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Some Important Tips on Your Ferret’s Care

Some Important Tips on Your Ferret’s Care

Ok, so you have your new pet ferret, you eagerly brought him home and introduced him to the family. The kids probably fell in love with him as soon as they saw him, and the wife turned her nose up at the smell.

Well, after all the introductions have been made, the fun really begins. You are going to have to start training your new family member. Now at this point he is probably either very nervous, or he is jumping about all over the place. This is where you have to make it very clear to your ferret, what he can, and can not do.

If you or your kids are handling or even playing with your ferret, he will probably have the tendency to start nipping. This is one of the things that you are going to have to start dealing with, especially where your children are concerned.

If he does start nipping, you will have to tell him in a stern voice “no”. Eventually he should start associating the word no, and the tone of your voice, with the fact that he has to stop. If this measure is not taken, then your ferret will soon start to be resented by other members of your family.

The ferrets teeth are specifically designed to cut through meat and bones, so they could inflict some serious damage. This is why it is so important to deal with this problem, right from the onset.

Ferrets also love to be cuddled, but more than that they love to play games. The rougher the games are the better, and they seem to enjoy it. I am not talking about throwing him around the room, but having mock fights with him. Or even letting him tug on a length of cord, or a bit of old material. They really seem to enjoy a contest of strength.

As long as you treat your ferret gently when appropriate, and play with them when they want to have some fun. Your new family member should quickly form a bond with you, and with the rest of your family. For much more information on a ferrets care, click on the link.…

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How to Stop a Kitten From Biting You

How to Stop a Kitten From Biting You

Before going into further detail about how to address kitten aggression, it is important to first bear in mind that all members of the cat family – no matter what their size – share common traits. One of those traits is that they have a naturally aggressive side to their nature. This stems from the fact that all cats are hunters, and even though a domestic cat will most likely not ever have to go out and hunt for food or fight for survival in the same way as her wild cousins, the basic instincts are still there. Understanding what triggers a kitten to behave in an aggressive manner is in fact the key to learning how to stop her from directing her aggression at you.

The first golden rule is never to use your hands as a “toy” when playing with your kitten. As soon as your kitten sees your fingers dancing around on the floor in front of her, they are no longer a part of your body. They are quite simply prey.

Kittens and cats love to chase moving objects. What they are in effect doing is fine tuning their hunting skills. So rather than using your hands as the “target”, try keeping some distance between you and the kitten and let her chase a soft toy attached to a piece of string instead (or even just a piece of string on its own!) A small soft ball that your kitten can bat and chase around is another good substitute. Just keep her well away from you when she is in hunting mode and she is less likely to view your body parts as something she should attack.

The second golden rule is respecting the fact that although kittens may look cute and cuddly they do not always want to be picked up and stroked. A good indicator of the kitten’s mood is to keep your distance from her in the first instance and hold out your hand to her. If she comes across and sniffs your hand then that suggests she may be more receptive to being petted. If she ignores you, then take that as a signal she wants no further attention at the moment. If you push ahead and pick up a kitten when she clearly does not want to be fussed over, the kitten will retaliate in the only way she knows how… by biting and scratching you.

The third golden rule is to observe the kitten’s body language. If a cat is in “hunting mode” he or she is likely to react aggressively to anyone or anything that gets in the way. If your kitten displays any of the following behaviours, the best thing you can do is keep out of her way.

The kitten is crouched down on all fours and has a steady gaze

The kitten shows her teeth when you attempt to touch her

The pupils start to dilate

The fur fluffs up

The ears are turned down

The tail starts swishing sharply from side to side.

Once a kitten develops into an adult they become less playful and excitable and usually any aggression shown towards their owner subsides. They also find other ways to develop their hunting skills once they have access to the great outdoors – and this is something that continues for the rest of their life.…

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Are You Big-Hearted? These Jobs Might Be Suitable For You

