Why and How Do You Train a Kitten

Why and How Do You Train a Kitten

You have adopted a kitten from a family whose cat had a litter of five kittens. Your kitten has just arrived and is ready for training. She is a lovely tortoiseshell kitten with a ginger, and tortoiseshell siblings and a tortoiseshell mother. It was sad to remove her from these other amazing animals but you and your family are excited about the new addition to the household. Take a look at why you need to train your kitten and how you train your kitten.

Why Do You Train A Kitten

Everyone in the family has to comply with a set of guidelines so why should the kitten be an exception. Angel, the name of the kitten needs guidance just like children do when they are babies, toddlers. preschoolers and beyond. After all she will need your help to feed and water her and protect her from the elements. it is great to provide a calm, warm environment and training Angel will ensure that you have a loving cat that does not eat your furniture, pee on your houseplants and is protected from potential dangers. Angel needs to know what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is unacceptable, especially as there are some unacceptable behaviours that can also be dangerous.

It is important to realise that cats are wonderful creatures filled with curiosity and like humans, have different personalities. Some are snugly, affectionate, friendly and are content to nap on your lap. Some are standoffish and will only allow the occasional solemn head pat before regally stalking of to stretch and preen in the sunshine. And others are ‘wild cats’, hell bent on running straight up the walls in pursuit of invisible prey, knocking down all who dare get in their pathway. Although you won’t be able to change the basic nature of Angel, you can try and change the more obnoxious behaviours – should they occur. You will have to try and remember to have patience – some cats take to training quite well, others take a little longer. You will get to know Angel.

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Also cats do the things they do for various reasons and before training begins, it is important to have basic understanding of why?

Angel may misbehave due to:

~ boredom

~ growing from kitten to adult – see picture of an adult tortoiseshell cat

~ an impending or ongoing illness. It is best to rule out this one first. Maybe a health professional will be required to help out.

How Do You Train Your Kitten?

1. Make a List:

everything which needs changing and start with the worst offender first. It is best to teach one behaviour at a time because too many changes will make the cat confused and potentially worst behaved than before.

2. Give Clear, Consistent Guidelines:

Do this immediately as to what is and what is not acceptable in your home. We will have to remember not to change the rules from day to day eg if Angel climbs on the bench you should not tell her off on one day and then accept this on another day. You will have to organise consistency with all family members.

3. Treats and Rewards:

These can be effective with cats as long as they are given immediately after the behaviour.

Do not bother reprimanding your cat as it is often ineffective.

4. Clicker Technique:

This is when a loud noise from a clicker can be given to Angel should she misbehave. This intolerable noise will grab her attention and she will learn to avoid the undesired action and do an action that will give her a treat. It is not the treat that motivates her but the intolerance of the clicking sound.

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5. Cat Training Classes:

You could always take Angel along to training classes to find out some appropriate techniques.