Why Get a Baby Ferret?

Why Get a Baby Ferret?

If you have decided that you want to get a baby ferret. Then it is always good idea to have a good understanding about the natural disposition of ferrets. The decision that you make should be based on your lifestyle, as well as your knowledge and experience.

Some people think you have to rear a baby ferret or (Kit) in order to be able to form a strong bond between you. But in reality, the age of the ferret does not really matter. An adopted adult ferret will love you just as strongly and loyally as if he had been adopted as a baby.

It can be very hard to resist a baby of any species, especially a kit. They can be a delight, but they can also be very mischievous. These little guys seem to have endless reserves of energy, so they are going to be keeping you on your toes.

Generally speaking, it’s probably not a good idea to get a kit if you have small children in the house to look after. The baby kit being far more active and playful than an older ferret will demand a lot more of your time. And as the kit is still in the learning process about chewing and biting things, he might start getting a bit “nippy.”

This is something that you will have to actively discourage. If you do decide to get a kit, you will have to train him and socialize him at the same time. You have to be the one person that teaches him what is right and what is wrong. This can be a bit of a task even if you do not have any children in the house. If you add a couple of small kids to the scene, then the whole thing could very quickly become overwhelming.

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As a responsible ferret owner, you will have to make sure that your baby ferret gets all of his shots. If you have bought your baby ferret from a reputable source, he should have already had at least his first distemper shot. But you may have to take him for his remaining shots, or for any other medicine that he might be on. The bottom line line is that a baby ferret can be joy to look after, but they do require a lot of work.