All About Ferret Cages

All About Ferret Cages

Ferrets are curious by nature therefore as you cannot constantly supervise the fuzzy friend, you wish to be thoroughly reassured that the ferret is playing within a secure and safe atmosphere. Make certain that you take advantage of a ferret playpen and ferret cage accessories for your adventurous animal, too. Developing this type of a secure atmosphere for the ferret will not just please him, yet will make you an extremely content owner, too!

Ferret Litter

Occasionally, things could get a bit messy while caring for a ferret, yet do not be frightened! Show the animal how to live within a clean and healthy atmosphere by utilizing clean-up supplies and litter. Always keep in mind to keep the ferret cages clean, due to a clean atmosphere means a thriving and happy ferret!

Top 4 Cages for Ferrets

Ferrets require day-to-day playtime outside of the cage, yet they typically still spend lots of time within their ferret home while unsupervised. A well designed, large cage is mandatory. A few features to search for include solid shelves and floors / balconies, and solid ladders, as well. Multiple-level cages are great, yet depending upon the arrangement of levels, falls are probable. Get added shelves or utilize hammocks to make the cages safer if needed.

Ferret Nation

With the expandable cage, you could begin with 1 or 2 primary levels, every level possessing a complete solid floor as well as a ramp to the solid surface half-floor. The bases will be on stands that have locking casters and storage shelf. The add-on level could expand the cage further. Doors are special: they’ll open up the complete width of a cage front, and solid floor will slide out for simple cleaning. Every level will measure 36 inches by 25 inches and 24 inches tall.

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Ferret Feisty Cage

The cage is similar to a Ferret Nation cage in its design, yet is cheaper. It’s a bit smaller, and does not possess the expansion ability of Ferret Nation, yet features a complete 2nd level, some shelves, and good accessibility through wide doors upon all levels. It additionally possesses solid ramps that are an advantage, although it’ll appear the 2nd level includes a wire floor which ought to be at least halfway covered for the ferret’s comfort. At 31.5 inches by 20.5 inches by 55 inches, it’s a great size.

Super Pet Deluxe Multiple Floor Home

At 32 inches by 20 inches and 58 inches tall, Deluxe Multiple-Floor ferret home is very spacious and tall. Advantages involve its 9 adjustable sturdy shelves which offer flexibility within the cage layout, and its cost given its size. Shelves could be combined in order to make complete floored levels to prevent worries concerning falls.

Super Pet Multiple-Floor Funnel Home

It’s a special cage which is large (47 inches by 20 inches by 65 inches) as well as colorful. It’ll feature a clear Bubble-Wave system which will make a loop over the primary portion of this cage. With tunnels and nine completely adjustable shelves, there’s an abundance of room to move inside the cage.