Names For Kittens and Cats – How to Brainstorm For a Unique Kitten Name

Names For Kittens and Cats – How to Brainstorm For a Unique Kitten Name

Finding great names for kittens or cats can seem overwhelming at first. You want something that’s unique, different, and cute. And it has to be something you won’t get tired of repeating every day for the next fifteen to twenty years! It has to fit your new kittens looks, personality, and your lifestyle.

The possibilities are endless. That’s the great thing about naming an animal. There are no boundaries on your creativity. He doesn’t have to fit in on the playground, and no one will make fun of his name if it’s really off-the-wall. So go ahead, express yourself!

Right, so now what? Well one idea is to browse lists of popular cat names. But, that just might defeat your plan to be original. You want to be unique, so why choose the same name as everyone else? It is a good way to get started, though. It might give you some ideas.

The first thing to think about with each name is how it will sound. You are going to have to say it a lot, and you don’t want to get tired of it. Also, you want your cat to hear it easily. That’s why many cats have a name with a long vowel sound- they quickly pick up on their name if it has a long vowel, such as the “e” in Leo.

Names for kittens can reflect their appearance. If you have a black cat, how about Luna, Midnight, or Ninja? A white cat could be called Bianca. A tiger cat could be named, well, you know!

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The next idea is to take brainstorming one step further. For example, let’s say you have a gray kitten. Smokey is an obvious choice. Instead, think about all things gray. Gray weather makes me think about clouds, storms, how about Twister, or Nimbus (short for the cumulonimbus cloud type)? Or maybe your kitten is more silver? Platinum is a clever name. Silver leads to jewelry, how about Bling?

You might want to think about your kittens personality. Does he love to climb? Is she a total snuggle-bug? These traits can lead into a name! I once knew a kitten that was just crazy. His owner gave him a Native American name that reflected his wild nature.

Some of the best names for kittens are ones that reflect your unique character. Do you have a favorite author, sports hero, or even hobby? Take some time to think about it, and you may just come up with the perfect name!

If you are getting two kittens, you may opt to have their names match. Twin kitten names are fun and convey a special relationship between the kittens. On the other hand, many choose to name each kitten individually. It’s totally your choice.

Want to get outlandish? I’ve personally known a Hosehead, Chainsaw, and Three. There really are no boundaries when it comes to unique kitten names!

Some of the greatest names for kittens are human names, precisely because they are human! Some of the best human name choices are so very human, that they are absolutely quirky and unique on a cat!

There is no rush. Get to know your kitten. Spend some time bonding and observing him, and in the meantime think about some of these categories:

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Human Names


Real Life Celebrities




Your Hobbies and Personal Interests

Names for kittens can come from anywhere. These all provide great inspiration, and once you pick the perfect name, you’ll know it!