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Introducing A New Kitten

Introducing A New Kitten

Want a new kitten for a friend? If you want to have a loving kitten, or if this is your first time caring for new kitten, it’s vital that you simply follow these recommendations on taking care of cats, and of course, utilize them. This article shares basic kitten care information, so read on.

Kittens are playful and heart capturing creatures, so long as you know all about taking care of kittens properly. For those who already own a kitty, and those who would like to guarantee that they have a loving cat, here’s some cat care information. Make certain you understand your kitten and are truly caring for a new kitten the proper way. Follow the rules shared right here and see how your relationship with your cat becomes more fulfilling.

From the second you arrive home with your new kitten, it is best to carry it directly to its personal space, and its new litter box. It is important to give it time to adjust to its surroundings, adjust to you, and to the other folks in the household. Why does the new kitten need to have an area of its own? Effectively, for it to really feel comfy, it needs its personal space whether or not it’s a separate room, a small basket, or a bit of mat. So a tip on taking good care of cats is to have a space prepared even before you bring your kitten home. For your pet to adjust to you quickly, it is recommended that you simply murmur soothingly to it, pet and stroke it gently, and before you even realize it, you will start to own a loving kitten.

One important piece of information every kitten owner should know is that permitting cats to go outside is highly recommended. Nevertheless, should you live in a high traffic area, or if the neighborhood isn’t that safe for felines, you may elect to have your kitten remain indoors. If your kitten is to remain indoors, it’s a must to follow this part on caring for your cat. Be certain that it has sufficient play time so that it will hopefully still get exercise inside your house, and so that it won’t get bored. Cats, like people, need some change in their daily life. Make sure to provide toys like balls, colorful toys or strings, things that squeak, and so on. Kittens like to play, and you may make your kitty completely satisfied to stay indoors when you give it toys. Very important to your new relationship with your cat is taking time with the kitty each day. This will ensure that you will have a loving cat in your home.…

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What is the Best All Natural Cat Food to Start My Kitten On?

What is the Best All Natural Cat Food to Start My Kitten On?

There’s no denying the fact that the best all natural cat food, especially for a new kitten, is the one Mother Nature so adequately provides. This quality raw meat and bones diet provides balanced nutrition, a happy and healthy mind and goes a long way to satisfy the natural hunting instinct.

The problem arises in just how to duplicate this healthy diet in the context of domesticity, juggling work and family commitments and the weekly shop. Obviously there have to be some compromises, but these can be minor once you are aware of the important aspects.

Let’s look at the major points of a quality raw meat and bones diet according to Mother Nature.

1. A cat kills and eats their prey immediately, indicating the dual aspect of raw and freshness are of primary importance. This means it’s better to keep the raw food for only a couple of days in the fridge, freezing the rest and thawing out as necessary.

2. A cat will eat the whole carcass so along with quality muscle meat, you should also include raw bones and some organ meat. Small raw bones are perfectly safe for cats up to about the size of medium sized chicken wings. Larger bones may cause the teeth to chip.

3. Cats are carnivores. Although they will eat the contents of the prey’s stomach, which will be partially digested grain or plant matter, their diet needs to consist of meat and bones, with the plant matter offered as a choice rather than a part of the diet.

Inevitable compromises humans have to make for the sake of convenience is that the meat will mostly be from animals much larger than a cat would normally kill. However this is of much less importance than the quality of the protein.

When you are in charge of the quality of the food you feed your kitten, you can expect her to grow into a fine and healthy cat. Leaving this most important aspect to people you don’t know, who only have an interest in your wallet, not your kitten, is playing Russian roulette with her health.…

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Tips To Protect Your Dog’s Paws From The Pavement

Many people like to go for walks with their dogs in the summer season when temperatures are highest. This can be very harmful to them, as the pavement absorbs the heat and burns their paws, causing pain, discomfort and exposing them to infections, especially when they are puppies and the skin on their paw pads is very thin. Read these 10 tips that will help you take care of your dog’s paws against the constant threat of burns caused by walking on hot pavement.

