Important Factors to Know About the Ferret Hammock

Important Factors to Know About the Ferret Hammock

Sleep is one thing that ferrets seem to be experts at although they do require that their sleep conditions are more than sufficient. While ferrets love to burrow and nestle in tightly to enjoy a long nap they also like to have other alternatives if at all possible. If they have a chill or feel like it they would like the option of sinking deep into some plush bedding but they also want to spread out in a nice ferret hammock too.

A good ferret hammock can not just be any hammock so buying one does require a bit of thought. Think about the purpose of a hammock for a minute, it will hang from the cage and is a good place for the ferret to sprawl out in. Make sure that the material that the hammock is made of is nice and furry and offers options of interior pockets that your ferret can snuggle inside if he so chooses. Ferrets simply adore these hammocks.

Another thing that ferrets adore about these hammocks is that they sway back and forth which offers a calming and soothing effect to the ferret when he is going into a deep slumber. Likely the most important thing about these hammocks is that it moves the ferret sleep area away from the area where they eat and eliminate. This is very important to ferrets to not have these areas close together.

If you have multiple ferrets then you will likely want to buy multiple hammocks to accommodate these ferrets. Even if you buy multiple hammocks you might soon discover that your ferrets have nestled together in one area however, some ferrets do not like the idea of sharing so choices are appealing to them.

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Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap hammock. You will end up replacing it sooner so make sure that the hammock that you choose can be washed regularly and make sure that the material of the hammock isn’t chewable or isn’t likely to get their nails embedded in it. These are the things that you want to base your purchase decision on as opposed to factors related to color and style. Keep in mind that ferrets are pretty much color blind so they are not concerned with these things.

Prior to buying a hammock you should be sure to look it over carefully. Check and see if it comes with the necessary hardware that is required to install it or if you have to purchase that separately. There are two concerns with the hardware, one is to make sure that the hardware is simple and allows you to take it down for cleaning and to put it back up with ease and second, you want to make sure that the hardware is stable so that your ferret can not harm himself on it.

Look over the hammock frequently to ensure the safety of it. This is a good practice to get into and assures that you are taking every precaution to ensure your ferret’s safety.