Vintage Prom Dresses: Be A Flapper Girl

Vintage Prom Dresses: Be A Flapper Girl

The ideal prom dress is the one that makes us feel totally comfortable in ourselves, and yet takes us from the everyday to the truly special. It therefore needs to have an element of theatricaility to it; a magic, transformative feel. We don’t need to pretend that prom is about being a princess for an evening. Frankly, real life princesses get a pretty raw deal. What you’re interested in being is yourself – nothing but your amazing, real self. To find the perfect piece you need to be in tune with what styles and references speak to your personal tastes, in both a practical and aesthetic sense. This means considering whether you are truly comfortable in heels, or what kind of makeup suits you, or how you might style your hair. All of these things come together with your dress and accessories to create an overall look that should tell people something about who you are, and about the awesome night you want to have!

The 1920s Flapper Dress is an inspired style to consider, because it is both classic, and different enough for you to make a style statement. If you want to stand out from the crowds of floor length satin gowns in hot pink and baby blue, the Flapper is for you. It is sophisticated, luxurious and, most importantly, it is absolutely the best style of dress to dance the night away in. Flapper dresses tend to come in two lengths, the mini and the midi: both are practical and stunning, with the options for detail and embellishment limitless.

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You’re likely to have seen your fair share of flapper dresses, so you will be familiar with the kinds of detail they tend to feature. Common designs are tasselled, for a hypnotic sway, or encrusted with shimmering beads and sequins for a stunning effect. Both are gorgeous, but for prom – when you want the best photographs possible of your night – shimmer might be the best way to go. A simple silhouette and enchanting detailed design is truly a winning combination that will look incredible in everyone’s images.

Another advantage of going with such a detailed dress is that you can afford to be simple with the accessories. Sequins and studs mean that jewelry can be kept minimal; you can even go with just a hairband or simple cuff. With shoes both heels and flats work, but don’t go too high if you want to retain some of the authenticity of the 1920s style. At the time most women wore flats or kitten heels, both of which you can easily find in a range of colors and styles; you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. Go for a clutch in a complementary shade to your dress. This doesn’t mean matching! For example, a dark blue dress will benefit from a grey, silver or purple clutch. Look at the pieces together and if they seem right, go with your instincts. The most important accessory for a Flapper girl is her dazzling smile!