  1. Take Your Dog For A Walk When It Is Not Hot.

It is essential to take your pet for daily walks. Still, you must take into account at what time of the day and where you take him, especially in summer, since during the afternoon, the sun’s rays are powerful and radically increase the pavement’s temperature. The best time to go out is early in the morning or at dusk when the pavement is freezing and does not burn your dog’s paws.

  1. Get Your Dog’s Paws Used To Walking On The Pavement.

A good idea to help strengthen your dog’s paws against any damage is to make him walk for long stretches on the pavement when it is cold so that his skin adapts to this material’s hardness and is more difficult to break or burn because it will become harder.

  1. Keep Your Dog On A Grassy Path.

If, for some reason, you can’t avoid going out with your dog during the hottest part of the day, be sure to have him walk in grassy or shaded areas to avoid burns. Parks with lots of trees are ideal for hot afternoons, and you will also avoid coming into contact with corrosive substances that may be on the street or with dirt, which eventually dries out their pads.

  1. Moisturize Your Dog’s Paws

Consider moisturizing your dog’s paws daily to prevent cuts, nicks, or peeling, as these small wounds make them more susceptible to burns and other skin problems. You can find Paw Repair creams and lotions at pet stores and veterinary clinics.

  1. Protective Pad Wax

Paw Repair wax can be easily applied to your dog’s paw pads to protect them from damaging surfaces such as hot pavement. You can use it whenever you need extra protection during a walk, and you can find it in pet stores and veterinary clinics, just like moisturizing creams and lotions.

  1. Adhesive Pads

Just like a sticker, these pads peel off from their packaging and stick easily to your dog’s paw pads. You can find them at any home improvement store and just cut them to the size your pet requires. They are a quick solution to minimize the dangers of hot pavement and injuries and are even slip-resistant.

Another option is silicone sheets that are reusable, easy to cut, and moisture resistant. You can get them at drugstores.

  1. Dog Shoes

These shoes are one of the best ways to protect your dog’s paws; the important thing is that they are of good quality, comfortable and non-slip. Not all dogs get used to them, so don’t worry if you notice that your pet takes a long time to adapt or doesn’t want to wear them.

  1. Disposable Boots

Disposable boots are ideal for hot days. They are made of rubber and resist chemicals, moisture, heat, sand, salt, and much more. They can be used several times without problems, biodegradable, and sold in packs of 12 in pet stores.

  1. Socks

As a quick fix to keep your dog’s paws from getting damaged by hot pavement, you can use dog socks or a pair of baby socks. Not all dogs get used to wearing them, so as with shoes, don’t worry if your pet doesn’t want to wear them.

  1. Check And Wash Your Dog’s Paws Daily.

Check your dog’s paws daily for any signs of damage and frequently clean them with soap and warm water. If his paw pads are damaged, take him to the veterinarian for advice on the best way to heal his wounds.

By following these tips, you can prevent your pet from being exposed to burns from walking on hot pavement and also improve their quality of life, since their paw pads serve as shock absorbers for their weight, maintain their balance, and allow them to walk on hard or rough surfaces.



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Women’s Sandals – Wearing Your Kitten Heel Sandals

Women’s Sandals – Wearing Your Kitten Heel Sandals

When it comes down to shoes, everybody has their own preference and style. Naturally, many people like the same shoes and most have the tendency to follow the trends, but there are such a wide variety of different shoes and sandals, showing that nobody’s taste is just the same as the next person’s. Let us take women’s sandals for example.

It is really possible that you might absolutely love a pair of sandals that you’d never really wear yourself. So lovable are these footwear that you could never get away with wearing them! Perhaps it is because of the pattern or color; or you just love the look of a couple of gold or silver sandals but just can’t imagine yourself wearing them.

