Ferret Training – No Bites

Ferret Training – No Bites

The first thing we all want to do in ferret training is to teach him not to bite. If you have been suffered from ferret bites before, you know that this is a very important thing you must solve. If you want to keep the ferret as a pet, especially when there are kids in the house, the ferret bites must be resolve.

Ferrets often bite, but you have to understand that they do it just if they are scared of something. In this way they use their own defense tool – the sharp teeth. The young ferrets bite as a part of game, but also because in the early stage of life they don’t know how hard they should bite, in order to eat different kinds of food. They are doing experiments with their teeth that for you might look dangerous, but still it’s a major part of the ferret training life.

Some of the ferrets bite when they hear loud noises so if this is the case try to facilitate your ferret by reducing unwanted noises from the living area. By doing it you might get rid of the ferret bites without even conducting full ferret training. It’s true what they say that the solution to every problem is very simple.

There are so many other methods you can use to stop the ferret from biting. It all depends on the reason of bites. For example if he is sick or hurt than the right solution is to take him to the veterinarian. It is always advised to treat your lovely ferret with care, but if he in deep rages you can keep him in his cage just for a few minutes so he will calm down.

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A very create idea to stop the ferret from biting is using the “bad taste ferret training”. In this method you cover your hands with a bitter taste of food, let’s say bitter melon. And put your fingers near his mouth. The ferret will avoid biting your fingers because he will want to avoid the bitter taste. After a few trainings he will remember not to bite your fingers.