take out the insurance before the first examination just in case.…

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Common Genetic And Non-Genetic Cat Health Problems

Common Genetic And Non-Genetic Cat Health Problems

If you are a new pet owner or are planning on getting a kitten, you should be aware that it is pretty normal for your kitty to fall ill every once in a while. However, cats are also prone to several genetic ailments and other serious diseases. As a cat owner, it would help you to know about some of these more common diseases. Though being cautious while getting a kitten can help you avoid a few genetic disorders, there are some cat health problems that you cannot prevent.

A majority of cats are vulnerable to worms. The presence of ringworms, hookworms, roundworms or tapeworms may make your cat suffer from stomach ache and vomiting. The presence of these worms may also cause discoloration of her coat and give her a bloated tummy. But you need not worry too much about these conditions as there are various medicines that can successfully cure such problems.

Cats love to groom themselves. However this frequent grooming can also result in hairball problems. While grooming themselves, cats often gulp hairs that remain undigested. Later, cats vomit these hairs out as hairballs.

Fleas too may bother your cats. These fleas would feed on the blood of your loving pet and too many fleas can also make it anemic. This uncomfortable situation may cause it to scratch itself more often, thus resulting in skin diseases. Keep a close watch on your pet and take her to a vet before the infestation gets serious.

Genetic cat health problems may include some kinds of kidney diseases, blindness and many others. Many Abyssinian cats are born with retinal dystrophy, progressive retinal atrophy and familial amyloidosis. Burmese cats are genetically more prone to diabetes, glaucoma and hypokalaemic myopathy. Gingivitis is another genetic condition that is present in many cats.

Despite their adorable appearance, even Persian cats have their share of genetic illnesses. The major genetic disorders that this breed suffers from include Chediak-Higashi syndrome, dystocia, progressive retinal atrophy and corneal sequestrum.

The list of cat health problems also includes feline leukemia. Unfortunately there is no permanent medication for this terminal illness and vomiting and weakness are some of its symptoms. Cats can also develop urinary tract infections and conjunctivitis. Injuries to the inner ear and ear mites can cause ear infection in cats. You should check the ears of your cat on a regular basis during her grooming sessions.

If your cat is falling ill, do not panic and remember to consult a vet or any reputable resource as soon as possible to prevent her condition from worsening. Good luck!…

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Treating Ferret Fleas

Treating Ferret Fleas

If you own a ferret, fleas are a common problem your ferrets may encounter. Since these are parasites that suck the blood of your pet, it is imperative to know some important information about it so you can take suitable steps to remove them as well as avoid reinfestation. More than getting rid of it you need to know how to maintain your pet’s health and keep fleas away.

In warm and humid conditions, fleas multiply rapidly. What they cannot survive is hot or cold weather or high altitudes. They also cannot see very well owing to their bad eyesight. Since they respond to light, therefore light colored fur of the ferret is an attractive haven for the fleas to infest.

The blood sucker causes ferret anemia. Ferrets, being allergic, lose hair and develop rashes and an itchy skin. The tiny, lovable creature may well die if it is not treated. They must be given medical treatment and kept clean to get rid of it.

You can find products such as sprays, powders, oral suspensions, topical applications, shampoos and bombs made of chemicals that keep out fleas. An effective remedial application is Pyrethrum which repels fleas. Since they have nerve endings, post-synaptic products like Avantage are effective as they contain Imidacloprid that blocks the nerve transmission killing the fleas right away. Vets recommend Frontline. However, a problem with these remedies is that only full grown fleas are killed and not eggs.

Recent years have seen the development of anti flea products which also destroy the eggs of fleas. A popular inhibitor is Lufenuron which can be bought in the market under the names of Program and Sentinel oral suspensions. Precor and Nylar are flea growth inhibitors which when sprayed on cages, carpets and bedding of the ferret keeps the fleas away. Use a shampoo for the ferret called D-limonene which has a pleasing citrus odor and repels and kills adult fleas.

Fleas can be difficult to control once they infest the ferret. It is still better to prevent the advent of fleas by keeping your pet clean and dry. Take care of basic sanitation of the ferret and its surroundings and automatically your pet will be blessed with a long and healthy life.…

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Finding the Best Beatrix Potter Books on the Internet

Finding the Best Beatrix Potter Books on the Internet

Do you find Beatrix Potter books fascinating? The delicate art work, the attention to detail, and most of all the amusing characters, which are perennial favourites in child fiction. If you have not stepped into the magical world of Beatrix Potter books in the form of Peter Rabbit, the Flopsy bunnies, the mischievous Tom Kitten, Jemima Puddle buck, Mrs. Titmouse and other amusing characters, you are missing something. No wonder, Beatrix Potter books are still an important part of child fiction, today as they were, when they appeared more than a century ago.

Tom Kitten

One of the most popular of Beatrix’s characters is Tom Kitten. Even though Tom Kitten appeared in only two of her books, the Tale of Tom Kitten and the tale of Samuel Whiskers, he gained plenty of popularity as a fat and mischievous little kitten.

In the Tale of Tom Kitten, Tom’s mamma, Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit is expecting company to Tea. That is the reason why she dresses Tom and his sisters Mittens and Moppet, with an admonition not to get dirty before the guests come visiting. Tom Kitten, and his sisters decide to go for a walk, while awaiting the arrival of the guests.

On the way Jemima Puddle duck and Mr. Drake puddle duck find Tom Kitten’s clothes, which he had taken off and thrown on the road. These clothes were put on by Jemima and Mr. Drake. So Tom and his little brother and sisters come home, in a state not fit to be seen, and were put to bed by their angry mother immediately!

In the Tale of Samuel Whiskers, Tom Kitten falls in the clutches of 2 rats, Samuel Whiskers and Anna Maria, his wife. They decide to make him into a roly-poly pudding and eat him! But he is rescued by his mother and another friend of the family, Mrs. Ribby.

Beatrix’s books can be considered to be a part of juvenile fiction, which is popular with adults, as well as with children. And so we can enjoy the original Beatrix Potter books, even though a century has passed since children first saw the tale of Peter Rabbit, the tale of Mrs. Tit mouse, the tale of Benjamin Bunny, the tale of the Flopsy bunnies, etc in print.

You can get all these books as well as colour prints of the original paintings she did, on the Internet. So look for the best website which is going to give you your choice of Beatrix Potter books!…