Kitten Care: The Responsibilities of a Pet Owner

Kitten Care: The Responsibilities of a Pet Owner

If you’re thinking about getting a pet and the pet you’re thinking about getting is a little kitten, there are many things you have to learn about before you even get a kitten into your home. Just like with any kind of pet, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities and if you do those duties to your pet well, you and your little kitten will be rewarded with many days of happiness and satisfaction. One of the essentials of kitten care is that you kitten proof your home. Here’s your checklist to accomplish that.

Remember that kittens are very playful and also curious. They love to chew on things. When you’re kitting proofing your home, you have to ensure that all the cords running around your house, especially electrical ones are taped securely down. You can treat your cords with products like Bitter Apple but as part of kitten care, you have to teach and discourage your kitten from chewing on them. When a new kitten is coming to your home, you have to forgo decorating with nice curtains for a bit of time. At this stage, you have to teach your kitten that these curtains aren’t meant for scratching or for climbing.

If there are toxic chemicals and other harmful things in your home, you have to be sure that they’re placed in secure places. Maybe you like to use antifreeze or some other chemical for cleaning your toilet. While these may smell sweet, they can be very toxic and your little kitten might be tempted by the sweet scent enough to lick it. It’s essential kitten care to keep these chemicals and toxic plants out of reach either keep them stored in a locked overhead cabinet or keep them outside the house.

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Part of kitten care is the cat litter. It’s the most basic necessity if you have a cat. When you get a good quality cat litter, you have to make sure you have a spot picked out for it in your home. It should be a place where it can’t be seen and it has to be a place where it can’t be smelled. Together with your litter box, you also need a litter scoop. If you live in a small space, you can buy a litter box that comes with an odor filter. They’re available in a variety of designs that can blend well with your home d?�cor.