A Story of a Cat Which Has a Weight Loss Problem

A Story of a Cat Which Has a Weight Loss Problem

Smiles, laughs, a round of cocktails go around, loud murmurs; a sophisticated and sleek sexual energy vibrates from the crowd. Women dressed in tight fitted, short styled pieces of fabric disguised as dresses. That is just another typical night for the connected, young and rich community in the South Beach area. If animals were able to use money, would they flaunt it upon their person and equate their social worth from it? The true reality is that animals have no use for money but perhaps food is the animal’s sinful indulgence.

Across the way the alley corridors are dark, gloomy and fashionably dingy. The clammy, humid air carries a stench of last night’s vodka and French fries. A huge roach scurries rapidly under a random door. Emerging from under large garbage dumpsters, located in the back of a local restaurant, glares a back alley black fat cat. The cat’s body was massive, his teeth healthy and sharp, his eyes strong and eerie, his belly full and fat. He slyly moves along in a matrix motion. He joins the ranks of a community of cats that seemingly mirror the human population in size.

Most residents of South Florida would venture to say that Miami Beach must be the leading city in having the fattest cats in America. Their diets consist of an array of ethnic cuisine from the most loved local restaurants on South Beach. The fat cats in South Beach are a local attraction for the tourist as well as acknowledged and respected by the natives and business owners of South Beach. People love to feed the cats on South Beach just as well as the cats seem to love to entertain the masses for a treat. As we slowly poison and endanger a worthy treasure for the South Beach community by feeding our resident cats to death, a city wide cat weight loss program is desperately needed. Even if you do your part as a concerned resident you will not be able to save every cat on the streets of South Beach. What you can do is practice healthy habits the next time your path crosses with a fat street cat.

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If possible provide fresh drinking water for a needy cat. Water is essential for a healthy digestive system for a cat. If you ever offer food dry food is not recommended. Dry food rarely provides all the nutrients a cat needs and is loaded with carbohydrates and sugars. A creative option to feeding your local stray cat is diet food. Check with a local veterinarian about the differences in brands. Remember cats need meat protein and are designed to get water from their food. Donate a cat toy at your local pet shelter. Cats need an active physical regimen to alleviate their natural instincts of displaying aggression. A healthy amount of physical activity that a cat can receive from several segments of play time is the best combatant against cat obesity.