Maybe the heel is the issue. Perhaps you have always been used to wearing only flat soled sandals. Aside from the weird, strappy dress heel that could be categorized as a sandal, you usually wear more basic and casual types of sandals for comfort. But what you need to do is break out of your comfort zone!

Any time is a very good time to spice up your wardrobe and try experimenting with those styles that you adore but haven’t tried to wear for yourself. Sandals with heels are a great starting point, particularly now that heels are worn for each occasion from casual all of the way up to the formal type!

You can’t go wrong with two heels. But what type of heel should you choose? If you’re scared of a pair of very high heels due to lack of experience balancing on them, then go for something lower. If you still need the height, platform sandals are better to walk on, but they definitely have the “fashion punch” of high heels.

If platforms aren’t for you, then your best option are the kitten heel sandals. These have only recently come into fashion and is the only answer for those that require the style of a heel without the pain that comes with walking on a very high heel.

These sandals come in various styles. You will find extremely fancy patent leather types that are very good for more formal occasions, and you may also find them in more basic colors and styles that look good with a rather more casual outfit. If you’re attempting to find a method to jazz up a couple of jeans, then these sandals are your only solution. They look lovable and sassy, with a touch of the dressy and form an ideal coalition with jeans.

For the lady who hasn’t got much experience when it comes to women’s sandals for summer, kitten heel sandals are the ideal starting point in broadening your horizon. Put on a pair and you’ll immediately feel feminine and trendy; prepared for whatever summer fun lies ahead!…

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Playing With Our Cat Helped Her Get Well

Playing With Our Cat Helped Her Get Well

When we first got our now 15 year old tuxedo cat, she was a frail, too-thin kitten. At about 8 weeks old, she was half the size of the other kittens in a feral cat colony we had been watching and supporting. I couldn’t stand by and watch that one die as the others prevented her from eating, and actually beat her up from time to time. So I snatched her one morning, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. She still had some strength and good reflexes. But I knew that wouldn’t last much longer. It was time for an intervention!

I had to sneak up behind her and throw a towel over her and immediately scoop her into my arms, then into a box, since we did not have a trap. She put up an amazing fight and I was astonished at her spunk. But she had never been touched by a human before. She was completely terrified. And she wasn’t just the runt of the litter, either. Her head appeared to be permanently turned and tilted to the right. Someone else had been calling her “that twisted neck cat,” so we named her Twister.

It took a few weeks, but she soon became very tame and fun to have around the house. She played with everything. Shoelaces weren’t safe, and anything dangling or left on the floor, such as a newspaper, or a jacket hanging on a chair, was an invitation to dive underneath it. So we invested in a few toys made just for cats, but also with a view to helping her develop certain physical skills and coordination.

As a physician, I decided to use her playtime drive as a means of physical therapy to correct her neck problem. It looked like a torticollis to me, a condition in which muscle spasms become permanent and the neck cannot be turned normally, and as a chiropractor, I had helped a number of patients recover from exactly the same thing.

So I created a play routine that involved forcing Twister to look both ways, and to chase a toy to either side, with a quick change of direction so she didn’t have time to think about it. In addition, I used some massage and acupressure techniques to release the muscle rigidities and allow her to use them more.

It took most of her first year, but she came out of it quite well, with only a slight twist of her head left to remind anyone of her beginnings.

Now, at 15, she has no twist whatever, but she apparently had some congenital neurological damage from which she could not recover. She is now completely deaf, for example. And she’s still a very small cat. But she’s the lucky one… none of her litter mates, nor parents, are alive today. As ferals, they lasted the “normal” year or three and gradually disappeared, as ferals often do in the sometimes hazardous outdoor life. And while we weren’t able to capture all of them for spaying and neutering, we became advocates and volunteers for a local trap-neuter-release program to help control the stray population.

Meanwhile, Twister has lived a most fulfilling life as she became our constant companion on our many trips all over the United States.…

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8 Basic Cat Care Tips

8 Basic Cat Care Tips

So you’ve just adopted a precious little kitten or cat. Now what do you do? Well you need to get prepared before bringing your new cat home. There are certain things you absolutely must have on hand.