So, you are a big-hearted person and you just love helping others. Well, here is a list of care-giving jobs that could just be the right job for you:
Amusement Park Attendants
Don’t ever underestimate them! They are the guys and girls at the theme parks who make it all happen! They set up games, operate ride machines, clean up games and ride areas and collecting tickets. So, imagine what will it be if they weren’t there! It may look easy, but there’s definitely a lot of work involved in this job.
What it takes: You’ll need a whole lot of stamina and the ability to do repetitious tasks with a smile. Besides that, you must be able to feel comfortable in crowds, noise and laughter. As for some positions, you may even need to be physically strong to lift up certain objects.
Where the jobs are: If you patronize amusement parks regularly, you already know where all of them are. If you don’t, flip through the Yellow Pages to find the different theme parks, amusement parks, go-cart rental places, miniature-golf courses, waterslide parks and skating rinks. If you just want a temporary job, you can check the newspaper for upcoming small-towns carnivals or country fairs.
What this job could lead to: Be prepared, this job could lead to so much fun as an amusement park manager, camp director, city recreation worker, hotel manager or any other positions in the customer service line.
Zookeeper’s Helper
If you love animals, this is definitely the job for you! Zookeeper’s helper assists zookeepers to take care of the animals. Here’s a brief description of what your tasks will be like.
-Prepares special animal diets.
-Clean animals’ enclosures.
-Assist Zookeepers to raise very young animals.
-Monitor the animals for any signs of illness, injury, eating disorders or behavior change.
-Answers questions raised by visitors and ensure that they follow the zoo’s rules.
What it takes: You’ve just got to love animals and be able to follow directions to a T. At the beginning, you’ll need to be physically strong to help the zookeeper with some tough tasks. Besides that, you have to be able to learn new things quick and be extremely safety conscious.
Where the jobs are: Zoos of course! As for similar jobs, you can find them in animal safari theme parks, circuses or nature preserve exhibits.
However, no matter how much you love animals, if you’re allergic to animals’ fur or dander, don’t even go near to any of these animal care-giving jobs! Instead, you can find a position with an animal advocacy group, a publication about animals, or somewhere that doesn’t deal directly with the furry critters!
Are you interested in any of the jobs mentioned above? If you are, apply them and show your love and care today!…

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How to Be A Sexier Wife?

How to Be A Sexier Wife?

Sometimes women are busy in their career, children and daily life that they forget how to be a sexy little kitten for their hubbies. This article highlights some important tips on how to be a sexier wife.

1. Wear High heels: A women walking on a pair of heels always look sexy and attractive. So if you can properly walk on a pair of heels, then you can look sexier.

2. Wear Bifocals if you hubby likes you in a character of a sexy school girl.

3. When your husband is there at there at home, create a sexy environment by having sexy grooves and playing on the stereo.

4. Send your hubby text SMS when he is at office. Give him something special to look forward to when gets home.

5. Wear a sexy baby doll lingerie when you hubby gets home from office sometimes.

6. Go and have a lunch with your hubby at a romantic place.

7. When you come to bed, spray yourself with a light perfume and don’t wear panties under your night gown.

8. Keep in touch with your girl friends and talk them about fashion, hair and make up when you are on shopping with them. Thus, you can keep yourself updated with the latest fashion and trends and maintain your sexier look.

9. Experiment with fashion and sport your own style. I am sure your hubby will love it.

10. Try some new sex techniques: Unless it goes against anything God says, you should try new sexual techniques to fulfill your husband’s fantasies.

11. Plan nights outs where you can get dressed up and hang out with your female friends at least once a month or once every month. No matter it is a lunch, shopping, dinner or whatever it is. You need to show your hubby that you are looking your best at outdoors. Men are sometimes excited by challenge and for some reason, this gives them a challenge.

12. Keep your figure and eating habits in check and do an exercise that suits you the best.

13. If you are uncomfortable in watching porn with your hubby, then watch some by yourself and get some innovative ideas. Remember that it is only you and your hubby in your bedroom and keep all others out from your bedroom.

14. Sometimes, when your hubby is just about to reach at home, engage yourself in a naughty maid costume with the duster and heels on clearing around the home or bending over scrubbing tubs and toilets. Thus, your husband will drive crazy while watching you as a sexy young maid cleaning the house.

15. Call your hubby by using some pet names like baby, sweetie, honey, darling and make him feel that you love him the most.

16. Keep your home neat and clean. Also, keep your kids primped and tidy as well. As all men feel proud when their wife and kids look at their best.

17. Be a freak in the bed. A man loves a lady in lanes, but a freak in the bed. Here, freak means tramp, hooker or anything being a complete sex maniac.

18. If you need to make an argument with your hubby, do it in a respectful and tactful way.

19. Don’t control your hubby like his mother. You can control him with your sexy figure and behavior.

20. Avoid making excessive arguments with your husband. It can’t be you on the winning side always.

21. If you have kids, they should not sleep in the bed with you every night.…

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How to Care For Your Pet Ferret

How to Care For Your Pet Ferret

Ferrets are very similar to most other pets you could own. They require a high quality food, plenty of fresh water, and regular trips to a good vet that is knowledgeable about ferrets. However, the most important thing in pet ferret needs is an observant owner who will keep them safe and healthy. This is basically all you need to do to care for your pet ferret.

