The Mystery of Kitten Behavior

The Mystery of Kitten Behavior

When I watch my little kitten sometimes I think that he has unlimited energy. He loves to play, is very curious, and exploring is his favorite thing to do. Sometimes it gets him in to trouble so I gave him things to play with to prevent it. Kitten behavior can be a mystery to us humans.

Although toys are good there is something better you can give to you kitten. Your time and friendship is something that is most precious to your cat. Through playing with him you will develop a relationship that is necessary for you to live together happily. Of course, that is not saying that your cat needs more than your play ideas.

Your kitten needs you to develop instincts that are natural for him and to learn how to play safely and act on his instincts in a way that is acceptable to you. You will probably find your cat off hunting or jumping on things; this is an instinct that he needs to act upon. You should not get mad at your cat when he does it. Your cat will attack your legs to play with you. Learn to like it. Your cat does this to develop his instinct to hunt.

Little kittens are like children: they will test you to know what is allowed. If you do not teach him properly when he is young, you will have a problem when he is older. And just like the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, it is very hard to change a cat’s behavior when he is an adult. Use common sense to determine what kitten behavior is acceptable for you while keeping in mind the welfare of your cat.

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