How to Be A Sexier Wife?

How to Be A Sexier Wife?

Sometimes women are busy in their career, children and daily life that they forget how to be a sexy little kitten for their hubbies. This article highlights some important tips on how to be a sexier wife.

1. Wear High heels: A women walking on a pair of heels always look sexy and attractive. So if you can properly walk on a pair of heels, then you can look sexier.

2. Wear Bifocals if you hubby likes you in a character of a sexy school girl.

3. When your husband is there at there at home, create a sexy environment by having sexy grooves and playing on the stereo.

4. Send your hubby text SMS when he is at office. Give him something special to look forward to when gets home.

5. Wear a sexy baby doll lingerie when you hubby gets home from office sometimes.

6. Go and have a lunch with your hubby at a romantic place.

7. When you come to bed, spray yourself with a light perfume and don’t wear panties under your night gown.

8. Keep in touch with your girl friends and talk them about fashion, hair and make up when you are on shopping with them. Thus, you can keep yourself updated with the latest fashion and trends and maintain your sexier look.

9. Experiment with fashion and sport your own style. I am sure your hubby will love it.

10. Try some new sex techniques: Unless it goes against anything God says, you should try new sexual techniques to fulfill your husband’s fantasies.

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11. Plan nights outs where you can get dressed up and hang out with your female friends at least once a month or once every month. No matter it is a lunch, shopping, dinner or whatever it is. You need to show your hubby that you are looking your best at outdoors. Men are sometimes excited by challenge and for some reason, this gives them a challenge.

12. Keep your figure and eating habits in check and do an exercise that suits you the best.

13. If you are uncomfortable in watching porn with your hubby, then watch some by yourself and get some innovative ideas. Remember that it is only you and your hubby in your bedroom and keep all others out from your bedroom.

14. Sometimes, when your hubby is just about to reach at home, engage yourself in a naughty maid costume with the duster and heels on clearing around the home or bending over scrubbing tubs and toilets. Thus, your husband will drive crazy while watching you as a sexy young maid cleaning the house.

15. Call your hubby by using some pet names like baby, sweetie, honey, darling and make him feel that you love him the most.

16. Keep your home neat and clean. Also, keep your kids primped and tidy as well. As all men feel proud when their wife and kids look at their best.

17. Be a freak in the bed. A man loves a lady in lanes, but a freak in the bed. Here, freak means tramp, hooker or anything being a complete sex maniac.

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18. If you need to make an argument with your hubby, do it in a respectful and tactful way.

19. Don’t control your hubby like his mother. You can control him with your sexy figure and behavior.

20. Avoid making excessive arguments with your husband. It can’t be you on the winning side always.

21. If you have kids, they should not sleep in the bed with you every night.