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Get The Best Training For Your Cat in a Cat Kennel

Star Boarding Kennels is a family run business established in 1977. The kennels are licenced for 62 dogs and 94 cats and are set in approximately one acre of land. All employees are chosen for the commitment and interest in the animals. It can pull at the heart strings to leave your beloved pet at a kennel while you are away from home, but rest assured Star Boarding Kennels provide a wonderful loving environment for your cat.

Boarding Kennels has a luxury cat kennel that opened in 2008 and has proved extremely popular. The cat kennel consists of 20 walk in units which have been constructed by Pedigree Pens. Each unit is furnished with a bed, a chair for your cat to lounge on and an activity stand/scratch post. Drinking fountains are also available on request. The cat kennels have everything your cat needs but you are welcome to bring bedding and toys from home to help your cat settle in. Make sure anything you bring is washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried.

When bringing your cat to the cat kennel list the possessions you are bringing along with any dietary requirements. It is also important to tell the kennel about and ongoing conditions your cat may have and bring their medication with you. Make sure you treat your cat with a veterinary flea treatment prior to boarding. If this is due during the period of the board then Star Boarding Kennels will be happy to administer it on the due date. Cats must be vaccinated against flu and enteritis and must also wear a collar with an identity tag. An up to date vaccination certificate must be shown at the kennel upon arrival.

Cats can be trained to perform basic exercises, such as sit or how to use the cat flap, as well as more complex exercises such as giving a paw, retrieving objects or sitting in the meer cat position. For the majority of car owners training may be a more important route towards grooming their cat, examining him or her to check teeth, coat and claws, or simply to call them in at night. Training cats can be a time-consuming and delicate process and whatever your goal it will need to be done at the cat’s own pace.

To find out more about the services offered at Boarding Kennels visit their website online website to see opening times and find out when you can visit the kennels to see for yourself the wonderful environment they provide for your cat.…

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Is a Siamese Kitten Right For You?

Is a Siamese Kitten Right For You?

“We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please…” Familiar with Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp in 1959? Two havoc-wreaking Siamese cats were featured as “Si and Am” along with the popularity of the Siamese breeds in the late 19th century.

Cats have been associated with human for at least 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. It has been featured on movies decades ago in both real and fictional films. One true-to-life pet named Jason, the first feline to join on BBC TV’s best kids programme Blue Peter, was a Seal-Point Siamese.

In 1884, according to most sources, a departing British Acting Vice-Consul at Bangkok named Edward Gould acquired 2 breeding Wichien-maas, or what we call the Siamese cat today and brought them with him to England. There had been skepticism though as to where Sir Edward got the Siamese pair since these are cats bred by the royal family in Siam. When Pho and Mia- the imported cats- produced 3 lovely Siamese kittens were flaunted at the Crystal Palace Show in 1885, they captured the onlookers’ attention describing them as “an unnatural nightmare of a cat”.

From that time on, these oriental cats favored acquisition from the British aristocracy with their unique seal points, rarity and royal background. The traditional Siamese cats have sturdier bodies and vernacularly known as appleheads, an unfavorable nickname coined by modern type breeders due to its less wedge-shaped heads.

The modern Siamese kitten acquired its trait from a more streamlined and elegant parent genes. Everything about the modern Siamese cat is long- long slender body, triangular-shaped head with thin snout, long neck, long whip-like tail, and long slim legs. The cat’s eyes are almond-shaped, oblique and mostly blue that turns reddish at night. An exception to the cat’s long characteristics, a short glossy fur exquisitely intensifies the graceful body lines.

The Siamese kitten is typically active and playful that bears on the adult stage. Siamese cats are one of the most gregarious cats in the world. Intelligent-wise, Siamese cats topped it all among the feline category. Its ingenuity makes them easily understood in terms of their nature. Now generally speaking, blue-eyed cats with white fur have a high incidence of genetic deafness. And that makes Siamese not so good in their hearing ability in contrast to their feline agility.

How elegantly looking though, Siamese cats are very chatty. From simple meows to loud raspy calls, most are constant non-stop talkers. However, they are also curious, affectionate and athletic even on their grown up years.

Most gestures and vocal expressions tend to convey of some sort. Siamese cats interact on different levels to both humans and fellow felines. They are affectionate and warm that explains a close relationship to the kitten cat breeder. Their expressive manner makes them closely bonded to humans. They even prefer and enjoy the comforts of your homes. With much time alone, they can be very docile. The Siamese cat can easily be well-trained, but mostly quite well-versed at training their own masters in their ways.

