Male Cat Behavior

Male Cat Behavior

The male cat as I have often observed is much more difficult to handle than its more docile female counterpart. They tend to be more aggressive and are prone to fighting with other cats. Sometimes males even kill kittens to satisfy their hunting urges. Aside from the previously mentioned, they are also prone to the habit of roaming around in long distances from its owners’ house.

Just like other territorial animals, cats mark their territories with urine, leaving behind a scent to warn other male cats not to intrude. In conjunction to this, male cats are often engaged in territorial battles with other cats that often lead to death. Cats that often fight are also more prone to contract viral diseases that may lead to death.

Cats no matter how domesticated, still have within them the urge to hunt and kill prey as it is their instinct to do so for thousands of years. Often times, cats, especially the male, go out to roam in search of small animals for them to kill and eat. Just like fighting cats, cats that hunt are also prone to diseases. At times however, when access to other animals they usually kill is out of the question, they kill the kittens of other cats. They rarely kill their own offspring.

When male cats feel the urge to mate, they most likely will roam away from the owners’ house. Usually, they are gone three to five days at a time in search of a mate. Most of them are hard to handle. They are aggressive and is a hassle to control. The only solution to eliminate these testosterone fueled activities is to castrate the male cat early on.

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