What You Should Know About Taking Care of a Baby Ferret

What You Should Know About Taking Care of a Baby Ferret

Once you decide to care for a ferret, you have to commit yourself because this is one pet that you will have for life. You will probably get to spend up to $200 to begin with; this includes everything that he will need to ensure that he will live comfortably, happy and healthy. A female ferret is called Jill, the male is called Hob and their offspring are called Kits.


A baby ferret will be available at a store when they get as old as seven weeks. They will have to be vaccinated and spayed, to get rid of the distinguished odor just like what is done to the mustelid family. To be able to avoid the distinctive odor from baby kits, they are usually castrated; this is the process where the anal glands are detached. This process is done when the kits becomes six to seven weeks old. The cuts made during the process are intentionally small so that they will not be that visible when the kits get sold.


When the baby ferret gets as old as eight weeks, they have to undergo a distemper inoculation. When they reach the age of 11-12 weeks, he will need a booster and when he finally reaches the age of 14-16 weeks, he should get his final booster. After he completed his booster, he then, should be vaccinated each year. He also needs a shot for anti-rabies but not until he is around 12-13 weeks of age.

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These immunizations are really essential, so you must have these for your pet. You should also provide all the essentials that your baby ferret must have. They need a litter box and should be nip-trained. They usually nip hard, because this is their common nature. They also possess coarse fur and they usually play rough.

Sleep and Play

Baby ferret will definitely need a cage where he could be comfortable and sleep soundly. When you purchase a cage you should look for something that is safe, spacious and you can easily clean. Find a cage with a huge door so that you can easily get to your ferret when he sleeps in his hammock or nest box.

Ferret likes to play hard; you must provide him few toys that could fathom his restlessness. Durable cat toys that can tolerate your pet’s razor-sharp teeth will be good enough. You can also offer him some sturdy balls; just make sure that you will look after him when he plays. There are some baby toys that are perfect for baby kits too, in fact.

Ferret Feeding

When baby kits are made available at the pet store, they are already nourished and weaned from their parents. They usually possess not so sharp teeth because of their young age. One thing that you can do to help them is to dip their foods in warm water for ten minutes prior to feeding. Never ever give them any cat food because it harms their health.

Baby kits require proteins and fats from their foods compared to kittens. Kits usually have short intestinal system and fast metabolism. It usually takes long for the food to go and pass from the stomach to the intestines. When you go and buy their foods, make sure that it is consists of 20% fat and 35% protein.

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