Supply Checklist For Bringing Home Your New Kitty

Supply Checklist For Bringing Home Your New Kitty

* Food

* Treats

* Food and Water Bowls

* Litter

* Litter Box

* Collar

* Name Tag

* Kitty Toys

* Kitty Bed

* Grooming Tools

* Scratching Post

* Kitty Carrier

* Lint Rollers

I recommend a higher quality of food for your kitty. It is more costly but is also more nutritious, which means your kitty can live a healthier life. You will notice a difference in their skin and coat when using a higher quality cat food.

I usually buy the cheaper kitty treats because I know that it is just a treat and is not something they need to live off of.

It is fun picking out the food and water bowls, but be mindful of its function. The plastic food bowls can harvest more bacteria then ceramic or glass. Ceramic and glass are also easier to clean in the dish washer.

Finding the right litter is very important. There are so many types, clump-able, non-clump-able, corn and even crystal. I have tried all of them but the choice is yours. Are you going to clean the litter box out every day? Then use the clump-able. If not use the non-clump-able. Do you have the litter box in a room you use all the time, if so I would use the corn or crystal litter for the smell. Whatever litter you train your cat on is what you should stick with. If you change the litter type your kitty may get mad and refuse to use the box.

There are many varieties of litter boxes, corner ones, covered ones and plain ones. I use a plain one because I have scoop-able (clump-able) litter and it is much easy for me to scoop it without the hassle of a lid. However covered litter boxes do help more with the smell.

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Do you want your kitty to wear a collar? If so you will need to buy a collar that is designed for cats. It will be a break-away collars, so if your cat get the collar stuck on a fence it can still get away without choking itself. The collar does not do any good unless you also buy a name tag (*with a phone number*). This will be the only hope of getting your kitty back if it escapes.

Toys are a must if you have a kitten, they will help socialize the kitten.

Kitties also love their beds, however the kitty usually chooses where it wants to sleep all by themselves. I have several kitty beds, I put them in shots that my cats have already chosen to stay. For example, Madison loves to sleep on top of the dog kennel so she can look outside and enjoy the sunlight. I put a bed on top of that kennel and you will find her there most days.

Cats usually groom themselves, but sometimes their hair can get matted and will need to be brushed out. Cats with long hair will need to be brushed out more often then short haired cats. It may be best if you had a selection of brushed to use.

Is your kitty declawed? If not you will want a scratching post. If you don’t have a scratching post it will be very likely that you will have some torn up furniture in the first few month of owning a cat or kitten.

Your cat should always be transported in a carrier. When buying a carrier make sure to get it big enough that your cat fit into it as an adult. No need to waste money on a carrier that will be to small in 6 months.

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Lastly, I would purchase a lint roller cats can shed a lot and you don’t want to go to work in a nice black suit and have white kitty hair all over it.