Highly intelligent though, they are not as independent as other cats are. Often, they want attention and do everything in a much more boosting way. They react to both extreme moods, giving great levels of hankering when in positive mode, and do the exact opposing temper in depressing times. Siamese cats can live in the average of 15 years with CRF as the number one morbidity cause in their elderly years.…

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Taking Care of Kittens – A Wonderfully Tough Responsibility

Taking Care of Kittens – A Wonderfully Tough Responsibility

It is safe to say that a lot of people love dogs, though some others are just not the dog-lover type. They may prefer to pet turtles, birds, hamsters or maybe even wild animals, while some others, just loves cats or kittens. Personal likes and dislikes differ, but there is one thing that’s certain: pets provide us with more than just companionship.

Kittens have wild instincts. However, they make wonderful pets. They are versatile, affectionate, intelligent, sociable and independent. Taking care of kittens may sound easy, but it requires a lot of responsibility. This responsibility leads you to raise various questions about caring for kittens.

Cat-proofing your home

Kittens are playful animals. So, cat-proofing is essential. Make sure your home is safe for the kitten. Always keep the doors of your dryer, cabinets and low cupboards closed. Kittens love to sleep in dark, warm places. They also love to nibble, run around and just play with anything. Keep them away from breakable valuables and don’t leave things on the floor that might be hazardous to the kitten.

Milk, food, and drinks for kitty

Kittens generally have small stomachs. They need to eat every few hours, and they need to constantly have clean, fresh water available to keep them hydrated. A diet rich in protein, calcium, taurine, and other nutrients are good for cats. They may be fed with dry food, canned, or both, but don’t give them dog food since it it not rich in taurine, which is good for their eye development and helps prevent heart disease. Cow’s milk may be good for us but for kittens, it’s a no-no.

Quality time with kitty

The first few weeks of a kitten’s life should be treated as a very precious moment in your relationship. Cuddling, petting and playing with them is highly essential. Do not let your kitten play with your finger for it will only give her the idea of finger biting, scratching, and the like. Play with your kitten gently and enjoy her soft purrs!

Veterinary care

The first visit is important and critical because the vet will perform a hands-on physical exam on the kitten. Fecal float determines worm infestation. Kitten vaccination is crucial from the first few weeks of age. At about 9 weeks, the 3-way vaccine will be given. This is the modern method of giving a 3-in-1 shot against feline calicivirus, herpes virus and feline panleukopenia. Booster shots will be given at 12-14 weeks old. Rabies vaccine are only given when cats are at risk or in some areas required by law.

Caring for kitten may be tough, but the rewards are priceless. Companionship, constant love, acceptance, and reduces stress!…

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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Crater is a large volcanic caldera which plays host to an advanced ecosystem perfect for the inhabiting and preservation of a wide variety of animals, from the aptly named king of the jungle, the lion, to the ever so rarer horned beast, the rhino.
The Crater itself has a land area size of around 8,288 Kilometres squared, and was originally established as a National Park in 1959. In 1979, the park received the honouring title of a World Heritage Site, to ensure that the unique and specialness of the Ngorongoro remains protected and preserved.
The Ngorongoro Crater really is an amazing place to visit and to witness its vast landscape from heights that stretch so wide that your eyes can barely take it all in. The bottom of the crater, or the crater floor as it is sometimes referred to is actually the remains of a collapsed volcanic caldera, which occurred between 2 and 3 million years ago. The walls surrounding the crater floor are around 2,000 feet high, and serve as the perfect way to preserve the wildlife inside.
Some of the wildlife you can expect to see at the Ngorongoro Crater can include the ‘big five’, consisting of rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard. It is also a great place to see opportunity hunting by the likes of hyenas, as they hang around the large watering hole, planning an attack on an unsuspecting flamingo. The crater also serves as a great location for bird spotters, with many different types inhabiting the park, namely the kori bustard and the black kite, which exist in larger populations here as compared to other parks within the North of Tanzania.
Not only is it the wildlife and scenery which attracts many tourists to the crater each year, there is also a strong interest of the fossils that have been found in Olduvai Gorge, which remains to be one of the most vital prehistoric landmarks on this earth today, with archaeologists estimating some fossilised remains of hominid species being over 3 million years old.…

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Get a Fleece Ferret Hammock for Your Pet

Get a Fleece Ferret Hammock for Your Pet

Numerous people around the world keep ferrets as family pets. This lovely small animal adores people. It as well enjoys playing and sleeping relaxingly. Now you can buy your pet an item called a ferret hammock. This special item offers your pets a nice place to sleep in. It can be made of many different materials, but a fleece ferret hammock is common. This very comfortable item comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. For instance, you can find some hammocks with a bowl-shape, and they tend to be very comfortable.

Even so, you want to make sure that it is not too deep. Do you know why? This is because your little friend might have a hard time coming out of it. In addition, you can find somewhat flat hammocks too. You need to be careful not to pick a very flat item. This is not a very good sleeping accessory for your animal because it might fall off. The only way to find out if an item is good for you is reading reviews. Each product must have features, descriptions and reviews parts. All you need to do is to read product reviews, testimonials or blog comments.

