Twin Kitten Names: Don’t Just Search!

Twin Kitten Names: Don’t Just Search!

Welcoming a new kitten at home can be a challenge. Finding the perfect twin kitten names for your pet can be even be more challenging! But having two? And a twin? Wow, that’s quite overwhelming!

Do you want names for kittens that sound alike? Should the names share the same initial? Do the names match with the kittens’ appearance? Do you find it more lively to give them fun and quirky? Or compliment or contrast each other?

Most owners call their cats with their respective hobbies and profession. Mozart or Bach for example shows that the pet owners are musicians. There are also simple twin names, like Puss and Kitty or Kit and Kat. Possibilities are endless!

You can name your cat from famous pairs– Chip and Dale, Mickey and Donald, Bonnie and Clyde, Sherlock and Holmes, Tom and Jerry, Bugs and Daffy, and a lot more. Another is an alliteration, such as Topsy and Turvy, Sugar and Spice, Yin and Yang, Mimi and Mumu, Bill and Bob, etc.

Tips! Tips! Tips!

1. It would be best in naming kittens that has only one syllable.

2. Naming kittens with the same first initial makes them match automatically and give lenity.

3. Use anagrams is a neat idea. Just simply arrange the letters in one name to create another.

4. Just don’t name your twin kittens similar to your twin kids names. Psychological reason would be constant confusion between them.

5. Themes can be great to give twin kitten names. It can be themed in religious perspective, places or ethnicity.

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6. Sounding alike? Well, you can give them names that have common meanings instead of having it sound similarly.

The following are list of names.

Amy and Mya

Flic and Flac

Gib and Glob

Kale and Kane

Mimi and Mumu

Kit and Kat

Mary and Myra

Ticky and Tacky

Reva and Vera

More Siamese kitten pictures.

Leon and Noel

Storm and Stripes

Ira and Ria

Bluebell and Blueberry

Tippy and Tipper

Molly and Milly

Shena and Sherri

Blossom and Bubbles

Dolly and Lloyd

Scratch and Sniff

Sugar and Spice

Cobi and Cody

Grant and Gabby

Aiden and Nadia

Bonnie and Clyde

Sponge and Bob

Benji and Ben

nemo and Dory

Louise and Clark

Bella and Bessie

Samson and Delilah

Dot and Ditto

Jekylle and Hyde

Marshal and Mathers

Chess and Shire