Women’s Sandals – Wearing Your Kitten Heel Sandals

Women’s Sandals – Wearing Your Kitten Heel Sandals

When it comes down to shoes, everybody has their own preference and style. Naturally, many people like the same shoes and most have the tendency to follow the trends, but there are such a wide variety of different shoes and sandals, showing that nobody’s taste is just the same as the next person’s. Let us take women’s sandals for example.

It is really possible that you might absolutely love a pair of sandals that you’d never really wear yourself. So lovable are these footwear that you could never get away with wearing them! Perhaps it is because of the pattern or color; or you just love the look of a couple of gold or silver sandals but just can’t imagine yourself wearing them.

Maybe the heel is the issue. Perhaps you have always been used to wearing only flat soled sandals. Aside from the weird, strappy dress heel that could be categorized as a sandal, you usually wear more basic and casual types of sandals for comfort. But what you need to do is break out of your comfort zone!

Any time is a very good time to spice up your wardrobe and try experimenting with those styles that you adore but haven’t tried to wear for yourself. Sandals with heels are a great starting point, particularly now that heels are worn for each occasion from casual all of the way up to the formal type!

You can’t go wrong with two heels. But what type of heel should you choose? If you’re scared of a pair of very high heels due to lack of experience balancing on them, then go for something lower. If you still need the height, platform sandals are better to walk on, but they definitely have the “fashion punch” of high heels.

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If platforms aren’t for you, then your best option are the kitten heel sandals. These have only recently come into fashion and is the only answer for those that require the style of a heel without the pain that comes with walking on a very high heel.

These sandals come in various styles. You will find extremely fancy patent leather types that are very good for more formal occasions, and you may also find them in more basic colors and styles that look good with a rather more casual outfit. If you’re attempting to find a method to jazz up a couple of jeans, then these sandals are your only solution. They look lovable and sassy, with a touch of the dressy and form an ideal coalition with jeans.

For the lady who hasn’t got much experience when it comes to women’s sandals for summer, kitten heel sandals are the ideal starting point in broadening your horizon. Put on a pair and you’ll immediately feel feminine and trendy; prepared for whatever summer fun lies ahead!