Cat Repellents

Cat Repellents

Looking for cat repellents to keep those felines entering your garden and making a daily “deposit” of cat poop? Great, because there are many ways to repel those pesky kitties and we’ll talk about some of the methods you can use.

Let’s think like a cat for a minute. If I were a cat, what would I really dislike? Well, I bet those of you that have a few answers to that question can already think of a few ways to repel those cats. But let me tell you exactly what cats dislike.

1) Cats Hate Water

That’s a very obvious one but it works effectively because cats hate water so water is a great cat repellent. Cats just aren’t good swimmers and any sign of water will make them running. If you happen to spot a cat taking a walk in your garden don’t hesitate to get a hose or your old water gun and give it a go! No worries, a little shower won’t harm them, but will definitely keep them away!

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to sit and wait for cats to crawl into your garden simply to get them wet then don’t hesitate to buy the motion activated water sprinkler that will keep showering cats every time they come around. (More info on product at the link below)

2) Cats Hate Chicken Wire

Place chicken wire on the bottom of your soil and cats will absolutely hate walking on it! Of course, this option is not available to you if your plants are already grown. But for future reference when you’re planting a new bed place chicken write on top of the mulch or soil and this will act as a nice cat repellent.

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3) Cats Hate Smell of Predator’s Urine

They don’t necessarily hate it, but they sure fear it. Shake Away for cats is a great natural cat repellent that you spray on the ground to give the cats the impression of nearby Coyotes and Foxes. When the cats come around your garden and smell the urine they will most always do a 180 and walk right back where they came from.

This product is considered natural so it wont harm children (if you have any) and is safe for your plants too.

4) Cats Hate Bristly Textures

These spoiled, fussy animals dislike anything bristly such as stone mulch. Placing some will keep most cats out as they will probably not want to dig through a pile of stone mulch to cover up their droppings.

What else you can do is simply prevent cats from entering your garden by making a separate patch of catnip. Although not all cats like catnip, most cats will go crazy and love to hang around there instead of your other flowers.

Placing a sandbox next to your garden is also advised as most cats will prefer sand over soil/mulch to do their bidding. This way you’ll know where the cat poop is and keep your garden clean.

There are many other great ways that act as effective cat repellents. The most important part is to keep your garden clean and do our best to control those felines.