Is a Siamese Kitten Right For You?

Is a Siamese Kitten Right For You?

“We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please…” Familiar with Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp in 1959? Two havoc-wreaking Siamese cats were featured as “Si and Am” along with the popularity of the Siamese breeds in the late 19th century.

Cats have been associated with human for at least 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. It has been featured on movies decades ago in both real and fictional films. One true-to-life pet named Jason, the first feline to join on BBC TV’s best kids programme Blue Peter, was a Seal-Point Siamese.

In 1884, according to most sources, a departing British Acting Vice-Consul at Bangkok named Edward Gould acquired 2 breeding Wichien-maas, or what we call the Siamese cat today and brought them with him to England. There had been skepticism though as to where Sir Edward got the Siamese pair since these are cats bred by the royal family in Siam. When Pho and Mia- the imported cats- produced 3 lovely Siamese kittens were flaunted at the Crystal Palace Show in 1885, they captured the onlookers’ attention describing them as “an unnatural nightmare of a cat”.

From that time on, these oriental cats favored acquisition from the British aristocracy with their unique seal points, rarity and royal background. The traditional Siamese cats have sturdier bodies and vernacularly known as appleheads, an unfavorable nickname coined by modern type breeders due to its less wedge-shaped heads.

The modern Siamese kitten acquired its trait from a more streamlined and elegant parent genes. Everything about the modern Siamese cat is long- long slender body, triangular-shaped head with thin snout, long neck, long whip-like tail, and long slim legs. The cat’s eyes are almond-shaped, oblique and mostly blue that turns reddish at night. An exception to the cat’s long characteristics, a short glossy fur exquisitely intensifies the graceful body lines.

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The Siamese kitten is typically active and playful that bears on the adult stage. Siamese cats are one of the most gregarious cats in the world. Intelligent-wise, Siamese cats topped it all among the feline category. Its ingenuity makes them easily understood in terms of their nature. Now generally speaking, blue-eyed cats with white fur have a high incidence of genetic deafness. And that makes Siamese not so good in their hearing ability in contrast to their feline agility.

How elegantly looking though, Siamese cats are very chatty. From simple meows to loud raspy calls, most are constant non-stop talkers. However, they are also curious, affectionate and athletic even on their grown up years.

Most gestures and vocal expressions tend to convey of some sort. Siamese cats interact on different levels to both humans and fellow felines. They are affectionate and warm that explains a close relationship to the kitten cat breeder. Their expressive manner makes them closely bonded to humans. They even prefer and enjoy the comforts of your homes. With much time alone, they can be very docile. The Siamese cat can easily be well-trained, but mostly quite well-versed at training their own masters in their ways.

Highly intelligent though, they are not as independent as other cats are. Often, they want attention and do everything in a much more boosting way. They react to both extreme moods, giving great levels of hankering when in positive mode, and do the exact opposing temper in depressing times. Siamese cats can live in the average of 15 years with CRF as the number one morbidity cause in their elderly years.

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