Ferret Rescue

Ferret Rescue

There are often many reason why ferret rescue is necessary. A ferret can accidentally get lost in the wild, or in a city. When such a thing happens it can be very stressful not only for the pet but for the owner as well. But even more tragic is when someone releases a domesticated ferret deliberately because they don’t want to care for it anymore. They probably think that the ferret is capable of surviving on its own, but this is almost never true.

Attempting To Rescue a Lost Ferret

If you find that your ferret has gone missing from you home, here are some steps to take to try to get it back.

Check everywhere you can think of that it might like to hide – both inside and outside of your home

Call your local ferret rescue agency and pet shelter (giving them a picture would be helpful)

Place an ad in your local newspaper and consider offering a reward for the safe return of your pet

Check with any vets in your area to see if anyone has dropped off a stray or injured ferret

Put up flyers around your neighborhood with a picture of your missing pet and contact information

How to Adopt from a Ferret Rescue Shelter

Most ferret rescue shelters are happy when they can place a rescued ferret with a loving family. But, don’t think that you can just go to a shelter and take one home. You will need to go through an application process to determine if your family and living environment is suitable for a pet ferret.

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You will be required to show that you know and understand the basic requirements of ferret ownership and that you have the time and resources available to meet those needs.

Be prepared, also, to pay an adoption fee. Fees can vary widely, but as a rule of thumb you can expect to pay between $75 and $100. Fees are necessary as they help support the shelter in the terrific work they are doing.

Ferret Rescue Agencies and Shelters

There are an amazing number of agencies and shelters committed to ferret rescue. A good resource you might want to check out is The American Ferret Association’s Shelter List and the FML Shelter List in the United States.

You will find several ferret rescue shelters in the UK, Canada, Australia and lots of other countries, too. To find one near you, try an Internet search for “ferret rescue” in your area and you’ll find lots of resources.

Alternately take a look in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book. If they don’t have a section for ferret shelters, then look under “Animal Shelters.”

Surrendering Your Ferret to a Rescue Shelter

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes force you into having to give up your pet. If you’re not able to find them a suitable home on your own, then you should seriously consider finding a shelter that knows how to care for them and may be able to find them a new home.

Never release a domesticated ferret into the wild. They have been a pet and simply won’t be able to adapt. Doing such a thing will only sentence them to a slow and lonely death.

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