Things to Consider Before Adopting a Kitten

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Kitten

Adopting a kitten is a major responsibility, and is unlike adopting a cat or other adult animals in many ways. Adult pets do not need as much attention and care as do kittens and other young pets. As their foster parent, it is your responsibility to care for them, and to nurture them to a healthy and mature adulthood. Before you get your furry friend, we propose you go through this checklist we have prepared for you. It shows what all do you need before you can seriously consider bringing home a kitten.

How many Kittens

You have to first decide how many kittens you want. Kittens love to play with each other – so of you get two or more kittens, the chores you need to do double, but the fun quotient of having kittens more than doubles. The rest of the factors we have listed depend on whether you want just one kitten, or more.

Time and Attention

Apart from the time you will spend cuddling and playing with the kitten, you will need to take care of their feeding, their litter box and a host of other care related tasks. This requires time. Also, were to happen that you had to leave your home for a few days, you will need to leave the kitten, and your other pets if any, in someone’s care. So if you are living alone, and plan on taking a long trip soon, it would be better if you adopted a kitten after you returned.

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Money and Financials

Apart from the adoption fees you may have to pay to adopt a kitten, you will also need to pay for its medical care, vaccinations, general checkup or neutering. You will also need to spend money on cat food for your kitten. So go ahead with the adoption only if you are prepared for a small financial cut from your monthly budget.

Medical and Allergies

Make sure that no one in your family is allergic to cats. You do not want the kitten to be a source of discomfort for anyone, especially when it can easily become discomfort bordering on medical misery. If it a small case of allergenic reaction, anti-histamines may help.

Family and Small Kids

If the kitten is very young, there is a chance that it may get injured while playing with a baby or a child. So before you get a kitten, make sure kids in the family know how to play with a kitten. Also, you should also ask whether everyone in the family wants a kitten. Yes, there are people who do not like kittens as much as you do!

The above factors all add up to this: do you want a kitten and are you prepared to make small sacrifices to keep one? One you are prepared for them, get them!