Cat Aggression – Is There Too Much Biting and Scratching

Cat Aggression – Is There Too Much Biting and Scratching

Sometimes your cat is not the sweet little pet that cuddles. She seems at times to get moody and lapse into scratching or even biting. First of all, cats and kittens can be playful and some pouncing is normal. Crouching and staying in a fixed pose is often a sign that your cat is about to pounce. Try to not surprise your cat by doing something unexpected. This can cause a pouncing response. Also look at whether you play too aggressively with your pet and may be sending a mixed signal to her.

Many people notice that when being pet on the belly a cat will try to bite your hands. Also sometimes cats will try to bite their owner’s hand when they’ve been pet for too long a period of time and wish it to discontinue. Each cat has it’s own personality and preferences so it’s hard to make a specific rule to follow. However, you can observer certain signals such as the ears moving back and forth or tail moving in a twitching motion.

We often speak about how someone can come home from work after being yelled at by their boss and then

end up being blunt with their wife or kids. Well, cats too can react this way after having a bad experience with another cat or even human. If a cat has a fight with another cat outside, when it returns home it may still feel aggressive and turn it towards a family member. Keep your eyes open and watch your cat’s posture and demeanor.

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Keep in mind that punishment is not advised by experts towards cats. They report that this can increase aggression because if cats are fearful they can react with biting and scratching due to defensiveness. Your vet or an animal specialist can help you with an ongoing problem of aggression. It is always important to be sure your cat is in sound medical condition as health problems can cause erratic behavior as can an improper diet.