Treating Ferret Fleas

Treating Ferret Fleas

If you own a ferret, fleas are a common problem your ferrets may encounter. Since these are parasites that suck the blood of your pet, it is imperative to know some important information about it so you can take suitable steps to remove them as well as avoid reinfestation. More than getting rid of it you need to know how to maintain your pet’s health and keep fleas away.

In warm and humid conditions, fleas multiply rapidly. What they cannot survive is hot or cold weather or high altitudes. They also cannot see very well owing to their bad eyesight. Since they respond to light, therefore light colored fur of the ferret is an attractive haven for the fleas to infest.

The blood sucker causes ferret anemia. Ferrets, being allergic, lose hair and develop rashes and an itchy skin. The tiny, lovable creature may well die if it is not treated. They must be given medical treatment and kept clean to get rid of it.

You can find products such as sprays, powders, oral suspensions, topical applications, shampoos and bombs made of chemicals that keep out fleas. An effective remedial application is Pyrethrum which repels fleas. Since they have nerve endings, post-synaptic products like Avantage are effective as they contain Imidacloprid that blocks the nerve transmission killing the fleas right away. Vets recommend Frontline. However, a problem with these remedies is that only full grown fleas are killed and not eggs.

Recent years have seen the development of anti flea products which also destroy the eggs of fleas. A popular inhibitor is Lufenuron which can be bought in the market under the names of Program and Sentinel oral suspensions. Precor and Nylar are flea growth inhibitors which when sprayed on cages, carpets and bedding of the ferret keeps the fleas away. Use a shampoo for the ferret called D-limonene which has a pleasing citrus odor and repels and kills adult fleas.

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Fleas can be difficult to control once they infest the ferret. It is still better to prevent the advent of fleas by keeping your pet clean and dry. Take care of basic sanitation of the ferret and its surroundings and automatically your pet will be blessed with a long and healthy life.