Domestic Cat Behaviour: 5 Tips For a More Exciting Playtime

Domestic Cat Behaviour: 5 Tips For a More Exciting Playtime

One of the top questions that people have about domestic cat behaviour is why their feline does not want to play with them. Usually the problem is not that the kitty doesn’t want to play, but instead, that the forms of play or toys offered to the cat are just plain boring. Every feline has a different personality, so the type of play that one cat is interested in, may be completely dull to another!

Your job is to find out what types of toys are the most exciting for your cat. To help you with your decision we have come up with the top 5 toy options to make playtime more fun.

Catnip Toys

Catnip toys have always been a favourite choice for cats and pet owners. Not only do these toys come in all sorts of shapes and materials, but they are stuffed with catnip too! The best way to play with a catnip toy is to place it beside your cat, slowly begin to move it around in front of or on top of Kitty, and finally to throw it across the room to see if she decides to chase it.


Wriggly, squiggly strings are a favourite form of prey for many felines. Any string-like item will do, just make sure to interest your kitty fully in the activity by dangling it in front of him, on top of him, or by slowly pulling the string past him. If your cat is interested in the game you will notice a sudden attentiveness to the string, and he may even get into a pouncing position to attack the string.

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Laser Pointers

Cats go crazy for the little red dot that is just impossible to catch. Playing with this toy is simple, just shine the light anywhere in front of your kitty, and move it around for her to chase. You will want to make sure to shine the light only on areas around your cat. Never shine a light on a feline’s face, especially not in his eyes.


Felines love to catch feathers, especially when they are moving around in front of them. To initiate a playtime with feathers, rub the feather on your kitty’s nose or slowly drag the feather beside him. If he begins to get excited about the feather, you know you have found a winner and will be able to purchase all sorts of feathery toys that will excite your kitty for future playtimes.

Paper Bags and Cardboard Boxes

One of the strangest types of domestic cat behaviour is their interest in cardboard boxes and paper bags. Some cats will have no interest in the new toy you have just bought for them, and will instead be more excited by the box or bag that the present came in. The next time you find yourself with a spare box or bag, place it on the floor in front of your feline to see if he or she gives you any reaction. You may have to move the box or bag around a little bit to gain your cat’s attention, but this play option is sure to be a hit.

Try out these tips to see if you can make playtime more exciting for you and your feline friend. Remember to never leave any strings, feathers, or bag handles unattended, as these can be harmful items for your cat to play with on his own. If you’re still having a tough time enticing Kitty to play, try adding a sprinkle of catnip to the mix either on top of or inside of the toy. This addition will definitely make playtime more exciting for any cat.

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