What is the Best All Natural Cat Food to Start My Kitten On?

What is the Best All Natural Cat Food to Start My Kitten On?

There’s no denying the fact that the best all natural cat food, especially for a new kitten, is the one Mother Nature so adequately provides. This quality raw meat and bones diet provides balanced nutrition, a happy and healthy mind and goes a long way to satisfy the natural hunting instinct.

The problem arises in just how to duplicate this healthy diet in the context of domesticity, juggling work and family commitments and the weekly shop. Obviously there have to be some compromises, but these can be minor once you are aware of the important aspects.

Let’s look at the major points of a quality raw meat and bones diet according to Mother Nature.

1. A cat kills and eats their prey immediately, indicating the dual aspect of raw and freshness are of primary importance. This means it’s better to keep the raw food for only a couple of days in the fridge, freezing the rest and thawing out as necessary.

2. A cat will eat the whole carcass so along with quality muscle meat, you should also include raw bones and some organ meat. Small raw bones are perfectly safe for cats up to about the size of medium sized chicken wings. Larger bones may cause the teeth to chip.

3. Cats are carnivores. Although they will eat the contents of the prey’s stomach, which will be partially digested grain or plant matter, their diet needs to consist of meat and bones, with the plant matter offered as a choice rather than a part of the diet.

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Inevitable compromises humans have to make for the sake of convenience is that the meat will mostly be from animals much larger than a cat would normally kill. However this is of much less importance than the quality of the protein.

When you are in charge of the quality of the food you feed your kitten, you can expect her to grow into a fine and healthy cat. Leaving this most important aspect to people you don’t know, who only have an interest in your wallet, not your kitten, is playing Russian roulette with her health.