Kitten Biting Problems

Kitten Biting Problems

Kittens are cute, adorable, fun little creatures. They are cuddly and want to play with your hands, biting or scratching them. At first, they may seem like harmless play. Watch out, when they grow older and the teeth and claws get sharper, playtime wouldn’t be that enjoyable anymore. They can even draw blood from your hands if you don’t stop this rough play as soon as it starts.

Kitten biting problems are often caused by the cat owner himself. I’m not saying that it’s your fault. The biting and scratching behavior in kittens are completely natural to them. It is a vital part of their development because of their predatory nature. However, if your hands become their target, this behavior should be stopped even before their teeth and claws get sharper.

In their natural world, together with their mother and siblings, kittens play a lot together. It includes mainly of stalking, biting, scratching, pouncing, wrestling and chasing- predatory skills that a normal kitten of the wild would have to learn to survive. Play can sometimes get rough and even become aggressive between siblings. When this happens, the other kitten usually growls, retaliate or just stop playing. The mother also corrects the kitten with a growl or a swat. Kittens can send each other signals to indicate that aggression in their games is not tolerated and subconsciously teaches the kitten to control his aggression.

Biting and any other aggressive behavior in kittens can be stopped. If playtime with your kitten means playing with your hands, try diverting his attention by using toys instead. You can use a string, balls made of paper, or any household items as toys for your kitten. If he still tries to reach for your hands, stop playing altogether and walk away. Your kitten craves your attention and if you ignore him, it is equivalent to scolding him. If during play, he becomes aggressive and bites your hand, say NO in a stern voice and gently remove your hand. Be consistent and he will soon learn to become a gentle and well-behaved kitten.

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