Why Kittens Are Better Than Puppies

Why Kittens Are Better Than Puppies

So, you are deciding on either a puppy or a kitten. Let’s look over the various characteristics, like physical attributes, personality, care requirements, and time. The physical attributes of puppies and kittens are sight, hearing, smell, coat, eye color, temperature control, and personality.

Puppies are color blind in that they can’t see red and green. They do have hearing in the 16 to 20 hertz range. This is much better than humans. Puppies can be born with certain coat color markings and eye color, but they can change as the puppy becomes an adult. Generally they are born with blue eyes that change to brown. Puppies shortly develop temperature control. When they are hot they can perspire through their paws, and they pant to cool themselves off. Generally there are two types of personalities. Similarly to humans there is the busy, active, and self-centered type. The other type as you can imagine is the laid back forgiving type. Puppies require a set schedule for relieving themselves. They are fed in the morning and in the evening. They require that their owner or a care giver be around to take care of their needs. They are a pet that requires time.

In comparison kittens are born blind and they can’t see clearly and don’t have clear and functioning eye sight until the thirty-fifth day. They can’t see color. Kittens cannot regulate their body heat until they are 7 weeks old. Their hearing is fully developed at 4 weeks. Their sense of smell is refined by 3 weeks, but they only have 67 million smell-sensitive cells as compared to the 220 million of a puppy. In this regard the puppy wins out. Eye coloring can change as the kitten matures, but this is in the first few weeks. The kitten’s coloring remains the same as it matures. Kitten’s personality should be full of energy; this is an indication that the kitten is healthy. They need physical activity and space to properly develop. They require physical touch for warmth and to develop a hierarchy within the family. The more you interact with the kitten the more you will have an active member of your family. After the kitten has developed to functioning on its own you may leave it for many hours with just a litter box, food, and water.

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In conclusion after comparing the physical attributes, personality, care requirements, and time in this busy lifestyle the clear choice is to get a kitten. I now that kittens and puppies are both cute and adorable because they are young and small, but the time factor alone decided that kittens are better than puppies.