Cat Problems

Cat Problems

Letting your cat know it did something wrong is not the same as doing it with a dog. Dogs know where they stand in chain of command with you at the top. Cats on the other hand go by territory, not by who is the main man.

The biggest mistakes made by cat owners is that they think a cat is just like a dog. A cat will not respond to a slap or something similar as a dog would.

The feline will be afraid of you. You certainly do not want that to happen.

You can teach you little kitty to do something else in place of the bad thing or things it is doing. Cats can not stand to be startled. This will work to your advantage. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. When it does the undesirable behavior, give it squirt. You can also try a quick flick of your voice of the word no when you want the animal to not do what it is doing. You have to do this right when the cat is misbehaving. If your cat bites, try taking the palm of your hand and pushing it into the animals face. Do not hit the thing in the face, just push it back with your palm. You can also cat proof your house just like your would for a kid.

Do not leave food out in the open where it can get to it. Keep those glasses and dished that can break put away. If you think about it, a lot of child proof stuff can be incorporated into a cat proof house. If the animal can not get to it, it can not get into trouble with it. Does your cat like to try and eat the frozen hamburger you have sitting out on the counter for dinner? Put in the oven. A turned off oven that is cool. This way it can not get to it. The sooner your start to let your pet know what is not acceptable, the better. Scratching is also a problem people have with cats. Start with them as a kitten and show them what is allowed and what is not. Be aware, just because the cat is partaking in an activity that is really cute now, does not mean it will be the same a few months or years later. It could be a nightmare for you.

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