The Young Ferret Or Kit

The Young Ferret Or Kit

When it comes to pets, it is hard to resist any baby, they are cute and almost irresistible and this is by no means any different when you decide on a baby ferret or as they are known kits. They are cute and full of fun and mischief, these little fur balls can take up a fair bit of your time, although most think it is worth it.

If you have small children, then you need to consider whether it is right to bring a baby fuzzy into the home. The children will already take up a lot of your time, so the added pressure of giving a lot of time to your new pet fuzzy, may be to much. An adult ferret may take up less time than a baby one, but it will also need your attention. The babies just need more attention and will also need to be trained, which can be time consuming, so before committing to getting one of these fun pets, make sure you have enough hours in your day to accommodate the little guy.

Just like any baby, the young fur ball will still be learning to use their mouth and can be nippy with their sharp teeth, so bear this in mind with your children, never leave them alone together, always supervise their contact. This will be part of the training of your fuzzy, you will have to discourage them from biting, it can easily escalate and get out of control if you don not, you are the one that will have to socialize them. Handle the little guy often, as this helps them to get use to it and is a big part of their development into their new environment.

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When you decide on a baby ferret, then you will also be responsible for making sure that the little guy has had their vaccinations, this is something you need to check with the person you got your pet from as they should have had their first shot before you take them home, but it will be up to you to make sure they get future shots.

Your time will not only be taken up with training and nurturing your little fur ball, but also making sure they get the exercise they need out of their cage, they have lots of energy and need to use it up, although this is the great fun part of these great pets. Their cage will need to be kept clean and there is also the matter of their diet and feeding them, they need a meat based diet that is high in protein and fat, so do not feed them sweets or treats that are unsuitable for the digestive system.

As long as you are fully aware that these great little fun pets will be a drain on part of your daily time and you can accommodate that, then you may have picked one of the best and fun pets you could introduce to your family home. Care well for your fuzzy and enjoy the fun they will provide you with every day.