If you are reading this article you obviously care about your pet and want to do the best you can to look after him. You need to examine your ferret carefully on a daily basis, make sure his eyes are clear and bright, there should be no swelling, redness, or gloopy buildup around the eye lids.

His whiskers should be long and soft, if you notice any broken whiskers this can indicate that they are not being fed properly or they may have an illness that is preventing them from taking in the nutrients they need. Make sure to point this out to your vet on your next visit.

Check around his ears to make sure that is not scratching them that this can indicate that he has ear mites which can damage the ferrets ear drums. These are easily treated if caught early.

Your Ferrets teeth should be clean and the gums around his teeth should be a nice pink colour. The veterinarian should clean his teeth if he notices any tartar buildup or redness of the gums. As ferrets are playful animals that examine their environment through biting they can often break teeth, this is not necessarily a problem unless it is making it difficult for him to eat.

The most important thing you can do to care for your pet ferret is to love and care for him as though he were a member of your family.…

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Cat Behaviour Problems: Understanding Why A Cat Does Not Use The Litter Box

Cat Behaviour Problems: Understanding Why A Cat Does Not Use The Litter Box

One of the main cat behaviour problems that we face as feline owners is whether the litter box is being used properly. Many felines are able to use the litter box correctly, but other cats can have issues using the litter, and will end up urinating or defecating elsewhere in the home. Instead of becoming angry at your cat because of this behaviour, there are several considerations you must make as this behaviour may be completely out of your cat’s control.

Health Concerns

Before you consider anything else, make sure you have your feline checked over by a Veterinarian. Inappropriate elimination is one of the main symptoms of sickness in cats, especially due to kidney or liver problems, or Urinary Tract Infections. Ensuring that your kitty is in good health will help you to identify and understand the root cause of this cat behaviour problem.


Marking or spraying is sometimes mistaken for inappropriate elimination. A cat that is spraying in the home will urinate on a vertical surface such as a wall or a couch as opposed to a horizontal surface, such as the floor. Marking can occur if a cat is not spayed or neutered, or if a cat is trying to communicate with other neighbourhood cats.

Dirty Litter

Cats are very sensitive to smells and are not interested in smelling or walking on dirty litter. Imagine having to use a litter tray that had not been cleaned for weeks… it would definitely be an unpleasant experience. Your feline may have decided that he does not want to hold his breath, and he has instead chosen to do his business elsewhere in the house. Make sure you clean the tray once a day, and change the litter at least every two weeks.


Any type of change in the home can cause stress for a feline. Rearranging furniture, home renovations, and strangers in the home can cause a kitty to experience stress. Strange people or animals can cause high stress for a cat if he or she has to walk past these strangers to use the litter box. Make sure to monitor your cat’s behaviour in what may be a stressful situation to make sure he or she does not have an adverse reaction to the change.

Recognizing and understanding the cause of this cat behaviour problem is the first step in helping you to reduce these undesirable accidents in the future. Once you have discovered the cause of this behaviour, you will be able to focus on understanding your kitty to help eliminate the behaviour in the future.…

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Qualities That Separate Dogs From Other Animals – Top 3 Qualities

In this article, I examine the top 3 qualities that separate dogs, from other animals and explain just why these pets are so unique and truly are your best friend, for life and beyond. Adopting dogs since 1993, has been the best choice that, I have ever made and lets start looking at these qualities right now.
Quality #1 – Loyal
You will never find a more loyal friend, pal and pet outside a dog. These wonderful creatures live their lives to be loyal and care for those that have saved their lives. When you go to the pound ora breeder and get a dog, they will always remember it and they shall owe their lives to you.
In times of need when everything is ugly and no one is there, your dog will always be there and be by your side. I remember when a huge crisis hit my home a few years ago, my pet dog was there and helped me wipe the tears and he cared for me till, he passed on a few years ago.
You cannot buy loyalty in this world, only a true companion will be loyal to you and your pet will care for you, as long as you care for him or her.
Quality #2 – They Don’t Hold Grudges
These pets are so genuine and loving, they do not hold a grudge against you, they do not know the meaning of hatred and being evil. They remember the ones that, love them and they will love their owner in return. If you step on their tails, they will not try to step on you and get even.
This is a quality that is just amazing, your pet is there to help you and provide love. They are not here to keep score and get even with you.
Quality #3 – You Are their Idol
Dogs usually travel in packs and seek a leader or idol to follow, they will do their best to please their idol and owner. This is another super trait that dogs posses and your pet will listen, care and praise you for a lifetime.
Your dog worships the ground you walk on they have the highest respect for you and it is amazing just how much love they have for their owner(s).…