Some Important Tips on Your Ferret’s Care

Some Important Tips on Your Ferret’s Care

Ok, so you have your new pet ferret, you eagerly brought him home and introduced him to the family. The kids probably fell in love with him as soon as they saw him, and the wife turned her nose up at the smell.

Well, after all the introductions have been made, the fun really begins. You are going to have to start training your new family member. Now at this point he is probably either very nervous, or he is jumping about all over the place. This is where you have to make it very clear to your ferret, what he can, and can not do.

If you or your kids are handling or even playing with your ferret, he will probably have the tendency to start nipping. This is one of the things that you are going to have to start dealing with, especially where your children are concerned.

If he does start nipping, you will have to tell him in a stern voice “no”. Eventually he should start associating the word no, and the tone of your voice, with the fact that he has to stop. If this measure is not taken, then your ferret will soon start to be resented by other members of your family.

The ferrets teeth are specifically designed to cut through meat and bones, so they could inflict some serious damage. This is why it is so important to deal with this problem, right from the onset.

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Ferrets also love to be cuddled, but more than that they love to play games. The rougher the games are the better, and they seem to enjoy it. I am not talking about throwing him around the room, but having mock fights with him. Or even letting him tug on a length of cord, or a bit of old material. They really seem to enjoy a contest of strength.

As long as you treat your ferret gently when appropriate, and play with them when they want to have some fun. Your new family member should quickly form a bond with you, and with the rest of your family. For much more information on a ferrets care, click on the link.