They represent honest opinions that people have about a given item. Before you can go shopping, you must consider the size of your little pet. A grown-up ferret may require more space than a small sized animal. If you really want to give your pet enough comfort, pick a proper sized hammock for it. Fortunately, these items are available on the Internet and for that reason; you have a chance to select a right sized item. The most important detail about a fleece ferret hammock is its construction material.

Fleece is naturally a warm fabric that also soothes the skin of the wearer. Your small pet will have the same fun as long as you choose a very comfortable item. Since they have many colors, you are free to choose the ones you want. Note that color selection is not very important as the comfort is to your ferret. For that reason, you should pay more attention to the quality of the fleece hammock than its color. Make sure it goes well with the surroundings. Although color may not be very essential, some people that value fashion and style might consider it. Another detail you want to think of is the cost.

Price is not a major problem because you can after all take home an item for only twenty dollars. This includes even shipping costs. Look for this pet item over the Internet because you can compare prices, quality and even best brands. You may want to consider quality more than its price because this assures you that a hammock is durable. Every domesticated animal deserves to live a comfortable and a peaceful life. If you love your ferret as much as you do your dogs, cats or rabbits, then give it comfort. This pet does not need you to spoil it with everything except a fleece ferret hammock.…

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Every Cat Could Use a Cat Fountain

The raging debate during the use of plastic for pet bowls and pet fountains has centered almost exclusively at the direct adverse reactions of plastic around the animals using those bowls, particularly pet fountains in your dog fountain arena, particularly cat fountains.There are long been recognized that plastic water bowls can offer cats chin acne, which will manifest symptoms from blackheads to large draining pustules as well as a complete swelling in the lips, but whether it’s the plastic itself or use the reality plastic acts being a magnet for bacteria which accumulate inside the scratches that invariably happen in plastic is absolutely not clear. In conclusion however vets is, “stay from plastic water bowls”, and not just only due to its prospects for chin acne.

Your organization is it possible to make sure that the dog is drinking all of the water they desire? Try the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. This pet drinking fountain runs your parrot’s water through two different filters and keeps it continuously flowing to hold water fresh. The liquid runs down somewhat 5 ” waterfall created to lure also the pickiest pet taking a glass or two. The moving water will in addition will continue pets from drinking from your toilet and them off counters and sinks.

Items looks, the gap between black ceramic and s / s must be pretty obvious. Stainless has that classy, clean look that includes some shine and pop to your property. Moreover it is sold with built in anti bacterial qualities. Bacteria cannot survive on the outside of stainless for once they can on plastic, which is the material that many pet fountains are made of.

Providing the WaterThis is actually a possibility of wet food to get rid of dry cat food. As well as maybe there is more protein and fewer carbs in wet food (a good point), but more water in addition. Since domestic cats don’t drink as much water because they should, providing some of this water through their food will definitely help in your struggle for proper hydration. Unfortunately, also a strict canned food died individual mistakes – less teeth and gum strength.

CleaningKeeping this kind of big bowl clean is extremely important. The Drinkwell 360 may be disassembled so as to wash it thoroughly.Replaceable Charcoal FilterThe charcoal filter is actually keeps the pool very fresh for use on your pets contour constant flow belonging to the water. The filter could very well be replaced gets hotter has produced up enough particles who don’t belong in the water. Without filter the water defintely won’t be as fresh.…

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Make Your Pets Assured From Skin And Coat Problem


Antifungal formula is a very quick reactive supplement for fungal infection. It is basically introduced for the protection against fungal infection, ringworm and yeast skin infection. It affects cats and dogs just like they do in humans. It gives protection for the whole day after the appliance. Board Spectrum of Antifungal agents & its action to include typical fungal responsible for various forms of tinea and pityriasis. It Encompasses Active ingredient of Terbinafine Hydrochloride, ensures the Terbinafine is absorbed into the infected area.

An antifungal gel medication used to treat fungal infections and helps to get relief from skin and coat problem. It is usually gained by a doctor’s prescription or purchased over-the-counter. Anti-Fungal formula, Very effective supplements for Fungal infections.



When the infected area gets dry, rub the gel softly with circular movements until the it is entirely absorbed.

After applying the anti-Fungal Gel for pets, do not let your pet go out of the home at least for fifteen minutes.

Keep observing your dog for a few minutes until the drug gets affected.


Active Ingredients:Terbinafine (1%) (Antifungal)IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ANTI-FUNGAL GEL

Warning:For external use only.


Duration of use:No restriction on duration of use.

Resource Link: Anti-Fungal Gel for pets | pet Health care…