How To Make Your New Kitten Comfortable In Your Home

How To Make Your New Kitten Comfortable In Your Home

When you bring home a new pet, it’s an exciting experience. You have a new addition to your home to love and grow to appreciate. When you have a new kitten, there are times when it’s hard for the cat to really become more comfortable with the new home and family. Find out what you can do that will help your kitten be more comfortable.

First of all, be prepared beforehand. Have everything ready before the cat arrives so that they don’t have to wait on anything. The bed is especially important since your kitten will want to sleep often. Make sure it’s prepared and ready to be used.

Show affection for your cat. Kittens are not used to be handled at all. They must be trained early to enjoy affection else they might not ever like this. Hold the kitten in your lap. Pet your cat. Show affection in whatever ways that you can.

Be very gentle if the cat is showing signs of nervousness. Don’t tug or pull at the cat. Don’t force the cat into a place that he or she doesn’t feel comfortable with. Be gentle with your voice if the kitten is not doing anything wrong.

You might have to keep your new kitten away from other animals in the house that are much larger. These larger pets can intimidate the new kitten quite a bit.

Sometimes you will have to leave your new kitten alone. This is not just good for sleep but cats need their space. If your kitten feels smothered, it can develop habits of wanting to avoid you.

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Don’t make the huge mistake of letting your cat be cute and avoiding discipline. You might like how they look, but the discipline needs to start from day one else you will have ongoing behavioral problems.