5 Tips For Choosing the Right Nutrition For Your Kitten

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Nutrition For Your Kitten

What you eat is what you are! This is right for the humans and also for the pets. You have to choose the right nutrition for your kitten so that it remains healthy always. Giving the right nutrition to your kitten would save you a lot of trips to the veterinarian and even a considerable amount of money spent on treatments. You can easily avoid serious medical conditions if you give proper nutrition to your kitten.

1. The cat needs proteins, amino acid, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids and water. You have to ensure that the food that you choose for your kitten is well balanced with all these ingredients in the right quantities. Protein can be got from fish, meat, and poultry. You might ask whether a cat needs carbohydrates. Although it is not necessary it is used to fill the stomach and is found in canned foods as fillers. The color and flavor vary with the brands.

2. You can give both dry and canned foods. Alternate these so that the cat gets both of these. Most of the cats do not drink much water. Hence canned foods are better since it has water in it. Dry foods are better for feeding freely. Minerals and vitamins are to be added to the food that you give. Do not give the same food all the time. Change the menu frequently so that the cat is not bored with the same food. Do we eat the same food all the time? We don’t. So it is fair that we do not expect the kitten to have the same food for every meal.

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3. Give foods from different brands so that the kitten is not addicted to a certain brand or flavor. Food addictions should be avoided as you might not get the same food always. Hence it is better to rotate the brands of foods from the start.

4. See whether any particular food causes allergies in the kitten. Just like humans, the kittens are also allergic to certain foods. You have to note them down and avoid such foods in the future.

5. Cheaper brands are not cheaper on your wallet. Cats eat as much as they get the nutrition needed. Premium foods have the right nutrition even if fed in small quantities. Cheaper foods might not have the required nutrition and they are just fillers. Cats will eat more of such foods until they get the required nutrition. So you will end up spending the same amount on cheaper foods too. Hence it is better to choose premium brands.

Apart from these it is important that the cat food you buy adheres to the protocols set by the AAFCO. The nutrients should be at that level or more than that. Check for the protein source in the label and the expiration date of the food. Avoid labels that have ‘by-products’ and ‘preservatives’. Avoid cat foods that have corn meal fillers and excess of other fillers.