Caring For Your Persian Cat’s Fur in Winter

Caring For Your Persian Cat’s Fur in Winter

Being a pet owner comes with a great deal of responsibility, and that takes on all new levels of car when the pet that you choose is one that requires a lot of attention. When it comes to felines, there may be no other breed that will require more of your time and pampering than the Persian cat. They are beautiful animals, but their fur needs constant attention if it is to maintain its everyday luxurious appearance.

Most cats hate being bathed, but given that caring for your Persian is a daily chore, it might be a good idea to try to get your Persian kitten used to being bathed every two to six weeks, which is generally all they will need as they get older. The care of the fur really gets important to increase the number of times you brush, come winter time when your Persian will start to shed profusely. This may mean several sessions of brushing per day, to help them effectively get rid of that excess fur, and to prevent the possibility of matting.

The best way to groom Persian kittens and cats is to use a wide, metal comb, as that is the most effective at keeping the fur separated, and free from loose, shedding hair. It’s especially important to make sure that you thoroughly comb behind the ears, as well as in the armpits, as this is where most cases of matting tends to begin. As you comb, you should closely inspect the coat for dirt, as the thickness of the fur can hide any signs of dirt that may have accumulated.

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When it does become necessary to give your Persian cat a bath, you should do so in a room that is warm and dry. Fill the tub with a couple of inches of warm water, and then slowly lower your cat into the tub, petting him as you do so. It’s a good idea to keep them calm and relaxed during the process, which is why it’s important to start getting them used to bathing when they are kittens, usually starting when they are around 3 months old. Once they are comfortable, you should then use a small cup to pour the water over their fur, making sure to keep it away from the eyes and ears. Next up is the shampoo, being sure to use one that is appropriate for Persians, rinse him off, and then repeat, making sue to get the belly and paws cleaned when you do so.

Many people buy Persian cats in order to take them onto the show circuit, but even if you only want one as a loving home companion, you have to realize that this is a cat that requires a lot of grooming and maintenance in order to keep it beautiful appearance.