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Emery Cat Scratcher Files The Cat's Nails Without Harm To You And Your Cat

From the second i found out about the Emery Cat Scratcher I knew that it was manufactured by cat lovers because it features catnip. Cat’s just adore catnip, as a matter of fact my cat Livie has a desire for cat nip. She’ll get in a bed of it and rolls around in the fragrant herb untill she gets all of it over her body. To mention she loves catnip is undoubtedly an understatement.

Due to the catnip, cat adore the emery cat scratcher and often will spend a lot of time scratching there claws, rolling around around the board and just having a good time. The not so good part is that if you’ve multiple cats your going to need the 2nd board mainly because cats don’t share. Don’t even want to think about sharing, it isn’t within there nature.

Spending all of this time on the emery board, your cat’s claws is going to be filed and ideal in a very few weeks doing away with the frustration of cutting their nails. Which is the one job that my cat hated with a passion. One glance at the nail trimmers and she can be gone and not found for the remainder of the day. Using the Emery Cat Scratcher that job is in the past and thankfully forgotten about.

The big downside of the Emery Cat Scratcher is that it is very light and tends to slide around a great deal on solid surfaces. You need to put it to use a rug or carpet therefore it doesn’t travel all over. My cat doesn’t mind a bit , she’ll just travel with the catnip laden board but, you may not want it being underfoot everyday.

I forgot to note above the fact that catnip is only going to work for a couple of months and you might want to replace it. This is a simple task since you can grow your own as I do and easily cut some of the nip and set it on the emery board once or twice on a monthly basis. Or however you can purchase some, it’s available all over in pet stores and do in the same way.

Would I suggest the Emery Cat Scratcher. Yes, and my cat Livie would too. Obviously she would recommend any scenario that included catnip. It take just a couple of minutes to assemble, last for many years and being you can get two of the boards plus a free de-shedder I feel it’s a good bargain.…

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How To Set Up Your Home For Your New Ragdoll

How To Set Up Your Home For Your New Ragdoll

Before you can bring home your new Ragdoll kitten, you must make sure that your home is ready to receive it. You would want to ensure that your new addition to your family will find its new home welcoming, safe and comfortable.

Here is a breakdown of 5 places in your home that you should kitten-proof:


The bathroom can be place of danger for any kitten because more often than not, water can be left unattended in a bathtub or in a bucket. If your Ragdoll kitten gets thirsty, it may wander to the bathroom and try to drink from the tub or bucket. Your kitty could possibly fall into either the bucket or the tub so to avoid that, be sure to keep your bathtub drained and have a lid to cover buckets filled with water. Always keep the toilet seat covered, too.


Cats, by nature, love to explore and the outside world is just as fascinating to them as the inside of your home. However, Ragdoll kittens should not be allowed to go outside the confines of your home or apartment. You should also check which plants you have in your home that can be poisonous to your new pet. Do what’s necessary to keep them away from it.


As a place where you cook and prepare food, kittens love hanging out in the kitchen. You have to be watchful of your new Ragdoll kitty around kitchen appliances, their wires and other electrical appliances. Try to keep your sink drained of water to avoid having your pet fall into it. Keep cleansers, soaps, liquids and powders that they can open and spill or even ingest in high cupboards or cabinets with child-safety locks to avoid poisoning.

Living Room

Ragdoll kittens like to play on the floor but will also like to play on sofa, chairs and tables. It would be best to have a scratching post or a cat tree around so they have a proper place to relax or have fun. You should also put away your favorite breakables in another cabinet that is far from your new kitten’s reach.


To avoid choking, personal items that include needles, pins and other small objects should be kept in a drawer. Your Ragdoll kitten is curious about everything and will try to taste or swallow those small items. Curling iron, blowdryer and other accessories should also be hidden away after use to avoid burning and other accidents. Cats also find laundry baskets appealing so it would be good to have a cover for your laundry pile.…