Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Cat Or Kitten

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Cat Or Kitten

This article outlines important pointers to consider when choosing your cat or kittens, everything from colour to behaviour to health. When you want to get a pet you have to decide whether you want an adult cat or a kitten. A kitten needs to be fed three meals a day for the first few months, and they need lots of your attention, as much as you can give them. If you have a lot of furniture that you don’t want scratched you may prefer an older cat that has a calmer lifestyle, as a young kitten will go mad and you’ll find them sharpening their claws on your beloved favourite chair. (my cat Marley is 12 years old and she still gets caught with her claws in a chair and gets told off for her behaviour! When you get a kitten be sure to check vaccinations have been given,and if you adopt an adult cat that their boosters are all up to date and that all females spayed and males neutered unless you wish to breed with your cat.

Character of the cat

A healthy young adult cat will be alert and bright eyed. When you get a cat or kitten make sure it is from a reputable source such as a friend or an animal rescue or from a good breeder. This is what to look: A kitten should be playful and you should check their coat which should be smooth and not matted in any way, check for fleas and any other unwanted pests. their eyes should be bright,also check that the haws (third eyelids) don’t protrude. Ears should be clean and dry and free from wax inside. Whilst checking mouth make sure gums are pink and teeth white and no gum inflammation present. it is also a good idea to check kittens anal area for signs of diarrhea and cleanliness. The abdomen should be checked for sign of a hernia detected by running your hand gently under the kittens abdomen, if any lumps are found, a trip to your vet is recommended for piece of mind. Your kitten should be able to move freely and play with out any problems but if it is lame you will notice this if you observe your kitten moving around. It is best to choose a cat /kitten that is happy and inquisitive and reacts positively to being handled and stroked.

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If you choose a longhair you must be able to set aside time for daily grooming sessions. If a cat like this is neglected the fur becomes matted and knots form and the poor cat will end up having his fur cut or even shaved ( from a lack of grooming from owner) by a professional vet. So you really need to consider very carefully whether you can commit yourself to grooming a cat with long hair everyday before you take on a longhaired cat. Longhairs are very laid back by nature and make loyal an loving pets.