Homemade Toys for Teacup Kittens

Homemade Toys for Teacup Kittens

Teacup kittens are inquisitive animals that love to play. While most teacup cats and kittens can spend the entire day chasing flies and other insects, many owners prefer giving their pets some toys to play with since this helps them bond with their pets. The following paragraphs will elaborate on how to make homemade toys for your beloved furry pet.

Teacup kittens love playing with tissues and tissue rolls. Many owners tie new tissue rolls on a stick and allow their kittens to chase the tissue roll. You can also give your pet a tissue roll to play with without tying the roll to any object. Your kitten will have a great time rolling around the tissue roll and getting entangled in the loose tissue. Remember to give your kitten only unscented white tissue paper. Since kittens also enjoying playing inside large cardboard boxes, the next time you have an empty cardboard box do not throw it away, instead give it to your kitten to play with.

Most kittens and cats enjoy shredding up paper. Although shredded paper makes a mess, this activity is very enjoyable for cats since they get to use their paws and claws. Providing old newspapers or an old telephone book to shred up can actually help you too since after shredding up old paper your teacup kitten will not have the urge to claw furniture. Many owners tie up newspapers and phone books to a fixed beam and they allow their kittens to go crazy shredding paper. Kittens also enjoy playing with brown paper bags, since these bags can be torn easily.

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Like many breeds of dogs, teacup kittens enjoy playing with soft toys or stuff toys. While giving your teacup kitten stuff toys to play with, remember to remove the loose cotton once your kitten tears the toy. You will also have to remember to remove the eyes and nose of the stuff toy once your kitten has removed these objects from the toy. You can alternately stitch back the toy if your cat enjoys playing with one particular stuff toy. You can also give you kitten baby toys such as rattles meant for children below 3 years.

It is not recommended to give any teacup cat balls of wool or string since if your pet gets entangled then he will get scared and most likely hurt himself. Freeing an entangled pet is a hard task hence owners are advised to refrain from using wool or string. Owners should remember never to give their kittens plastic bags since this can cause immediate suffocation if the cat’s head gets stuck inside the bag. If you are giving plastic construction toys to your cat to play with then remember to remove all the small pieces of lose plastic since kittens can choke on small pieces of plastic. It is always best to give your cat or kitten toys that are suitable for newborn children since these toys do not contain small plastic parts. Teacup Kittens and cats should not be given any toys that have sharp edges since such toys can cause injuries.