Safety for Outdoor Cats: How to Keep Your Kitty Safe While Playing Outside

Safety for Outdoor Cats: How to Keep Your Kitty Safe While Playing Outside

With the new smells, scenery, and areas to explore, it is no wonder that cats love to have outdoor adventures. Although the outdoors can be exciting for a cat, they can also be quite dangerous. In addition to the frightening idea of a feline friend becoming lost, there is also the threat of poisonous garden plants and flowers, bug bites and ticks, and unfriendly neighbours and animals. Although those sound like reasons to keep kitty inside for good, rest assured that there are safety measures you can take to ensure that your feline can have an enjoyable time outside.

Use a Leash and Harness.

If you want to keep your kitty contained to a specific area of your yard, you can equip him with a harness and attach that harness to a leash. Make sure the leash is securely tied in place, and allow Kitty to explore the area as much as he wants (under your supervision, of course). Using a harness as opposed to a collar ensures that your cat cannot easily wriggle out of the collar. Most importantly, this option can save you and your cat from a traumatic choking experience if he gets stuck on something.

Use a Cat Stroller.

If you have a cat that can sit still for long enough, you may be interested in the idea of a cat stroller. Although a bit silly looking, this product will allow your kitty to see the world from the safety of a netted cat carrier with wheels. Although this does not allow your kitty to roam around the outdoors, it still allows him to see, smell, and hear the exciting outdoors.

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Build a Cat Run Outside.

Outside cat runs are netted or caged in enclosures that are much longer than they are wide. The style of the cat run can be anything from a long tube, to a large tunnel with toys, hammocks, and different levels to stand on. These runs are great for allowing felines to run and play outside, while being safely enclosed in a specific area of the yard.

Invest in an Outdoor Cat Enclosure.

A step up from the outdoor cat run is a large enclosure that is almost like a second home for the cat. These enclosures feature a feeding area, many play areas, and towers for bird watching. You can even connect the enclosure right to your house via a tunnel attached to a window. This direct access can let a cat wander in and outside as she pleases. If you have the budget and the motivation, you can even design the enclosure to match your outdoor decor.

Ensuring a fun and safe outdoor environment for kitty to enjoy is the key to a happy experience outside. You can be worry free the next time you take your cat outside, because you will know that you have taken the time to create a safe outdoor play area.