1. A litterbox, litter and scoops are vital. Get a nice covered litter pan that will give your cat privacy and keep odors to a minimum. It is a good idea to get the clumping type of litter because it’s so easy to scoop out and throw away. If you only have one cat, you might want to invest in an automated litter system such as the Litter Maid – but these don’t work well with multiple cats.

2. Your cat will require 2 bowls that won’t tip over. The food dish should be relatively shallow and the water bowl should be a bit deeper. It is a good idea to feed your cat twice a day – both dry food and canned food. And water should be changed daily.

3. Your cat will also need plenty of toys to keep him/her stimulated. My cats have always enjoyed the bizzy balls best of all. They go by different names, but here’s what I’m talking about – they’re plastic balls with bells inside. There’s a wide variety of great cat toys on the market and most are pretty cheap – just try out a bunch and you’ll find what suits your kitty best.

4. A scratching post is very important as cats have an inborn need to stretch and sharpen their claws. If you don’t provide them with a suitable place to scratch, then they’ll end up doing it on your furniture or carpet. Even with a scratching post, they’ll probably still scratch where you don’t want them to. So you might want to spray cat deterrent or put double sided tape on your best furniture.

5. Of course a collar and id tag is important whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat. An indoor cat can slip out the door in a flash and without some form of identification – you might never see her again.

6. Cat beds are optional. I’ve bought different cat beds over the years and to tell you the truth, they’ve rarely been used. Most cats like to seek and find their own places to nap – and it usually varies from day to day. One day it may be on your bed; one day it may be on your couch; one day it may be on the floor; and one day it may be in a kitchen chair.

7. Flea and tick prevention are extremely important too. I am partial to the Frontline liquid stuff that you place between your cat’s shoulder blades – it works well and doesn’t cause any problems for your cat.

8. Be sure and schedule a visit to your veterinarian. The vet will let you know if there are any underlying health problems or conditions that you should be aware of and get your cat started on a good regimen of disease prevention.…

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Surprise Your Little Girl This Christmas With Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty

Surprise Your Little Girl This Christmas With Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty

When it comes to giving gifts for babies or young children, it is often quite a challenge to specifically think of an idea for little girls. Unlike little boys who will basically enjoy whatever you hand out to them, little girls are far more particular. Girls are picky, that’s for sure; but this shouldn’t stop you from succeeding at getting a holiday gift that would bring a smile to their faces — Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty is a good suggestion.

Most girls ranging in between 4 to 10 years of age are in their “doll” phase. This should give you an idea on the type of gift you can give? But you must not settle for the mainstream idea of buying her a new doll, especially since most girls of this age range probably have their own dolls already.

You can get her a gift package that contains accessories for her baby doll. These sets come with either bottles, diaper bags and other related baby dolls items that your little girl will enjoy during playtime.

If they’re not so much into dress up baby dolls, you can opt to give them Barbie dolls. You do not have to purchase branded and expensive doll accessories or costumes, you simply have to settle for something that is playful and will enable your child to let out her creativity.

One great and creative alternative to dolls is Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty, particularly if you don’t want real pets around the house. It will also save you money since the Lulu cuddlin kitty is relatively cheaper as compared to buying a new kitten for your child. As one of the most sought after toys nowadays, it won’t be surprise if its popularity grows as the Holiday season opens. Hence, your kid will be pleased to know that you have given this to them as a gift knowing that it is the latest toy trend among little girls.

The Lulu is covered with fur from real kitten, which is what gives that extra cuddly and soft feel. This is the closest to your child having a real kitten at home. This is battery operated, which enables it to execute common mannerisms that an actual kitten would, such as licking its paw, sitting on your lap, and making this purring sound. It also comes with blinking eyes and ears that will surely amuse your child.

The experience with Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty is more than just play. Aside from developing your child’s interaction skills, it also teaches your little one to care for others.…