What is Proper Cat Care?

What is Proper Cat Care?

Every cat owner has the responsibility of caring for their cat and that can mean proper diet, exercise, grooming and cleanliness.  The basics of good cat care would be making sure your cat is well fed.  A good diet is very important in keeping your cat healthy.  Not all cat foods are created equal, and many breeders and veterinarians are now recommending organic cat foods rather than the typical grocery store brands. 

Another cat keeping problem can be hairballs and this is another important part of cat care that is often overlooked or only seen as an inconvenience.  With a good healthy diet the likelihood of hairballs is greatly lessened and can be used as prevention because the body will be able to process the hair through the healthy intestinal track without having to feed your cat hairball remedies.

Having your cat professionally groomed every couple of months can be an integral part of cat care since this will lessen the chance of fleas and mites. Some cats loved to be shaved which can reduce the incidence of hairballs too.  If it’s done right, cats love being shaved in the summer time.

Cat care includes exercise and giving your cat or kitten toys to play with to keep them active and healthy.  Play cat and mouse with a cat toy is great fun for your cat.  And it’s imperative you give them a scratching post to stretch and sharpen their claws.  This will help in distracting from scratching on your furniture.

And last but not least the kitty litter box should be cleaned everyday in order to keep your cat interested in using it.  If it becomes too dirty, some cats will refuse to use it, and then you will have a big problem. Cleaning the box will keep your house smelling fresh too.  There is nothing worse than the cat box smell when you walk into the house.  It’s recommended to use a clumping litter so that it’s easy to scoop out.

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